Looking for the best soundbar? In this video
we’ll break down the top soundbars available whilst comparing them for price versus performance.
Before we get started with our video detailing the best soundbars on the market, we have
included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check
those out to see which one is in your budget range.
Starting off at number 1 we have the Yamaha YAS-207BL.
One of the world’s first soundbars using DTS Virtual technology, the speakers from
both the soundbar and included subwoofer create a 3D surround sound experience. What this
means is that while watching a movie, this system will simulate intense sounds around
and even above the listener. The soundbar uses numerous speakers for different dimensions
of sound at any point in a movie, along with a powerful subwoofer rated at 200W of total
power. All components are mountable and come with a mounting kit and easy instructions.
The rectangular subwoofer is 17 inches tall, and the soundbar is 36 inches wide, both components
most ideal for wall mounting or resting under 40-inch flat screens. Both the subwoofer and
soundbar are wireless and Bluetooth capable for all your mobile devices (phones, laptops,
desktops, and tablets). Additionally, any components which will connect to your television
can also be connected to the soundbar using HDMI, optical, or analog connections (DVD-players,
computers, and gaming systems). This is a one-of-a-kind product with an equally unique
design that you won’t find anywhere else. It is truly perfect for all listening needs.
At number 2 we have the Wohome S9220. This is a great soundbar to take a detailed
look at. At 38.6 inches long, it’s about the size of your 40-inch flat screen TV, or
perhaps even the shelf your television is above. Though by no means does this device
have to be laid on the ground, and it comes with a step-by-step mount kit and tools (for
overhead mounting). This soundbar is slightly longer than your average example, and therefore
works to set a precedent for the other products on our list; its length is equipped with 2x10w
tweeter speakers (creating a room-filling sound of 105 decibels). The expansive audio
allows for crystal-clear organic sound, and the built-in 2x bass reflex tubes add a richness
to your movies, shows, and music. We’d compare this to the movie-theater experience, but
for your home, it is far better than any theater. The 3D Surround Sound System was designed
with DSP technology for clarity and precision that will support all your devices. Cables
include RCA, USB, Coaxial, and Optical inputs. The device is also wireless and Bluetooth
capable (with a Bluetooth connectivity radius of 30 feet). For your home, office, etc.,
this model is very affordable without breaking the budget.
At number 3 we have the Sonos Beam BEAM1US1BLK. This 25.6-inch soundbar is about the regular
size you’d see if you went into your local electronics store. It’s designed to place
under your TV or up on a wall mount or shelf and is HDMI capable for your TV’s HDMI ARC
input. However, what makes this model extraordinary is its wireless capability with automated
voice control just by ‘Asking Alexa’. Using voice control, you can play music from
Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartradio, and hundreds of streaming services (TV and Movies)
through the included Sonos App. Use your phone like a remote, and pair devices to this soundbar
when you’re changing from music to movie or from movies to games. The Sonos beam is
designed with one tweeter speaker and four mid-woofers for excellent sound within a 30-foot
radius. Additionally, installing your own Play:1s left and right of the Sonos Beam (and
configuring them in one group) would give you a 5.1 system for your home. Current sound
quality is certainly movie-theater level and can also be made compatible with Apple devices
and ‘Asking Siri’. At number 4 we have the VIZIO SB2821-D6.
VIZIO’s 2.1 soundbar upgrades your current system (or lack of one) to premium audio with
a 28-inch bar of crystal-clear sounding speakers and an additional square wireless subwoofer.
This product guarantees surround sound for a room up to 30 feet in length with less than
1% harmonic distortion. It’s wall-mountable and comes with instructions and an easy-to-use
mounting kit. Additionally, it looks great on a raised shelf, sitting beneath your 30-inch
flat screen or built into your long entertainment system. Soundbar and subwoofer are designed
with Dolby Digital technology for cinema, broadcast, DVD, Blu-ray, and all other streaming
content. The sound quality is also Dolby rated, utilizing DTS TruSound and DTS TruVolume for
revolutionary surround sound that delivers an organic pitch, bass, and volume for a more
enjoyable multimedia experience. Between your home or the local movie theater, with this
soundbar, you’ll feel like you’re getting the same high-class sound experience every
time. Its wireless and Bluetooth capable connectivity allow pairing with all your phones, tablets,
laptops, and desktop computers throughout your home in a 30-foot radius.
At number 5 we have the VIZIO SB3821-C6. This is another 38-inch soundbar ideal for
long ceiling mounting or underneath your 40-inch flat screen – however, long shelves and
television cabinets (entertainment systems) also make this soundbar look great. Its 100-decibel
surround sound is created through a long soundbar with tweeter speakers and a wireless subwoofer
with a range of 60 feet (subwoofer dimensions are 8¼-inch squared; sits ¾-inch off the
floor). This model is manufactured to guarantee crystal clear quality with less than 1% harmonic
distortion, which very few products can boast. It’s designed for premium audio with Dolby
Digital decoding, taking the sound of the movie theater and bringing to your home with
additional DTS TruVolume and DTS audio-post processing. The wireless remote makes for
convenient volume input and audio controls (Bluetooth included) which will link up to
all your mobile devices, laptop computers, desktops, and Bluetooth or wireless capable
systems. There are no additional outputs to make this a 5.1 system. However, it is an
exceptional 2.1 system which guarantees surround sound for a room approximately 30-feet in
length. It would look great in your home and perform even better for all your music to
movie-watching needs. And for our last pick at number 6 we have
the Bose Solo. This 21.6-inch soundbar is perhaps one of
the smallest options available, but still with amazing high-powered speakers. It’s
capable of producing much better sound than your regular TV or portable speakers and can
connect digitally using optical audio inputs or analog using coaxial audio inputs. Put
more simply, the Solo 5 is designed to play audio from any sources connected to your television;
no need to disconnect and reconnect devices, so they run into the soundbar. Because of
its size, it’s very easy to mount below any sized TV, and it looks good. It would
also look just as great seated on a shelf, in an entertainment system, or in front of
your television resting on the same platform. A universal remote control (comes with the
purchase) makes it easy to link all devices through your TV and controls your bass, volume,
connections, and Bluetooth/wireless settings. All in all, this ‘one-box solution’ provides
excellence for any home movie system, office, bedroom television, or gaming room. The sound
quality is phenomenal surround sound in a 15-foot long room or so and has settings to
provide crisper dialogue for your favorite TV programs or deeper bass for scary and dramatic
films. So that sums up our top soundbars of 2019.
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