This video is proudly brought to you by my friend and fellow art channel, ZHC. After he made his video on these, he let me borrow them to make this video cause ya’ll guys know my cheap butt ain’t gonna be buying thousand-dollar colored pencils. So yeah, Zach, thank you so much, and if you haven’t subscribed to his channel, haven’t checked him out, what are you doing? I’ll link him down below. Louis Vuitton, the handbag designer maker themselves, came out with $1,000 colored pencils. Yes, you heard me right. For colored pencils. A thousand dollars. For colored pencils. *Clears throat* (In fancy voice): This collector’s item has been created for the Summer-Spring 2019. Finished in Louis Vuitton’s monogram canvas, it is filled with fine quality pencils in a wide array of hues. A beautiful gift for any art enthusiast, this pencils pouch comes complete with the Louis Vuitton circle hanging ring and it can be yours for only $955, not including tax. *chuckles* And today I am gonna compare those thousand-dollar colored pencils to some one-dollar Crayolas. *Imitates heavenly singing* And I’m also going to be comparing them to either Faber-Castell or Polychromos which are about 20 dollars apiece, depending on the formula so yeah, without further ado let’s see if these colored pencils – for $1000! Let’s see if these colored pencils are life-changing. First we had the $80 Supreme pencil. It’s teeny-tiny! And then we had the $100 Gucci pen video. Oh *beep*! Oh *beep*! Okay, yeah! And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have peaked. What is inside this box right now is worth more than my rent. It’s multiple car payments. It’s worth more than the lens that you were being filmed with right now. Okay, *Blows nervously* I’m so nervous. I feel like I shouldn’t be touching this right now. I feel like this is too expensive for anything involving me. *Relaxing music* Oh my god, that is so Zach! Look! He straight-up used drawing paper to stuff this! That is such an artist thing to do! I frickin love that. Never change, Zach! Never change. Look how nice this is. We have like the Louis Vuitton logo right here. It has like a nice little drawer thing. Wow. Okay…*Blows nervously* I don’t know why I’m so nervous! Just open it up already. It’s just a box, it’s literally just colored pencils! Calm down, Rae! So three, two, one… Oh shoot! Aww, look! Look guys, it’s Turkey! He has such a mood, I swear. This is so cool. Honestly Zach, YouTuber of the year. I’m gonna frame this because, obviously. *OOF OOF OOF OOF* All right, so this is what a thousand dollars is gonna get you. Oh, it has the official Louis Vuitton… What is this? Oh, you know what this is? Whenever you buy Louis Vuitton, you get a little card that says it’s not fake, like an official certificate saying this is Louis Vuitton. And I think that’s what this is. So that is neat. But we’re not gonna need it. And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I’m so excited! Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Let’s get a zoom in! Dude, look at this. Oh my god. Look, it has all the colors. Ohhhh! Dude, this is like some rich kids stuff going on. Can you imagine a kid showing up with like, literally a thousand-dollar colored pencils? But yeah, this is like really really incredible. The detail on this – look at that. Wow, that is so beautiful! Look at the – these colored pencils are so bougie and so ridiculous. This has like a LATCH just to open up these colored pencils. How BOUGIE can you get? Okay, open up, up here. *Gasps* Oh my gosh. Of course I saw Zach’s video, but honestly, it looked like way less than what is right here, you know? Like, look compared to my arm how big they are. Like, do you see that? Look at that! There’s so many! I mean for $1000, there better be, you know, a good selection but wow, these are absolutely incredible. These are beautiful, beautiful colors. Look at this color! Oh my lord! These are beautiful. Oh dude, look at that! Look at that! It says Louis Vuitton on the pencil themselves, look at that. And it has like, the logo, it has like, the little designs. That is so incredible, the detail on this – wow. I never buy leather so I don’t think I would ever purchase – personally purchase these, but you know, this is a very thick leather case, which is absolutely incredible. My first impression of all of these is that this is a really, really nice color range. I mean, for a thousand dollars, you know, this better be a good color range. *Music* The one good thing that I love about this super-bougie case you can whip them out like that. Like wha-psh! That’s awesome. Uh, but yeah, let’s do some swatches of all 40 colors. God, they’re so beautiful! Wow. *Background music* Hmm. Okay. Okay. So yeah, one thing that I immediately noticed right off the bat, the colors, I think they did a fantastic job picking them. Now as far as the formula goes it’s like a really weird mix between Crayola and uh, Faber-Castell, Polychromos, it’s like a weird mix of both of these. It’s like if you could combine somehow the Crayola and Prismacolor formula, you’ll get like this, this Louis Vuitton perfect formula. Like, you know what I’m saying, it’s like a weird hybrid of both. Alright, so right here is going to be the Louis Vuitton. Gonna press very hard and lightly go. Right here is the like, $1 Crayola. And then lastly we’ll have the Faber-Castell. Whoa, these two are like really really similar! I’m like, amazed right now how similar these are. Like, the texture is the same – wow. Seriously, 1000-dollar pencils are almost the exact same as a Faber – WHAT? The Faber-Castell is a LITTLE bit more smooth. It has less filler as you can see like, by the little white dots. Just barely it has more of a true blue pigment to it than the Louis Vuitton. But yeah, I’m amazed right now like, how similar they are. Whoa, that’s kind of weird, right? *Classical music* So yeah, one thing I won’t be able to tell is the light-fastness of everything, like how long these will be able to be archival. But I will be able to tell the blending so let’s test that out right now. All right, so first will be the Louis Vuitton, let’s see how this baby works and blends. *Continues* Ooh! Okay, wow, I honestly truly was not expecting them to blend that good. Ooh! So next up will be the Crayola. You know it’s bad when ever like, Crayola has a better green pigment than a thousand-dollar colored pencil. Whoo! Okay, we’re gonna keep going. Dang. Wow, I’m speechless honestly. Like, I -? I truly do not know what to say. I mean, this has a better like, blend ability, it has good pigment and color and everything. But I mean, this is one dollar. This is a thousand. You know it’s bad whenever the one-dollar colored pencil can be a dupe for the THOUSAND-dollar colored pencils. Uh, wow, okay. Moving on. Oh, man. Dude, Don’t tell me that these thousand-dollar colored pencils are less pigmented and have more filler than these twenty-dollar colored pencils. There is no way in hell that these pencils could be this bad! *Gasps* I mean, they’re not bad, but I mean, a thousand? Like, I thought they would outperform the twenty-dollar colored pen. Is this real? Oh my god. Like, I have to press very hard to like, pick up the pigment. That’s how – Girl, like, do you see how much deeper and more vibrant the pigment colors can get on this one versus this one? What? And then don’t even get me started talking about Crayola, the $1 colored pencils. WHAT??? Yikes. Yikes. Yikes yikes yikes. A big yikes. Maybe, just maybe they’ll perform better whenever I’m doing an actual drawing, you know what I’m saying? so yeah, wow. Let’s, let’s draw with these babies. Wow. And I will be drawing this grasshopper from Pixels – whoops! Which is like, a public domain website where all the images are public domain. *Background music* First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to do like, a really large, you know, fancy kind of drawing. I gotta get this video out quick because I will be at VidCon. (Voiceover Rae): Or I should say, WAS at VidCon. Scene cuts to me being too turnt at VidCon! *MLG air horn* Okay, so the first thing that I noticed that I was genuinely, genuinely shocked by was the fact that the Faber-Castell black was drastically darker than the Louis Vuitton black. Alright, so here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two blacks and I did everything the same, everything under the same circumstances, and yeah, there’s a clear difference between the two. Like, the Louis Vuitton looks almost like a grey compared to the Faber-Castell’s black. The second issue that I had is that there’s so much filler inside of these colored pencils that it doesn’t layer. Like, for example, look at all the structure within the Faber-Castell grasshopper. You can see like, the strict lines of black, you can see where I put yellow, you can even see some of the whites and it looks good, and then you compare it to – all the colors just kind of like, meshed in here together and you can’t really tell where everything’s at. These didn’t really layer, they didn’t really blend, they just kind of like mushed all together. You know what I’m saying? Like, you know it’s bad whenever the 12-pack of Faber-Castells can hold up against the 40-pack of Louis Vuitton! What? What is this? Louis Vuitton, please get your act together, dude! Do you guys remember, I did a video like way back in the day on cheap Wish art supplies and I had gotten these colored pencils and they reminded me almost exactly of these Louis Vuitton colored pencils which blows my mind. You know what I’m saying? Like, I hate to go on a rant but I mean, for a thousand dollars, something this waxy and full of filler is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable, dude! *Classical music* I really like the packaging. I feel like this is the ultimate bougie artist right here and I’m, I’m actually here for it, you know? And honestly, I would love to have this like, strip of leather just to have like, pencils in. I would love to have this just for the collector’s item that it is. But I mean, bro. I would never use these, you know? It’s, it’s just cause they’re cool, it’s just cause they’re Louis Vuitton, you know what I’m saying? Oh, and that’s another thing! There was a color selection of 40, but somehow I managed to get better color payout from 12. What is up with that? Ay-yi-yi. So yeah, it’s stating the obvious that this is just a gimmick just because it’s Louis Vuitton, just because it’s limited edition, that’s the point of these, just a collector’s item for people who really like Louis Vuitton. But coming from somebody who has worked with pretty much every formula of colored pencil you can imagine, *Deep breath, sigh* These just ain’t it sis. So yeah, I’m gonna give these the official Rae Dizzle rating of, and I hate to say this, these are definitely getting a D-minus. *Buzz* Anyway guys, thank you so much again for watching and again, shout out to ZHC for making this video possible. Of course, I have an Art Instagram and a Twitter and yeah, with that being said guys, thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next video. Bye! *Classical music*