We showed you our list to some of the
most ridiculous yachts in the world but how about some of the most beautiful. Number Twelve This next beauty is one of the
largest private motor yachts in the world measuring in at 269 feet. Able to
accommodate 12 guests throughout six cabins the Alfa Nero includes three
dining areas, a dance room, gym, and one of the largest pools ever found on a yacht,
which can be covered to create a helipad. This superyacht is powered by two
diesel engines producing a total of almost 9400 horsepower for a maximum
speed of 20 knots. If you’re interested in the Nero it can be chartered
throughout the winter and summer seasons. Number Eleven Built for San Antonio
Spurs owner Joe Louis the Aviva is the height of luxury. This multi-million
dollar vessel was the third Aviva created for the billionaire. The super
yacht measures an impressive 322 feet in length and took three years to complete. It was the biggest project for its designers to date who were also given
the task of placing a full-size tennis court on the yacht. The ingenious design
places the court inside the lower portion of the vessel making it
extremely playable even when cruising at speeds up to 20 knots. Number Ten The
Black Pearl was inspired by The Maltese Falcon which you’ll see later in our
countdown. This tri-deck sailing yacht was the result of a collaboration
between renown designers and naval architects from the Netherlands. Their
goal was to push the boundaries of the Maltese Falcon and Dyna rig concept into
something new with a result that was more than spectacular. The steel hull measures 350 feet in length making the Black Pearl one of the
largest sailing yachts ever built. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and features
a Jacuzzi, swimming platform, tender garage, and underwater lights. It can
reach speeds up to 17 and a half knots though undersea trials that manage to
hit speeds of 30 knots. Number Nine Don’t be fooled by our next
yacht, it may look like a military ship but it’s actually a luxury superyacht. Owned by a former Microsoft engineer it has a unique design sure to turn heads. It comes complete with many deluxe features including a gym, jacuzzi, tender
garage, air conditioning, and a helicopter landing pad. Diaw has five cabins which
can accommodate up to ten guests. Anchor stabilizers increase onboard comfort
while the stabilization system reduces the rolling motion of the vessel. This
luxury vessel has a top speed of 17 knots, but cruises comfortably at fifteen,
with a range up to 3,500 nautical miles Number Eight One of the largest motor
yachts of the world the Corinthian seven comes in at a lengthy 319 feet. The twin
screws of the yacht are propelled by four MTU 1163 diesel engines, which allow
the vessel to travel at a speedy 26 knots. The Carinthia is often considered
to be one of the most attractive yachts in the world and a favorite of many. It’s
easy to see why with the gorgeous lines on this blue holed Beauty. Number Seven If you’re the type that likes to mix business with pleasure then look no
further. This yacht is a beauty but she also means business. It has sleeping quarters for up to 12 passengers including a master suite, a
VIP stateroom, three double cabins, and a twin cabin. There’s also room for up to
nine crew on board to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. With the
cruising speed of 12 knots, a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a range of 5,000
nautical miles, this one is the perfect combination of performance and luxury. Number Six Famously and perhaps
notoriously Carinthia Six owes its existence to the fact that the
Corinthia Five survived for only a few months before ending her day’s several fathoms down in
greek waters. Known as the one it was built in 1973 measuring two hundred and
thirty-three feet. Its top speed is roughly 28 knots with power coming from
two forty seven hundred horsepower diesel engines. Although this one isn’t
the newest on the list we really do think she’s aged well and could still
hold her own on the high seas. Number Five If you have a little bit of extra
money laying around and want to buy your own personal yacht this might be the one
for you. It’s definitely not the largest by any means but it sure is pretty to
look at. Among the advantages are the large floor-to-ceiling windows, the wide
body area of the bow which houses the master suite, and the side powder coated
glass, that gives it a more streamlined look. In addition to the master suite
there are also four VIP double cabins in a crew area. Number Four Commissioned by a Saudi
Arabian businessman and then sold to a Russian billionaire in 2004, this yacht has
gone through some upgrades. The new owner added a second helicopter pad, four zero
speed stabilizers, and modifications to the exhaust, mast, and stern. It’s powered by 2 – 5500 horsepower engines with a maximum speed of 19 knots,
but often cruises between 12 to 14 knots. There’s room for a crew of 45 with of
course a few guests of your own. It’s rumored that this yacht was won in a
pretty nasty divorce settlement and sold for 300 million, but hey we aren’t one of
those gossipy YouTube channels. Number Three This one is my
second-favorite, and wait till you see number one. This yacht was designed
without any attempt to be ostentatious or to conform to a set style. The 289
foot Maltese Falcon is technically the largest private sail boat in the world
and when we saw it we knew it had to be on the list. Sailboat, yacht, Hey,
when they’re that big they’re all the same. It’s luxurious interior offers
accommodations for up to 12 guests. For Some Sun and the fun passengers can try
some of the water toys which include jet skis, stand-up paddleboards, and scuba
diving equipment. If anyone out there would like to take her first spin she
can be chartered for about four hundred thousand dollars per week. Number Two If we ever did a video on
doomsday yachts this would definitely be on the list. This is the first in a
series of design collaborations between Arcadia yachts and the design team at
Hot Lab. It’s a redesign of the Arcadia 100 and has been renamed, wait for it,
the Arcadia 100 Plus. It offers full height windows, extensive solar panels,
and an eco approach to yachting. The aft deck can comfortably seat up to 10
guests for formal dining with space for a further 12 guests in the lounge area. Really at this point, can someone start a GoFundMe page so I can buy one of these
already. Number One This first entry is the most
expensive yard ever sold, and for an incredible 4.8 billion, one may wonder
what sets this yacht apart from the others. It’s covered from bow to stern
in gold. A lot of it. It took an incredible 220 thousand pounds of the
metal to create a yacht King Midas would be proud of. The 100-foot liner created
by luxury designer Stewart Hughes, also includes a lavish master bedroom
complete with a 24-karat wall aquarium, a liquor bottle with a rare 18.5 carat
diamond, and a wall with real meteorite and t-rex bones. Yes, actual dinosaur
bones. The extraordinary yacht took three years to complete and was purchased by
an undisclosed buyer in Malaysia. Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you’ve found to be the most interesting
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