Samuel: Hey, what’s up. It’s Samuel Leeds.
On this week’s Thoughtful Thursday video, I wanted to answer a question I get a lot,
which is, “Samuel, what books would you recommend? What books have served you as a property investor
and as a businessman the best?” So today, I’ve picked my top 12 books. Samuel: Of course, you might call me biassed,
but these are two of them. These are both my books, I’ve written three books, but as
a property investor, I mean, I think you would be an idiot not to read these because not
only are they the best, they’re also really short and really easy to read. So, do you
like these books? Alasdair: That’s one that got me. That’s the
one- Samuel: This is the one that got you? Alasdair: Yeah. Samuel: So. this book made you what? How many
hundreds of thousands? Alasdair: Probably we’re getting on two at
the minute. Samuel: £200,000. So there you go. It costs
£10.99 from Amazon. Got him over £200,000. Alasdair: Yeah, that book was awesome. Samuel: Next. This is called Don’t Sweat the
Small Stuff. Again, a fantastic book. Really, I think so many people let the little things
distract them from the big things. Samuel: What I do actually is every year I
write down my top four or five goals that year. Most people have a to-do list every
day where they have hundreds of things on their to-do … I don’t do that. I just have
a to-do list of like four or five things- Alasdair: Five things, yeah. Samuel: … and that’s all I focus on. And
every time I’m doing something, I’m thinking, “Is this working towards that?” Don’t let
the small stuff get in your way. Highly recommend reading this book. Samuel: Next, how many years ago did you read
this? Alasdair: Oh, you know, my accountant gave
me that in 2009 I think it was. Samuel: E Myth. Alasdair: Yeah, brilliant business book. Samuel: It is. Alasdair: That set me up that did. Samuel: If you are wanting to systemize your
… any kind of business, this is all about systemization and replacing yourself, working
on your business but not in it. You’ve done this with your deal packaging business. Alasdair: 100%, yeah, yeah. I spend a day
with my deal packaging business stuff. Sort of a day over two weeks. Samuel: Oh so you spend a couple a days of
month? Alasdair: Yeah, a couple of days a month on
that. Samuel: Couple of days a month, and how much
are you making? Alasdair: 35 to 40,000. Samuel: 30 to 40,000 per- ? Alasdair: Month. Samuel: Per month. And that’s because of things
like this. Alasdair: Systemization. Samuel: And a lot of the stuff that I teach
has come out of this, so I have to really credit some of these books. Even if … brilliant
book, brilliant book for systemization. Next, I could not leave this one out, Rich Dad Poor
Dad. This was my first ever investment book that I read. Alasdair: Likewise. Samuel: It’s brilliant, isn’t it? It’s brilliant.
You read this and then I think my book came up as a suggestion. Alasdair: It did, yeah. So I read that first
and then it came up, you may like this also, and it was your book. Samuel: This book’s all about passive income
and really about reconditioning your mind from some of the old ways of thinking to actually
… not financial freedom, but passive income and investments and not having a job, having
money work for you instead of you working for money, brilliant book. This is kind of
like legendary, isn’t it? Alasdair: It’s an awesome book. Samuel: It might even have to take … I don’t
know if this would take number one. It’s certainly the most … a lot of people that come to
my crash courses, they started off by reading this book. So I have to thank Robert Kiyosaki
and I know that we’ve booked dinners with him and different things like that. Nice bloke,
very direct. Alasdair: Very knowledgeable, you’ll be able
to have- Samuel: Very knowledgeable, very direct, good
bloke. Like Kiyosaki. Gets a lot of stick, but I guess everyone gets stick that’s direct
like that. Alasdair: When you help that many people. Samuel: Next, Little Voice Mastery. You know
what? You could have all of the knowledge and you can have all of the training, you
can have all of the money to invest, you can have everything going for you, but if you
have those little voice … if you listen to those little voices in your head, like
you used to- Alasdair: Yeah, I had little devils on my
shoulder going crazy at me. So yeah, that book helped. Samuel: What, like saying you can’t do this? Alasdair: Yeah, you’re not good enough, it’s
not for you, it’s somebody else’s turn. Samuel: It’s too good to be true. Alasdair: Oh God yeah. Samuel: All these little voices. What this
does is it teaches you how to be aware of the little fears and doubts and voices that
you have in your head and says that you’ll always have them, but it’s not about killing
the little voices, it’s about mastering them, which is why it’s called Little Voice Mastery
by Blair Singer. Blair Singer’s also a personal friend of mine, so I’ve spent a lot of time
with Blair and he’s a fantastic guy and this book is just incredible. So get this now. Alasdair: That’s going to be my next read. Samuel: Have you not read this yet? Alasdair: I’ve not read all of it. I’ve read
the synopsis of it, but I’m going to- Samuel: Oh do, do. Alasdair: That’s going to be … I’m going
to borrow that off you, that’s going to be- Samuel: Do. There you go. Keep it. Gift, gift,
gift from me to you. All right. This one’s really important, now this one Alasdair has
not read. How to Win Friends and Influence People. Alasdair: No, that’s going to be- Samuel: And I can tell that he’s not read
it. No, you do have friends. I’m your friend. You know what? Incredible. I think I need
to re-read this because this is really about how to get what you want in life, but get
it without walking over people, without upsetting people, just kind of getting people on side,
having friends, but also influencing. It’s a really, really good book. I haven’t read
this in a long time. I really should re-read this because I think I do offend a lot of
people and this might help me to be a bit more nice. Alasdair: You don’t offend that many people. Samuel: Well I need to re-read this, but brilliant
book. Really good. This really set me up for life, I read this about 10 years ago. Next,
this you have to read, it’s a fantastic one, The 4-Hour Work Week. Ironically, it takes
a lot more than four hours to read the book. Alasdair: I was going to say, it’s quite a
big book. Samuel: Four hour work week, but it takes
like 40 hours to read it. This is one thick … I don’t know why Tim Ferriss spent so
many words on this book, because although it’s fantastic it is a very exhaustive read.
I don’t know if this is, I think there might be a simplified version of this which might
take four hours to read, however, fantastic. And what this … I mean I know you’ve implemented
a lot of the stuff, but some of this stuff you’ve learned second hand from me. Alasdair: Yeah, yeah. Samuel: But this really talks about how it
doesn’t take that much time to get things done and it’s about saving time, only focusing
on the important things. Awesome, awesome book. Alasdair: I think a lot of people dilly-dally,
don’t they? Samuel: Oh yeah. Alasdair: Instead of focusing on just a short
period of time. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: I know you blast, don’t you? You
have a window where you just blast and do what you’ve got to do. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: Chill out and then blast again. Samuel: Yeah. And this is … surprisingly
this is written for employees. If you have a job this is really going to help you escape
the nine to five, live anywhere and join the new rich. Because he talks how to get your
nine to five done in a much shorter time and how to start getting your employer to agree
to you working from home and stuff like that. So it’s a really good book, read this. Samuel: Next, one of my favourites- Alasdair: Ah, awesome book. Samuel: Great book, isn’t it? Alasdair: I read that when I joined the academy. Samuel: I made you read this. Alasdair: Yeah you did, yeah. That was on
the book list. I think that was the first one we had to read. Samuel: Yeah, yeah. On the academy we always
try and encourage people to read these books. So Jeff Olson, again, I’ve met Jeff, great
guy. And this, The Slight Edge basically talks about … to become really successful and
to become wealthy and to succeed as an investor or a business person or whatever, it’s all
about the little choices and the habitual things in life. So this will really give you
new habits. Like, for instance, getting slim. You don’t suddenly go on a two week fast and
get slim, what you do is you just change your lifestyle habits and then you get slim. Same
with success, same with property, same with everything. Brilliant book. I read this 11
years ago. Alasdair: Do you know what I took from that
book? If you just do one little thing every day, in a year’s time look at the change that’s
going to happen. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: That’s what I took from that book. Samuel: I tend to read this every few years
and this is one of my personal favourites. Best ever. Best ever biography. Real easy
read, I love easy reads. Screw It, Let’s Do It. This book I read when I was 16 years old,
so now about 11, 12 years ago. And, again, changed my life. Also I know Richard Branson,
I’ve met him on more than one occasion, great guy. One of the most interesting entrepreneurs
you’ll ever meet. Alasdair: He’s such a nice guy as well, isn’t
he? Samuel: He talks about if an opportunity comes
along say yes, and then figure it out later. And his life is a living testimony of that.
What he’s achieved is fantastic. He’s probably one of the most loved and well-respected business
people, entrepreneurs on the planet. Alasdair: Yeah, he is. Samuel: So you can read this in probably a
few hours, so absolutely inspirational and a really refreshing read as well. His life
story with a lot of lessons in there. You love Branson, don’t you? Alasdair: I love him, man. Do you know why
I like him? Because of that saying, just say yes and do it later. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: Just say yes, worry about it later. Samuel: Most people worry, an opportunity
comes along and they worry about all the … and again, little voice, they worry about, oh,
what about this? What about this? Whereas he just goes for it and that’s how he achieved
so much success. I love Richard Branson. Samuel: Next, we’re almost there. Eat That
Frog! Fantastic book. Time management, how important is that? Alasdair: Brian Tracy … Critical. Critical. Samuel: I’ve not met Brian Tracy, but I’ve
heard his audios, I’ve heard him speak. Alasdair: Yeah, I’ve listened to … he does
a video series as well about time management. Samuel: Yeah. I mean Eat That Frog! The idea
is eating a frog is obviously unpleasant, so what he’s talking about is do the most
unpleasant tasks first. So when you wake up, the things that you … maybe phone the estate
agent, the things that you normally would put off and you’d think about and you’d think,
oh, I need to do that at some point, and you think about and you do the jobs that you enjoy
first and then the really important ones that you don’t like never get done. So he says
just wake up in the morning and the nasty jobs, just eat that frog, get it out the way. Alasdair: It’s also about not procrastinating,
not wasting, not delaying things, just get on with it. Samuel: 21 great ways to stop procrastinating
and get more done in less time. Really good book. I read this twice, but it’s fantastic.
And lastly, this is probably going to be the best of all of them and this is Whatever It
Takes by Alisdair Cunningham. And also this is a fantastic book, it had to go in the top
12. Not just because you’re sat next to me. I’ve read this, again, I’ve probably read
this three times and I know I wrote the forward to it. What’s this book about? Alasdair: It’s about my journey, so it’s about
where I was 18 months ago to meeting you, to personal battles and personal struggles
and to now sitting here pretty much on your sofa in your front room. Samuel: Not pretty much, you are on my sofa
and we are business partners. Alasdair: Friends. Samuel: And we’re very good friends. But not
only is it your story, but it’s also, it’s very practical. Alasdair: Oh, 100%. Samuel: I mean even talking about how to set
up as a compliant deal packager. Really practical. Alasdair: I was very conscious that I didn’t
want it being full of sort of filler and fluff, I literally, I’m a very direct person, so
bang, straight to the point, this is what I’ve done and this is how I’ve done it. Samuel: It’s a fabulous book. It’s a fabulous
book. You can literally read this book and start making money straight away, but the
cool thing is, Whatever It Takes, what a great title for a book. Because ultimately, if you
want to be successful, you’ve got to be prepared to do whatever it takes. Alasdair: I completely agree. Samuel: So my advice to you would be, even
if you just read … talking of The Slight Edge, little and often, you can’t read all
of these books in one go. It’s going to take time. But my advice would be just start reading
a chapter a day, you know? Just spend 20 minutes a day, get up in the morning, get up 20 minutes
earlier than you normally do and just read 20 minutes of one of these books. Alasdair: 20 minutes is nothing, so stay off
Facebook and just go and read a book. Samuel: Exactly. And you know what? Rather
than filling your mind with what your broke, loser friends on Facebook put on their news
feed- Alasdair: Yeah I know. Samuel: … scroll through that for 20 minutes,
why not just get up in the morning and read- Alasdair: I don’t think there’s any excuse,
is there? Because most of these books are available on Audible, so you could even download
them and put them in your car. Samuel: Turn your car into a mini-university. Alasdair: 100%. Samuel: So when you’re in your car, see it
as an opportunity. Oh great, I’m going to be able to learn in the car. I think the average
person- Alasdair: Even for short journeys. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: Like I’ve just come from the offices
to here, it’s like 25 minutes, bang, I was listening to- Samuel: Well the average person spend about
10 hours a week driving. Alasdair: Oh wow. Samuel: So if you just, every time you’re
driving, listen to these books on Audible, then within probably a year or two you will
have read … I tell you what, if you read every one of those 12 books, it would change
your life. You’re going to be a different person, man. It’s just the small changes.
But I tell you what, I love reading books, but there’s nothing … a lot of these authors
I’ve met and I’ve been on their training programmes and I’ve had dinner with them and I just don’t
think you can beat live training programmes. Alasdair: The live interaction. Samuel: No. Because then not only do you get
the information, but you get it in a fun way and you can ask the author questions, so whatever
you do, get down to a property investors crash course because I have not only read hundreds
and hundreds of books, but I’ve also spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds
getting trained and everything I know just … the best of it comes out at the crash
course. Alasdair: Also I mean I read Buy Low, Rent
High and then that came with an opportunity to come to the crash course. And being there
live is much … the book was good, it was great, but actually being there live is like
night and day. It’s fantastic. Samuel: Well although reading is great, reading
books is fantastic, I really recommend it, it’s the bottom, it’s the absolute worst way
to learn. Alasdair: Yeah. Samuel: Reading a book is the worst. Here’s
the order. Reading, hearing, seeing, seeing it done, then doing it and then the ultimate
is to teach. Alasdair: Teach it, yeah. Samuel: And that’s why I love teaching. Alasdair: Yeah. Samuel: But at my programmes, the property
investors crash course, you don’t read it, you don’t read it, you don’t hear it, you
actually see it. That’s why on the crash course I do deals. But then I get the … everyone
on the programme to do deals and then I get them to teach what they did and explain that
to me. So it’s almost like learning on steroids. Alasdair: It’s frigging awesome. Samuel: Because the problem is most people
won’t spend 20 minutes a day. But they will give up one weekend, one weekend that will
change their life forever. Alasdair: Again, it comes back to- Samuel: This is turning into a crash course
pitch, I’m afraid. You know why though, because I’m so frigging passionate. Alasdair: Yeah, but it comes back to doing
a little bit, like The Slight Edge, doing that little bit every day. That little bit
every day. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: It’s nothing. Just 10, 15, 20 minutes
a day. Samuel: Attend one programme, one training
programme every three months. Alasdair: Yeah. Samuel: Or once a quarter. Alasdair: I mean you still go to training
programmes. Samuel: Yeah. Alasdair: And I go to lots of training programmes. Samuel: Russell’s in Germany right now. Alasdair: Exactly. Samuel: With this guy, this guy. Alasdair: Russell, he is. Samuel: My man Blair Singer. Of course man.
Training is fantastic because the more you learn, the more you earn. Alasdair: 100%. Samuel: And if you want to be wealthy, but
you’re a small container and as you learn you grow and then your container grows and
you have an ability to hold more, carry more, impact more, be more. Alasdair: Yeah. Samuel: Who was it that said if you’re born
broke, that’s not your fault, but if you die broke, that’s your fault. Alasdair: I don’t know who it was that says
it, but it’s very true. Samuel: Yeah. And the way to not die broke
is to learn. So anyway, I hope that was helpful. If there are books that should have been on
the list that were not on the list, comment them below, favourite books, also your feedback
and I hope to see you on a crash course, we’ll put a link below.
Come along to a crash course if you haven’t been already and see you next week on Thoughtful