Range Rover has been the champion of
luxury well especially in the SUV space and that kind of explains where we are
right that is Blenheim Palace where Winston Churchill grew up now back to
the car, this is the P400e which is taking luxury, sophistication and offered
ability to all new level but this time around with electrification. Oh hang on
hang on before we get dirty let’s swallow a little bit in the luxury that
it has to offer right and like we saw on the valar earlier, the Range Rover now
gets the new touch pro duo display and as we felt in the valar this just
completes the ambiance on the inside so well that clean minimalist design it
works beautifully with this layout. Disappointingly the display is crisp but
it isn’t very responsive however the touch sensitive steering mounted
controls are very easy to get used to as the options change depending on the menu you are scrolling through. Changes also include wider seats at the front to make it
easier to get in and out. They also offer 24 way adjustability on the top-end
variants and the rear seats have been revamped as well.
So just so that you know there is a long-wheelbase version of the P400e
as well but we could be got right now is the short wheelbase or the regular
wheelbase version but in terms of luxury I don’t think you can really complain we
can show of some of the things here of course like the recline function single
touch small little bits that enhance that sense of luxury right you don’t
have to pull down on the button to get to that stretched out mode and you can
see the front seats running away limb footrest has folded out, screens adjusted,
yep. But if you plan to spend most of your time in the second row our advice IS
go for the long wheelbase version but honestly this is not the part that
just wowed me, the part that I’ve really really enjoyed was this. This opens up
the sense of space on the inside dramatically and when it comes to the
seats you learn massage functions, there’s a hot stone massage function. The
redesigned seats offer 24 of the massage functions to choose from and the seats
are more plush I certainly wouldn’t complain and this Range Rover with the
executive seat package is also nicer for 3 because they’re an armrest that folds
out on the push of a button and that’s not the best part yet.
Where are the cupholders! press another button. Watch what happens. Yeah it extends out nicely and then
slide the cover open and there you get your cup holders and well let’s storage
under the armrest as well and what do we have here.
Vanity mirror! why? Clearly because they can’t put one out here because
well you have that giant sunroof right. If I have to meet big it would have to
be about these switches here and up here on the door pad which
controls things like the well you’re opening for the sunroof and controls for
the power windows and the Sun blinds. It’s just one single piece of glossy
black plastic so when you click on it you’re not quite sure whether the button
has clicked in or not if it had to be done in that it would have been nice if
it just had haptic feedback in built to give you that positivity in terms of
clicking the button. so there are tweaks on the inside and on
the outside the grill is now in mesh and also gets a chrome finish. The LED DRL in
the hen lamp are sharper and the top-of-the-line variant gets pixel laser
lamps that are now capable of lighting up the road up to 500 meters ahead.
At the rear, the rear lamps have been redesigned to. And that would someone get going and for
those of you are interested in the India spec range rover the 2018 Range Rover
you could tune out now because the P400e is not likely to come to India
anytime soon but if you like the geeky stuff stick around with us we’ll tell
you what this feels like to drive first we went for a dip now even though this
is a hybrid it’s waiting depth is the same as the standard Range Rover which
is 900 millimeters so you have the electric motor sandwiched between the
engine and the transmission it’s part of the transmission actually and then you
have the battery pack which is under the boot flow and other electrical bits
underneath the cub. Now of course we’re on off-road and the
Range Rover did what it does, makes that look really easy until you get into a
really sticky situation you realize ah you were on the edge there but on the
whole the really exciting part was driving around in the off-road in
electric mode only so you’re travelling really silently
it’s almost like a part of the green picture outside and you’ve got all-wheel
drive with just electric power. And it can also use the low ratios in EB mode, truly the strong and silent type. So we’re going around at about 20
kilometers an hour and silencee! Electric! Just can’t get away from that so just on electric bar the Range Rover
could do about 51 kilometers that’s claimed but real-world should still be
about 30 or 40 odd kilometers. Now if you talk about on-road, for the very first
time the Range Rover is getting the dynamic board and this of course plays
around with all your settings like shuttle response, it plays around with
your suspension setting all of it to make it feel a little bit more connected. There is also a comfort mode to make the
going more relaxed. Then we calibrated suspension and the redesigned front
subframe aim to make the cabin mode cocoon and it felt like it was really
wofting along. Like we said we’re driving the plug-in hybrid here and this
is about 200 odd kilograms heavier than the standard Range Rover and of course
to manage that additional weight which is a little higher up you know the
suspension has been retuned and for the most part it feels luxurious but I think
now in then you can feel that weight a little bit.
For India the Range Rover will come with familiar powertrains
but there is one change. Now the engines that will come to India
are the regular diesel and petrol variants the five liter supercharged v8
is now operated 550 PS so it is just a little bit more powerful than before so the Range Rover for 2018 promises
more Range Roveriness. It looks and feels more premium and is a bit more practical
and versatile too as you would expect the new equipment will make it more
expensive but the import duties will hike prices further this still depending on
variant expect the new Range Rover to be eight to 35 lakh rupees more expensive.
That’s a massive chunk, a lavish one.