ann odd thought. Two row SUVs are
actually big hatchbacks. Bear with me for a second. They’re go anywhere,
do anything vehicles with a lot of cargo space
and a lot of capability. Don’t believe me? Well, check out cars like the
Cayenne and the Range Rover. They’re sporty and off-roadable. And the 2019 Audi
Q8 joins that fray. Is it a weird segment, you ask? I don’t think so. Cars like the
Bentayga, the Urus, and even Mercedes’
venerable G wagon prove that there is a
market for two row SUVs that’s only growing. Since the Q8’s all new, there’s
really no previous model to go off of on appearance. But compared to Audi’s other
SUVs, there’s a lot of changes. This angular design is all new. And in particular,
Audi-philes specifically will notice the
vertical streaks. Audi calls this a mask. And this particular model has
the Black Optic package which makes this surround black. And another one of Audi’s
trademark design elements are these LED headlights. There are two available,
and they’re both LEDs. The standard model just uses
traditional LED elements, and they basically work like
bi-xenon or halogen light. But the option headlight is
the HD Matrix Beam headlights, and that uses a lot more LEDs
to selectively turn on and off to be able to direct the light
beam where it needs to go. Unfortunately,
that functionality is not available in
the United States. Audi is very hopeful that
the regulations will pass that will allow that to happen. And if that does,
a software update will make that
functionality active. Here on the side of the Q8,
it’s pretty much typical Audi, a lot of
good body creases. The lines all flow very well. One of the things that Audi was
very specific about mentioning is this C pillar, this
rearmost buttress, if you will. It’s supposed to look like
the same C pillar angle on Audi’s famous Sport
Quattro Rally Hatchback. Honestly, it does look good. And the benefit of it is
it has a high roofline to keep headroom, really good
for rear seat passengers. Another thing that they
have is frameless doors just like their sports cars. Now, frameless doors look cool,
but they introduce some noise. So Audi made sure to put dual
pane glass on all the Q8s. One of the things that
Audi really wanted to do is have a really
big door opening so that you can get in
and out really easily. Some things that parents
will really appreciate is a force on climate
control locks out when you turn on the child safety locks. And your cover for the
panoramic roof, it’s not a mesh. It’s solid. So a child or even you
if you don’t like it won’t get the full
brunt of the sun. Another area where the
Q8 differentiates itself from its more “coupe roofline”
is these is here in the trunk. Due to the strong C pillar
and the roofline angle, the space back here is
actually extremely usable. The seats fold 40-20-40, so
long skis, odd-shaped luggage can all fit. And again, that
high roofline means you can stack stuff pretty high. Audi says the Q8 is
their new flagship. But you might be asking,
they’ve got the Q7. And that’s a three row, seven
seater SUV, and you’d be right. So how is the Q8 the flagship? Well, simply it’s
dynamically a better vehicle. It doesn’t have the
compromises the Q7 has in order to have that third row. So who would buy the Q8? Well, somebody that prefers
the driving dynamic and really doesn’t need that third row. But having said that, Audi made
sure to have the Q8 still be very functional for families. Under the hood of the
new Q8 is pretty much the same powertrain that’s been
out in the A6, A7, and the A80. It’s a turbo-charged V6
with 8-speed automatic. It’s a mild hybrid so that it
has a very smooth start-stop characteristics,
and it gives you a little bit extra
charge, if you will, on initial acceleration. It makes 335 horsepower. And frankly, it
performs very well. One difference though
compared to the Audi sedans is that this has a 40-60
split Quattro system. And while this
system is adaptive– you can send power front
and rear as needed– it likes to sit at 40-60
with a bias towards the rear. That means the Q8
through corners mind of takes on a
more rear-drive car feeling, which kind of
enhances its sportiness. This particular model has
the optional sport package which includes air
suspension, which allows you to change the ride height. Which is really
great if you like to do a little bit
of off roading, because you can increase
the ground clearance. Or if you load a
lot of cargo, you can actually drop
the floor to make the lift over height
a little. bit lower. But more importantly,
the sport package also gets you rear steer, which
makes this Q8, while a big SUV, makes it handle like
one that’s much smaller. [MUSIC PLAYING] Having been in the car
for over eight hours. I feel like I’ve drawn
a fairly good conclusion about the new 2019 Audi Q8. At the beginning of this video,
I asked a couple questions. Number one, is there a
good market for a two row lifestyle-oriented SUV. Well, the answer to that
question is absolutely yes. SUVs, particularly in
the luxury segment, are blowing up like crazy. Audi would be absolutely
remiss not to have something to compete in that category. And number two, is the Q8
a good version of that? And again, that answer is yes. They are able to combine very
good and aggressive looks while still keeping
it very functional. That additional roof
height in the back makes those rear seats
absolutely livable. And you can fit four adults
absolutely no problem. Your kids fit in
their no problem. It really makes you wonder if
you need that three row look, the bigger, bulkier look. I don’t think so. On the flip side, the Q8
presents a good value. A starting price is a
little over $67,000, and well-equipped one
is just over $75,000. So thumbs up for. that. . We can’t wait to get the
Q8 and its competitors in the office for a possible
comparison test, stay tuned. [MUSIC PLAYING]