I give thanks that I am now rich, well, and
happy, and that my financial affairs are in divine order. Money, money, money, manifest thyself here
and now in rich abundance. have faith that all that is mine by divine
right now comes to me in rich abundance. My rich blessings do not interfere with anyone
else’s good. That which is not for my highest good now
fades from me, and I no longer desire it. I am an irresistible magnet, with the power
to attract unto myself everything that I divinely desire, according to the thoughts, feelings
and mental pictures I constantly entertain and radiate. I am the center of my Universe! I have the
power to create whatever I wish. I attract whatever I radiate. I attract whatever
I mentally choose and accept, I now choose and accept health, success, and
happiness. This is a rich, friendly Universe, and I dare
to accept its riches, its hospitality, and to enjoy them now. I am now experiencing perfect health, abundant
prosperity, and complete and utter happiness. I am now living a delightful, interesting,
and satisfying life of the most widely useful kind. I now choose lavish abundance for myself,
and for all humankind. The divine plan of my life now takes shape
in definite concrete experiences, leading to perfect health, happiness, success, and
prosperity. There is plenty of success and prosperity
for all. Nothing but good can come into my life. I give thanks for the immediate, complete,
divine fulfillment of my desires. Regardless of taxes, the cost of living, or
the rate of unemployment, my financial income can and does increase richly now. There is nothing for me to fear. I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome
of every situation in my life. Every day in every way I am becoming financially