In this video I’m gonna reveal three money
lies that cause financial self-destruction. if you believe these
lies about money you’re never gonna reach your financial
goals. But don’t worry I’m here to help Hey I’m Dr. Brad Klontz, your financial
psychologist, on this channel we help you transform your relationship with money
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first money lie that’ll keep you from achieving the financial success and
financial freedom you deserve. Money lie number one – good people shouldn’t care
about money. This lie falls into the category of money avoidant money scripts,
and it’s pure poison. Look, if you see money and rich people as being bad you
will sabotage yourself. I see it happen all the time,
this money lie will keep you stuck and if you believe it you’ll never have the
success you want and deserve. it’ll mess with your head. You’ll feel guilty when
you have money, you’ll give it away to people – people you know will misuse it
and will not pay it back. Stop doing that! If you think money is bad your subconscious
will work very hard to get rid of it. You’ll overspend, you’ll let your bills
and bank statements pile up, and you’ll try to forget about money now for sure
there’s plenty of examples of people who care about money
way too much doing terrible, terrible things. I got it, but there’s also many,
many examples of wealthy people doing great things in the world. So what should
we do? Okay, so do me a favor – amass a huge amount of wealth and do some great
things in the world with it. Pinky swear? You got it! Money lie number 2 –
money will solve all of my problems. This money lie falls into the category of
money worship scripts. It tells you that a magic pile of money will solve all of
your problems. It’ll bring you power, freedom, and the joy you crave. You’ll
live happily ever after. Right? Uh, no. Now look I get it
money could help you out I mean I know I would like more money but guess what
more money doesn’t make you happier not at all it’s a huge lie in fact
coming into a bunch of money all of a sudden is much more likely to create a
bunch of anxiety and drama for you I know you don’t believe it would happen
to you but it would so don’t become a money and
having more stuff worshipper and try to earn or spend your way to happiness, it’s
a losing battle it won’t work and people with this
belief are more likely to run up big credit card bills trying to buy what
money can’t give them – happiness ever after. Money is a tool no more and no
less so if money isn’t the key to happiness
how do we get happiness if you want happiness I mean true happiness you need
to experience it right now in this moment in your current reality this is
where the magic is go ahead how we got it
great alright let’s move on to money lie number three – your self-worth equals
your net worth this money lie falls into the category of money status
beliefs. It drives the keeping-up with the Joneses overspending hampster on a
treadmill trap obsessing about outward displays of wealth to convince your
family or friends that you’ve made it that you’re somebody this leads to high
credit card debt overspending lower net worth and even gambling problems this
money lie can destroy your financial life so am i a failure if I’m not where
I want to be financially? You are worth so much more than how much money you
have or how much money you make. Never forget that.
Nice! Don’t fall prey to these money lies they’re at the heart of financial
self-sabotage and cause you all kinds of financial nightmares special thanks to the Heider College of
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