How much a football team generates revenue
towards the year’s end that tells the narrative Manchester United, who were at third in rankings in clubs
that are precious list in 2015 and 2016 reached the spot in 2017 and moves up
with a club value up-to and annual revenue AF [inaudible] Madrid, who were in the
place for nightclubs, value in revenue, lost their place in the list of football
clubs of 2017 to rivals Barcelona. Put two Andy. Dot. Top 20 richest
football clubs from the world. 2018 Manchester United premier league, 4.5 $8 billion $850 million third, Barcelona LA Liga, 3.6 $8 billion $688 million. Second real Madrid, LA Liga, 3.5 $8 billion $688 million first, Byron Munich booned is Liga
2.7 $1 billion $657 million. Fourth, Manchester city premier league, 2.0 $8 billion $650 million
six arsenal premier league, 1.9 $3 billion $572 million
fifth Chelsea premier league, 1.8 $4 billion $583 million
seventh Liverpool premier league, 1.4 $9 billion $523 million
eighth you Ventis Sergey, 1.2 $5 billion $379 million
ninth Tottenham premier
league 1.0 $5 billion $377 million 10 Boise adored wand Bundesliga
$808 million $315 million 11th AC, Milan, sorry, $802 million $238 million 12 West ham, United premier league, $634 million $213 million 17th shall
go Oh for Bundesliga $629 million $249 million 14th inter Milan [inaudible] $537
million $199 million 16th Lester city premier league, $413 million $191 million 19th
one Manchester United club. Value revenue. Manchester
United, currently the largest
football team on earth. The club didn’t create nicely impact
after sir Alex Ferguson left direction, but last year went show same
Marina takes over the club. Since new supervisors changes come. Otherwise the club
finished in sixth position, but one of the major trophy and making
clear manner for Manchester United near champions league. Next season, Manchester United moves
from third position in most
precious clubs ranking after previous year and generates more
earnings than any other soccer team. Dot. To Barcelona club value revenue. Barcelona maintains their second place
in the most richest soccer clubs list. They’ve shown some great
performances last year.