This payment, it says I cannot pay by cash. It’s only pay by credit card. Okay, maybe. I still have my old credit card on this, That’s why it’s problem. Maybe I just ask this man. Ask him, okay. Marino Beach, Marino Beach. Marino Mall, yeah?
Yeah, Marino Beach Hotel, yeah. Meter? Oh good, oh thank you my friend. See you. Bye. Going to Marino? Marino Beach Hotel, you know? Okay.
Okay, good. Here, okay. This hotel?
Yeah, okay. I’m only going to give you 300 because you did not, eh, you took me the long way, right? [inaudible]
No, no, no. Because you took me the long way. This, no, no, no, no.
One hundred? You took me way the long way. This was not the direct way, right? You understand, right? Please.
I don’t know if you did it deliberately but. Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, three hundred, okay. Okay, see you.
One hundred? Okay, chancer. Took me the absolute long way. I was watching on Google Maps. He missed the turning twice. That fare should have been like 250 or something. Ended up coming to like 475. This tuk-tuk, Colombo tuk-tuk, very bad. I not pay him. This meter 470, I give him 300 because he take me all the way down there missing two times, five minutes, ten minutes then come up. Very bad, very bad. Try to use the Uber.
I try to use the Uber but. Right, let’s see what $56 a night gets you in a 4 or 5 star hotel in Colombo. Nice big bath there. Brilliant. Look how deep that is. Nice big deep bath. All the shower amenities and nice a nice big overhead rain-shower there. I like that. Overhead rain-shower is better than those normal little crappy attachment things that they usually give you. And what is this? Hugh Hefner style dressing gown. Will be wearing that tonight. Over here, a wee box. A wee wooden box. Damro Labookellie. Pure Ceylon Tea. What have we got? Cinnamon, Green Tea, English Breakfast, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Earl Grey. Well I’m here for two nights, so if I do three different ones each day I should get through all of them. Now he said the mini bar was included. I wonder how much I’m actually getting out of that. There’s a packet of biscuits, some peanuts. I think that’s about it. I guess there must be a fridge in here. And, alright. Coke, Sprite, Fanta and a fruit juice, all included. No extra charge for that. Brilliant. Oh, nice. A big, 50 inch. I reckon that’s 50 inch anyway. What would that be? I reckon that’s a 50 inch TV, right in front of the comfy bed. And let’s feel how comfy it is. Oh it does, it is as comfy as it looks. That’s a major improvement over that capsule hotel which was the first hotel I ever stayed in, in Colombo. And, eh, aye. A sofa there, that I probably won’t use. I normally just lie on the bed. But isn’t this lovely? Isn’t this nice? Oh, and the view. Am I getting a nice view as well? Eh, no I’m not. I’m getting construction site and these big pipes that are coming through. It looks like it’s raining as well. Damn, I was gonna use the pool. That’s disappointment, isn’t it? It’s like 5pm. Can I get out of here? For safety ensure that the balcony is locked. Okay. Let’s have a look out here. Bit slippy as well. Wouldn’t want to slip and fall down there. But aye, it’s pissing of rain. Isn’t that unfortunate? Look, there’s the train going there. That’s if you get the train to Galle, it goes down that coast there. It’s quite a nice view. You want to be sitting on the right hand side of the train if you’re going down to Galle, not the left hand side where I was. Learn from my mistakes. So aye, I was gonna go for a wee swim and then go for a wee explore in Colombo but look it’s peeing down with rain right now. So, eh, but I don’t know. There’s a wee menu inside the hotel room. Well the rain certainly has been putting a dampener on this trip to Sri Lanka. It’s my 3rd trip to Sri Lanka and it hasn’t rained as much as it has in this one. It’s quite unfortunate. I’m gonna look to see. These are all the facilities inside the hotel. I’m gonna look to see if there’s something I can do that’s indoors that might be. Okay, there’s a gym there. Gymnasium. Open until 10pm. Looks like quite a nice one. Looks like good facilities there. I just wonder if they’re going to be happy with me walking in there with my filthy North Face shoes that I’ve hiked across all of Sri Lanka with. These are the same filthy shoes, beat up, wrecked, filthy that I’ve had three different trips to Sri Lanka. I’ve been using. They’re about ready for the bin. So I dunno if they’re gonna be happy with me. It looks like they’ve got a carpet on the floor there, as well. I dunno if that is carpet. If that’s carpet they’ll not like me traipsing my muddy shoes through there. What else we got? A spa there for overpriced massages. I’m not really up for that. And the pool that I wanted to go to. This infinity pool. I might still just go for a wee swim in the rain. And then go to the steam room. I dunno. Or I might just go to the mall, since it’s connected. I dunno. Let’s figure it out. Let’s figure this one out. Right, well I’m gonna go up to that pool, Hugh Hefner style. Wearing the bath robe. Because the rain look like it’s stopped. It is now, 5:30 pm, so there’s an hour’s worth of daylight left. Let’s do this. Let’s hit the pool. Let’s have a look. Right, we need to use this to get through. Welcome. Which side? This one. Oh, there are people out here despite the weather. Let’s have a look at this. Whoa, what a breeze. It’s probably wrecking the audio on this. Ah, nice. I’ll have a wee walk down here. Hi, how are you? I’ll have a wee walk down here. In my slippers. In fact I’ll jump up this side and have a look from here. Looks like this would normally be like a dining or drinking area or something up here but it’s closed off, probably because of the weather. Let’s have a look at this, Infinity Pool. Bloody size of it, the length of it. Lovely, isn’t it? Pity about the view of that bloody construction works going on over there. That definitely spoils things, doesn’t it? Imagine you own this hotel and they just decide to start doing construction right in front of your hotel. Right in front of your infinity pool. You’d probably be pretty mad, wouldn’t you? In fact, another wee view over here. Again, the railway line. Huh. And this, the railway line that goes all the way up to Galle Face Green. Up there where they have the wee food stands and stuff. And this Colombo. Colombo 03 area anyway. Right, time to jump in that pool. Okay, leave this here for now. I wonder if there’s a shower beside the pool. I have actually just taken a shower in my room but if people see me coming straight and jumping into the pool without taking a shower they might think I’m a dirty Scotsman and I’m not a dirty Scotsman so I’m not having them thinking that. King Coconut, 250 + + +. They’re 40 on the street by the way. You can get one of them for 40 so quite a big markup. Alright. Hot tub here with a few leaves in it. Oh that is nice and warm. This Jacuzzi. Guess you have to figure out a way to switch that on. And another one there, with your woman just chillin’. Might jump in with her. [laughter] Don’t know how much she’d like that. What have we got over here? We garden area. Kiddie pool there. That’s good. Keep them separate. That’s what every big pool should have. Separate area for the kids to keep them away from interrupting my lengths. And this looks like a garden bar. I guess I shouldn’t walk in there topless. Right, go for a wee swim. There’s showers here, yeah? They’re downstairs sir.
They’re down there, uh? Okay. Alright, this changing room. Down here to take a shower. I’m gonna take a courtesy shower. Like I said, I’ve already taken one. Just worried about what people might think. Ah, well that was nice. Shame about the bloody construction site though, innit? Right up until dusk it looks like. Right, so that was nearly an hour, as you can see, that I spent in that pool. I don’t know what the plan is now. Haven’t made any plans. I guess I’m gonna hit the mall. Well I’m really impressed with this hotel. They really look after the little details. Like this. It’s the thing for the kettle. The electricity. It’s hard built into the table with no wires. Just little things like that make a big difference all together. Okay so I’m gonna get this Earl Gray inside me and then hit the mall which is joined on to this hotel. Right, well I ended up falling asleep on that bed but the mall should be open for another hour and a half so let’s go check it out. Okay, I just decided to come up and have a wee look at the gym first. The pool’s all lit up now. But windy as well. Bloody hell. Can’t believe there’s people out here chillin’ in this wind. Looks like they’re still doing construction on that, 8:30 PM. And they’re still banging away. Right, where would the gym be? Where’s the gym about? Sorry?
The gymnasium, where would that be about? Gym.
Gym. Yeah, okay, I wanna have a wee look. Thanks mate. Cheers. Okay, my accent must be pretty difficult to understand because I said gym and gymnasium as clear as I possibly could and it still took three attempts at that word before being understood. [laughter] I try my best. I try my best. Really. Right, got a wee bar area over here. With the balcony, looking the opposite direction away from the construction, but still I mean you’re sitting there paying a decent amount for a drink and having to listen to this construction work. But there’s not much they can do about it, is it? Well this hotel can’t do much about it. Right, let’s go through here I guess. Hi, how are you? I’m not signing in. I’m just having a wee look around. Oh, it’s very quiet. That’s good. That’s what I like. Ah, very nice. Let’s see what you’ve got here. There’s some quite heavy dumbbells. It’s not normal. Usually in hotels they have very small dumbbells. Maybe only up to like 12 kilos or something. You have like 30 and?
We have up to 50. Up to 50? Wow. Very impressive. Don’t often see that. Smith machine there. And all the usual resistance machines. And some kind of high tech cardio machines. Very nice. Ah, it’s very impressive for a hotel gym. Okay, see you later.
See you. And tomorrow what time opening?
6 am. 6? I’ll see you early tomorrow. [laughter] See you. Bye. Okay. Thank you sir. Thank you. Okay, right I’m gonna go hit this mall. Okay, looks like we can take a wee shortcut to the mall so I don’t have to go outside. Trying to stay away from American type food like pizza and that. Right, I think we’re just going into the mall proper here. It’s quite handy though, that the hotel goes right into the food court. You don’t have to eat in the expensive restaurants in the hotel. You can just come straight into the mall and eat some cheap hoppers. What’s going on here? It’s like video games and stuff. Brilliant. Oh look at this place. It’s massive. Ha ha ha. I’m gonna go down and have a wee look at this. I guess this is where I’m gonna be spending all my rupees then, isn’t it. Fantastic, right beside the entrance to the hotel I’ve got my own virtual reality theme park. Look at these guys. Brilliant. See what else. Wonder how much a credit is. It’s probably one of these things where you have to buy tokens because Sri Lankan money, anything that’s decently valued is a note, not a coin so it’s not like the UK where you’ve got up to like £2 coins. Here it’s like, the highest coin is what, 10 rupees? Which is like 4 pence in British, so there’s probably somewhere to buy coins, eh tokens. Go, go, go, go! Good. You good. Who is the best? Which boy is the best? You, number 1? Oh good. Brilliant. What have they got over here? Some racing cars for the wee kids. Oh this looks fun. Army. Oh brilliant. I’m gonna have a wee play in here but first things first, I need to get fed. The mall’s only open for like an hour and a half longer so I want to make sure I get fed first and then I’m gonna come back and donate a lot of rupees to the arcade. What’s this in here? 9D Cinema? I’ve heard of 3D and I’ve heard of 4D when you have some extra little bits. I wonder what 9D is? What is 9D? What does 9D mean? 9D means.
9 dimensions, right? Yeah.
Okay, so I know about 3 dimensions. What are the other 6? [inaudible] Yes? Water?
Water, lightning, Water, lightning, smoke, [inaudible]. Lightning, smoke, all the different things? Oh, cool. Okay, very good. Catch you later. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay. So. You’ve got your 3 dimensions and then you’ve got wind and smoke and lightning and stuff happening to you when you’re in your little cinema thing. Right, what else is going on here? In here they’ve got a souvenir shop. Sri Lankan souvenirs. Your man here doesn’t do souvenirs. Just gonna have a wee look. It’s all your usual bric-a-brac. Just elephants and t-shirts and all that. Aye, it’s not something your man indulges in, souvenirs. It just seems kinda pointless. I’d rather take videos and photos and have my memories. That’s my souvenirs. There we go. Lovely. Nice and creamy. All four of these mine. Oh, this the egg one is it? Ah, very nice. Yes. Okay, good. Very good. Okay, get stuck into this. This definitely not going to fill me up. But I’ll get this eaten and see if I can find anything else. I want to play Rambo, Rambo. Okay. Just one button for shoot? And this what? Shake and reload. Shake for reload, yeah? And only one button, right? One button, shoot button, okay. This, reload. This reload? Ah, so I don’t have to shake? Okay. Gave you four lives. Four lives ah? Then finished? Okay. Okay, thank you my friend. Lovely. Gonna eat this cold ice cream then go upstairs for a hot bath. Well, the bath is running. The TV is on. And that’s it for today’s adventure, from the Marino Beach Hotel, from Trincomalee all the way to the Marino Beach Hotel. Thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and subscribe because there are always more videos coming soon.