– And there’s been a
couple times where I paid their phone bill. I got her a Wii and then
I got her a new phone. – [Interviewer] What
else have you done? – I gave her my
bank information. – [Interviewer] What? – [Ramon] Yeah. – [Interviewer] Dude. – This guy that you’ve been
talking to on the internet is sort of the
most tame, normal– – And stable. – And stable thing– – [Female] In my life, yeah. – That you’ve ever had. – He knew what to say, you know? He knew how to measure up
and deal with me handling a personal death. – He’s been there for that. – [Female] He’s been there. – And he’s responded in
a way that you needed. – [Female] Yeah. I want that just as
much in person than I do through texting. – What are your friends
think about the situation. – They don’t know what
is going on, completely. I’ve actually
spent money on him. – What does that mean? – What kind of money? – Like, I’ve probably spent
at least two grand worth. – On what? – Buying him gifts. – Has he ever sent you a
picture of him with the stuff you sent him? – [Female] No, never. – Not even like, of the stuff. – No, he’s only done it
once, like when I sent him the biggest box, I got
him a $1000 camera– – Whoa. A camera that can do what? Take a picture, take
video of himself? – Yeah, like a Canon. Like the big, nice ones that are this big.
– What? But he knew you didn’t have
money, it wasn’t like– – I’ve only sent him money once. I sent him a money
order of $100. – But he never sent
you a thank you note? – No, when my birthday came
around, I asked him to send me a birthday card and he
couldn’t even do that. So, believe he had
that state of power. – I mean–
– What a con. – Oh my God. – That really looks like him. Very interesting. That’s definitely him. – Yeah. – I mean, that’s
definitely the guy. (exciting music) – Oh my God. Oh my God, hi. – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good. – [Interviewer] What’s up man? – What’s going on?
– Nothing. – [Interviewer]
How are you doing? – Pretty good. – Oh my God, you look good. – You too. – This is my cousin, Julius. – Hi.
– What’s up man? – Yeah, can we put
a microphone on you? – This is pretty
weird (chuckling). – You’re telling me. – Thank you for meeting us. I know there were some concerns. We’re all very
happy you showed up. – Having made three
seasons of the show, I’m very surprised to see you. – I’m just like,
real, I don’t know. I have a comfort zone, and I
don’t usually tend to go out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, that’s just
how I handle stuff, so it took awhile,
you know what I mean? – And now we’re here. – What was the reason
that you guys had never talked on the phone? Pretty weird. (man chuckling) – That’s on me, 100%. My comfort’s like, texting. And just like, I don’t know,
a lot of my real close family gets mad at me because
texting is just kind of, like, I’m comfortable with. She got mad at me, but– – I was more than mad. Why wouldn’t you
have answered though? Even if it’s your comfort zone,
you couldn’t just like say, hey, I can’t talk right now? – I mean– – It was that difficult just
to say like, three words? – Right, but some of the times
like, I don’t know, I just– – But then you prolonged
it for two years. – Yeah, I’m sorry. That’s not really my thing. – Let me ask you this. Why would you never send me
something back when I had asked you, even like, just a
simple birthday card. – I told you from the
beginning I accept your gifts. – Okay yeah, you couldn’t
even spent a dollar, go to the dollar store
and get a birthday card? – It’s not about that. – And pay 35 cents for
a stamp and an envelope. – I told you from the beginning
I appreciate everything you send me. I told you couple of times
that you shouldn’t send me this because I don’t feel comfortable
with taking all of this. I can’t send you
anything in return. – [Interviewer] What
do you mean you say I can’t send you anything? – For awhile, i was
just financially– – I mean, like I post card. That’s literally,
maybe, two dollars. – Yeah, like, you know? – I’m sorry, I didn’t know
that really meant something to you is a post card. Like, I thought me and
you were like, cool. – We’re here because you– – Alicia. – A girlfriend. What is it about her
that you like so much? – I don’t have anyone in my
life right now who makes me feel the way she makes me feel. She’s really hot. (girl chuckling) I feel comfortable with her. I’m not a very open person. And I feel like with Alicia, I
can show my real personality. – Has she ever explained
why she won’t meet you? – No one really knows
that she’s gay, so– – That’s a reason. – Yeah, she’s been
with girls before. But, her family’s never known
of her having a girlfriend. – Have you and Alicia
ever had an argument? – Yeah. She wanted me to buy her
a phone because her phone had broke. And at first, I wasn’t
really into that. Like, I don’t know about that. So she got mad at me. She was like how am I
suppose to talk to you if I have no phone? So I bought her a phone. – [Interviewer] Really? – [Interviewer] You did? – Yeah. – Wait, time out. You bought her
like a nice new–? – I bought her an iPhone. – You bought her an iPhone? – How did you buy her the phone? – She’s like, you can
Western Union it to me. I’m okay, oh okay. – ‘Cause she wouldn’t
tell you her address. Have there been any other
gifts that you’ve given her or things that she’s asked for? – Since we’ve been dating,
I’ve probably sent her a total of $600. – [Interviewer] Wow,
I mean, that’s a lot. For someone in your situation– – Just from everything you’ve
told us, it’s very possible this person is lying to you. – It is, and that’s why
I can’t take it anymore. I love her to death, but
I can’t continue having the relationship
through a mobile phone. – Hello. – Hi. – [Interviewer] Alicia. – Yeah. – Came here obviously to
introduce you to Aleya. You guys know each
other, clearly. – You don’t have
anything to say? – I have to say girl,
if I wanted to meet you, we stay in the same city. I woulda make that happen. – So you don’t want, you
didn’t want to meet me? – No I don’t. – What’s this I hear about
you have a boyfriend? – And? – [Aleya] Is it true? – And what? Yeah, it’s true. And what (chuckling)? – So what about us? – It’s nothing with you. – What you mean it’s nothing. – Oh my God. – I done sent you money, I
done bought you a phone… – And? It was a lie, what? – Like, you embarrassed me. – You embarrassed yourself
by doing this (chuckling). – You could have
been told me this. Like, I talk to you everyday. You couldn’t tell me, soo– – I didn’t want to
hurt your feelings. I didn’t want to
hurt your feelings. – But it’s okay
to hurt them now. – You wanted this so you got it. – What did you want? – I guess I got what I wanted. – [Aleya] What was that? – Whatever you gave me. – I need all that back. (woman chuckling) What about your job? – You was my job. – It’s not that you
might have feelings? – Do you know you ruined–
– No I don’t. – Do you know you
ruined my life? – Girl, whatever. – You ain’t even got a job. You’re not even
worth my time, like– – Okay then– – How much of my
time you wasted. – If I wasted your
time why are you here? – ‘Cause obviously I
thought you loved me. – Well, you thought wrong. – Well, you told
her you loved her. – So? – So how is it that you
came to meet Sydney? Started talking from there. She’s scary, puts
others before her. Is a family person, you know? She tells me she’s
going through a lot. She’s taking care of her
daughter, her little sister, and her grandmother because
her mother was in jail. – Wow, so she’s
got her hands full. How old’s her little sister? – I believe she’s six. – Oh, like really little. How old is her daughter? – Her daughter’s about
seven or eight months. – Oh, so she’s got like–
– Oh my God. – A newborn? – Yeah, yeah. Well, recently her
grandmother passed away. When she passed away,
she had to move out. So, she’s been
living in a shelter. – Has she ever
asked you for money? – Well, like the first
two weeks we were speaking she told me I might be able to
help her out with some money to feed the kids and stuff. So, I sent her some money. – How much? – It was 60 bucks. – That’s it? – [White Shirt Guy] Yeah. – Okay, in the last five months? – Yeah. – When you sent her the money,
like, how are you sending it? – Western Union. – Like, to her name? – Well, she says that she
didn’t have an ID so she told me to get the security questions. Her pet dog’s name Snowball,
so that’s how I can pick up the money. – Right, keyword, Snowball. – Yeah. – That means when she
goes to pick up the money, she doesn’t have to show
an ID and she can just say my pet’s name is Snowball. – So, okay. There’s some
sketchy things here. – I see a woman. I think this is where– – It looks like the girl from
the picture though, right? – Not the girl from the picture. – [Interviewer] Hi. – Hi. – Sydney, I presume. – Yes. – I’m Max, what’s your name? – Nae. – [Max] You’re Nae? – Yeah. – Okay, Nae Nae, hi. – Hi. – Nev. Are you the person
we’ve been talking to and the person Louis
has been talking to? – [Nae] Yeah. – And how did you find that girl whose pictures you used? – You know those things
and they’re Facebook and they’re like, like
if you like McDonalds. I scrolled down through
the vlogs and I found her. And I seen that she lived
very far away from Dallas so I just kind of
took her pictures, blocked her from
the page, and… – So you found her profile
randomly, downloaded her photos, blocked her, and then you
just made up the rest. – Yeah. – ‘Cause when we spoke
yesterday, I asked you– – Yeah, I– – If you were the
girl in the pictures because I didn’t think you were. – I didn’t think that I
would even show up today. – Well, we’re glad that you did. – [Nae] Yeah. – Okay, so what’s true
and what’s not true? Are you really
staying in a shelter? – No. – No. Okay, is your mother in prison? – No. And did your grandmother die? – No. – [Interviewer] Wow, why
did you make that stuff up? – I mean, it was just, I
don’t know, like at the time, it’s just hard to
explain I guess. – Alright, well, we’re here. So, take a deep
breath and explain. – Okay, at a point in time,
I was just really struggling, I guess, I just had my baby. – Okay, but you
do have an infant? – Yes, that’s true. And, I was like okay,
baby’s gonna need milk, baby’s gonna need diapers,
baby’s gonna need clothes, and I was just talking to Louis to get him to send me money. – And Louis sent you some money. – [Nae] Yeah. – [Interviewer] Okay. – I mean, that’s a step. – What kind of person does that? – [Nae] I mean– – I mean, I understand you
were having a hard time, but like, to lie about who you
were and to sort of lead him on and get Louis
to give you money, what you’re describing
is a con artist. I mean, I know it doesn’t
sound like that to you. – No, because
that’s not who I am. Like, I basically only did
that because of my situation at the time. I was just struggling
really bad. – [Interviewer] But
you’re not homeless. – No. – Where do you live? – With my mom. – [Interviewer] Does your
baby dad live with you? – No. – Is he involved at all
with you and them and– – No. – No, but you live
with your mom? – Yes. – So, for the most part,
your basic needs are met? – Yeah, because of
me, not no body else. – But you work for money? – No. – So when you say you’re
struggling and you need money it’s because your family
doesn’t have a lot of money and you need to get things
for you and your kid? – Yes. – What about getting a job? – What’s Paola’s
money situation? – [Ramon] She didn’t
really have any money. – Did she ever ask
you to help her out? – No, she would just kind of
say that her phone was gonna get cut off or something. And it’s been like a
couple times where I paid their phone bill. I got her a Wii and then
I got her a new phone. – [Interviewer] What
else have you done? – I gave them my
bank information. – What? – Yeah. – Dude! – [Interviewer] Have you
ever just sent her money? – Yeah, through one of those
pre-paid cards that you put money on. – How much? – Couple thousand, maybe. – Jesus, man! That’s crazy! – Hi, Ramon. – I’m gonna assume that
your name is Loida? – Yeah. – I have a lot to say to you. First off, I don’t
understand how, even after me buying you all
those things and being there for you and stuff, how
you keep lying to me. How you kept it on. I gave you a lot of time
to tell me the truth and you kept on lying to me. You basically took
advantage of me and that’s pretty (beep) up. Can you tell me why you
even made that fake profile? – Just boredom. Honestly wasn’t looking
to meet anybody off of it. I was just bored and
made a fake profile. – [Ramon] You just,
that’s it, nothing else? – I’m sorry, I mean. – All that money I spent on you. Are you gonna pay me back? Are you gonna give
me the stuff, what? – You wanna take the stuff? – [Ramon] Yeah. – I mean, obviously you
know we came a long way so you guys could meet. I think Ramon deserves
an explanation. I didn’t think any relationship
was gonna form with him. All of it was real. Just not the appearance. That’s the only thing
that was fake, okay? Yes, it was. Yes, it was. – Not right. – [Paola] I know it’s not right. You spent over 3000
freaking dollars on me. Do you not think
I don’t feel bad? I’m surrounded by that
shit every single day. – You couldn’t like, come
clean, after all that if you felt bad? – I tried to come clean. – [Ramon] You tried
to come clean? – You know I tried
to come clean. You know I tried to come clean. Please don’t. You know I tried to come
clean to you several times. Yes–
– You didn’t. – Yes, I did. You were acting all sad. You knew– – Hi. – Hello. – Loyda. – Loyda, Nev. – Juan. – Thank you for having us over. – Oh, your welcome. – Your daughter’s been having
a relationship with Ramon for quite some time now. He wanted to come over here
and ask you guys some questions just so we can try to walk away
from this, at least knowing sort of, the whole picture. As far as you knew, your
daughter was in a relationship with Ramon? – Yes. – Did you know that she was
pretending to be somebody else? – Yes. I was aware of the whole thing. – This is my sister and
I love her to death. But I’m gonna say it regardless. Loyda flat out lied to Ramon. – [Interviewer] This
guy was sending gifts, very generous gifts– – He wanted to. – Hold on. To a girl who– – [Interviewer]
Sure, he wanted to. – Right, didn’t it bother
you that there was a guy who was sending your
daughter lots of things and he thought he was
sending it to somebody else. – No, no, no, no. Cut it right there. When you start sending
her expensive gift, like for example, the Wii,
Loyda mentioned to me, Mommy, I think that
this is going too far. She decided to told him the
truth and he stopped her and told her I
don’t wanna hear it. – I didn’t want to get
that face out of my head, and everything, that name. – Well, we looked at your
page, your real page, and found a picture of a ring
and message that looked like it was from me. – He sent her that ring. – I never sent her
a ring, at all. – When Loyda opened
the envelope, it
had your name on it. You did send that to her, Ramon. – I never sent her a ring. – If he’s saying
he didn’t send it, sorry to tell you Ramon,
somebody pretend to be him and he doesn’t know. – Loyda, do you want to explain
that to your mom for us? – What? – How that all happened. – What happened? – The ring.
– The ring. – Ramon gave you money– – It was birthday money. – You went online, you
bought yourself a ring, you mailed it to yourself, and
then in front of your mother, you lied to her and told
her he had sent it to you. Am I wrong? – Are you surprised though
that she sent the ring? – Whatever. – No, not whatever. It’s important. These details are important. – No, whatever. – You’re not really
hearing everything. – [Mom] Yes I am. – No you’re not. – [Mom] Yes I am. – [Interviewer] Your
daughter’s a liar. – My daughter’s a liar! What about Ramon? – Ramon has his own
issues to deal with, okay? – I can see that. – So you met Wayne in
a Facebook chat room? – It was like a meeting group, a flirt and meet type of group. – Flirt and meet? – [Kiaira] Uh huh. – That’s like slip and slide. – Yeah (chuckling), I guess
you’re gonna slip and slide in somebody bed, I
guess, I don’t know. I was trying to flirt with
somebody else, but every time I posted the picture,
this man was liking it. He was not giving up, either. He’s like, he’s so cute. Like, oh my God,
just so gorgeous. – This guy totally wore
you down with persistence and flattery? – Yes. – Can we see the picture? Do you have it? – Yeah, that’s a
handsome, built, guy. – Yeah, he must work out. – He works out. (woman laughing) – Things were good for awhile? – Yeah, that’s when I
asked him to video chat. – [Interviewer] Okay. – [Red Shirt Girl]
He didn’t want to or just he couldn’t
talk right now. – I mean, a guy with
a face like that should be shown– – Should be shown to the world. – He should pick that fake
phone up and be like– – Look at my face! – And then for some reason
you started getting calls from private numbers? – [Kiaira] Yeah. – What happened to his
phone and his phone number? – He said it was broken. He was like I gotta
get a new phone. – [Interviewer] Then
he asked you for money. – No, I offered,
do you need help? You know, get him one. – Well you’re like I
wanna Facetime with you. So, I got $300 bucks for you? – Yeah, several
months then passed, there come that
private number again. But like, so, why are
you calling me like this? It was ridiculous. I don’t know whose
house this is over here. – [Interviewer] These
are nice houses. Not bad. This guy doesn’t look like
he needs $300 for an iPhone. – Is there like a shack
at the end of the street? – Nice, no, this is it. – Damn. – Okay. – [Interviewer] We got a
Suburban and an Audi, rims. – No, there’s no way
this is his house. But what’s with the $300? – [Kiaira] Exactly. – [Interviewer] Ope,
hold on, there’s a car. It’s a Mazaradi. – Oh, wow. – It’s not pulling up
to this house right now. Is that, could that
be Wayne in a Mazardi? Could it be? What is happening? What? Is this the guy? – He’s getting out of the car. – [Interviewer]
Should I get out? – Yeah. How are you doing? – Sup? – What’s your name? – Wayne. – You’re Wayne? – Yeah. – I’m Max. – What’s up? – Hey man, Nev. – What’s up? – How you doing? – Doing well. – This is Robbin. – You’re the one we’ve
been texting with? – Yeah. – And who’s been talking to
her for the last three years? – [Wayne] Yeah. – Okay. And this is your place? – Yeah. – Okay. So what, yeah, so
what’s the story? – I mean, I’m pretty
sure y’all already know. – [Interviewer] We don’t. – Not really, I mean.
– We have no idea to be honest. All we found out was
that you weren’t the guy in the pictures. – I mean, there’s a
reason for everything, so. – What’s Team Skyler? – Oh, that’s my company. We do a lot of work
in the community. We do motivate speaking. We do investments
and do a whole lot. – So what, okay, I want to
hear more about that later. So what’s with the weird
cell phone business and the fake picture? I don’t get it. – Yeah, I mean, it’s more
or less like I want to know that she was who
she said she is. Like, I want to know
that she was real. I mean, people see the
house, they see the car, they see the materialistic
things, and people be fake with you, so, dealing
with Robbin was something that was solid, you
know what I’m saying? She didn’t see it all
the materialistic stuff. She liked me for me, so. Even to me having her send
me more money at one point in time, that comes
from me wanting to know if she was liking me for me. – You got the money and then– – You ain’t never
get the phones. – Well I had the phone,
I need the phone. They were just trying
to see, like, tests. Test to see if she do
it, you know what I mean? – Yeah, but then you kinda
left her high and dry. (man chuckling) – What do you make of all this? – I don’t know, it’s stupid. You’re just lying, just lying. Why you just wait for three
years, no, no, just listen. Three years you waited
to just keep stringing, stringing, stringing me
along like a little old dog or whatever on a leash. – You’re here now so you
gonna come home or not? Which one you want? You want the
Mazaradi or the Audi? I’m just saying. Look at it as a blessing. – Very curious how this
child that’s yours and hers came to pass. What’s the story there? – She did not want to take
the time off and be pregnant, neither did I. So, we decided to
let’s have a surrogate. So I would send her money
every time I got paid, but she did everything on her
own without even me knowing. And I just found out about
the baby two weeks after he was born. I don’t even know what
the baby looks like. – Wait, hold on. What do you mean
you don’t even know what the baby looks like? You haven’t seen a picture? – No. – So you don’t even
necessarily know if– – There is no baby! – There is a baby because when
I talked to her on the phone I heard a baby in
the background. I really think she meant
for it to be a surprise. – Surprise here’s the
baby that we talked about. You weren’t there for its birth. – I was a little mad about that. – A little? – How have you not
seen a picture? – Well, she said that
her camera is broken. – Oh come on. – This is insane,
this is insane! Is it a boy or a girl? – It’s a boy. His name is Jeremiah, but
I nicknamed him baby Jo Jo. – Okay, well look, I
definitely want to help. – Because you need it. This whole situation needs help. – If it’s true that she went
ahead and had some kid born behind your back, that’s
so far removed from actual parenting should look like,
that I don’t think you’ve been given an opportunity to
even be a parent yet. – I get what you’re saying
but I just don’t believe that there’s not a baby. – There might be a baby. – I’m not saying
there’s not a kid. – Nev is saying that
you weren’t included. In fact, you were excluded in
a very deceitful, mean way, I think. Therefore, you are, like
you are off the hook. – I disagree. She makes me feel included
even though I haven’t seen him yet, I’ve already
put my time, money, love, and affection into
this relationship. – How much money have
you put into this? – Like a thousand. – Being that I sent her
money, she had to use the ID to go get. That has to be her. – [Interviewer] It
can only be picked up by someone showing ID. – Yes. – [Interviewer] Well,
that’s something. – Uh uh… – Hey. – Is Courtney here? – No. – Are you fucking kidding me? That’s not Courtney. – What’s your name? – Brittany, Courtney’s
sister, right? – Yes. – We don’t really have any
proof that it is Brittany aside from the phone number. It could be registered under
some kind of family plan. – I didn’t mean for it
to happen like this. – Are you the person
Kiaira’s been talking to? – Yes. – This is Brittany,
Courtney’s sister. – [Kiaira] So, this
whole time it was you. – I’m sorry. – There’s no baby? – I mean, I don’t have a baby. – So, the baby in the
background that… – It’s my sister’s. – My feelings are genuine,
I just look different. I don’t– – So what was the point
of using your sister? – You want them to
be interested in me. I mean… – But you don’t know that. – Right, you don’t know that. – I’m sorry. – I mean, sorry’s not
really cutting it. I’ve spent my money, time,
energy, we had so many plans and all you have is I’m sorry. – We can still have those plans. I just look different, I mean– – Yeah, I know, but the real
issue here is not that you used pictures of your sister. – It’s the baby! You made me feel like
I had a whole child. I thought that I had
somebody that I could love and that will love
me unconditionally. And now I’m just
not a mom anymore. Like, you took a feeling
of a baby away from me. And it’s not okay. Are you doing this
to other girls too? – No. – Are you receiving
money from other girls? – No. – Are you talking
to other girls? – This is my first time I
ever, this is the first time I ever did something like this. I’m not this type of person. – I still don’t believe it. – So are you not
interested in that? – How could I be? How, how, how did you
think I was going to react? – So, Kiaira, I didn’t think
it was going to be a positive reaction, but come
on, after two years? So I mean, it’s just that easy? You’re suppose to be in love. – It’s just that, first of all, first of all,
you’re not gonna play victim here because you’re
not the victim. There’s no child. You’re not Courtney. You’re Brittany. And yet, I’m suppose to just
be okay and we live happily ever after, seriously? Like, logically, did you
think that was going to be my mindset? – Does your sister know
that you used her pictures and her name on a dating app? – No. – So how are you
picking up the money that I was sending you? – It’s my sister. I mean, it’s not that hard. We stay in the same house, I
can easily walk into her room and her wallet’s right there. I would take her ID
and they never, like– – Never questioned it. – Does she know that
you were doing that? – No, I made some bad decisions. But, I want to work through it. – Work, through? How about you work through
giving me my money back. – That’s not a problem. I mean. – So if it’s not a problem,
why did you take my money in the beginning? – I mean, I got
my car fixed now. – Wait a second. So the inspiration for
starting a baby fund was not to ever actually
start a fund for having a baby it was because you needed
money because of your car? – Yes. – Okay. – That’s just so low
down, Brittany, seriously.