Hey John Crestani here. So last year my
business did $3.4 million and last month, I did $691,965 and I’m going to be breaking down
exactly the 6 different methods that I use to make this money in my business as
well as what in comes our affiliate marketing, what incomes are not affiliate
marketing to give you insight into how my business runs and I want to keep in
mind. I have zero employees, okay? Big fat zero employees. So, hopefully this will be
motivational to you. I don’t usually do this sort of video but it’ll show you
that you don’t need to build a big business or all that stuff you can have
a business running completely by yourself and make some pretty
significant amount of money. So let’s get into the different sort of incomes I
have. so I’m going to use this marker and I’m going to highlight the incomes that our
affiliate marketing versus non affiliate marketing so you can kind of understand
where my money’s coming from. So the first program that I used to make a lot
of money is hosting and with this I make 21, something around $21,000 per per month, Recommending people to sign up to their own website. I
make this with the Bluehost affiliate program. They pay me something like a
$140 per customer that I refer So that’s one income stream.
This is largely passive and this is a affiliate. So this is affiliate
marketing right here. The second income stream I have is
software. I recommend people sign up for click funnels. People who take various
programs of mine or if you watch this training channel. I don’t have any
technical skills. I don’t know how to program, I don’t know any of that jazz,
and click funnels is what I used and really helped me grow my business as a
marketer so I actually recommend click funnels to other people. I make about
$11,000 per month with click funnels and that is also
affiliate. Click funnels allows you to build websites without knowing any
programming. So it’s really cool and that’s largely recurring. They actually
gave me a free car. My own info product. Now, my own info product. This is my
six-week course where I teach marketing. I have an
online course which there should be a link in the description some around this
video. But basically, I’m teaching people how to put up… How to be affiliate
marketers and place paid advertising on Google, Facebook and YouTube and other
places. My program retails for $5,000 or one if you go through the webinar you
can get it for a discount of $1,000 and my info product
last month, I did 369,000 in sales on my
information products. Just to give you guys an idea. So that’s a pretty big
income stream. This is not affiliate marketing. So this is uh this is my own
product. Also, YouTube. YouTube is another income stream. It is not affiliate
related. It is advertising related. Largely passive but that that I made is
a whopping $437 from. So YouTube, doesn’t make me
a lot of money. The ads, ads just don’t make you a lot of money for stuff. From
events, this is another thing where I am an affiliate for the events companies
and last month I did 289 yeah. $289,000. So I’m a big affiliate for events companies and this
is this is another really large income stream for me along there with my info
product and I have my passive income up here. And investments I haven’t been able
to make a lot of money with. I don’t know why. I lost money last year in
investments actually and I only made last month I made 426 in my investments. these are largely passive which is nice
but as you see the bulk of my income comes from these 2 areas which I
focused on. I just found I could create a better product and that there wasn’t
very good training in this market. So that’s a description of my incomes.
What’s nice is that if I if I stopped teaching anyone or whatever, you know I
have every passive incomes right here always coming in. And I also
have huge, huge events affiliate thing coming on, so
so really cool. Now, if you’re looking obviously, I just want to put a
disclaimer on all this is that. These number, this is what I did in a
month and that these are not typical results for everyone going into
affiliate marketing and it took me years to get to this level. I’ve been doing
affiliate marketing full time since 2012. So 2012 is when I I quit my job and I
started I started doing affiliate marketing for an investment company and
very quickly started earning $50,000 and more per month. But to get incomes like
this it’s just not normal. But I hope I hope this can motivate you in
some way shape or form that if you just go out after it, you can make a lot of
money. Now if you’re wondering what percentage of this is profit I’m not
gonna go into those exact numbers right now but a good deal of it is. So a good
deal of this is profit obviously like any business I have a lot of expenses
related to advertising and related to I work with a lot of contractors and ad
agencies in my business. I’m working with a lot of people but overall, what the
nice thing about affiliate marketing is is that you’re never like coming out of
pocket money. It’s always you know I’m spending money on ads but I know they’re
going to work. So I’m always you know I’m always very net positive at the end of
the day. I don’t have many costs like inventory, again, nothing nothing that I’m
doing requires me to carry inventory or to have office space or to have you know
complicated equipment or whatnot. All of this is
virtual. Part of what I’ve always wanted in my life is just just having kind of
that freedom Freedom to do whatever I want, wherever I want and not really be
beholden to a boss or to clients or what-have-you. So really, that was that
was the intention I set for creating my business and what’s really cool is that
years later I’ve created you know created some significant income sources
for myself. And you know I’m able to hopefully you know affect the world in a
good way with the markets I’m proud of marketing and all that jazz.
So I’ve been able to make a business as a marketer, putting up ads and seeing a
return on investment which is something I enjoy doing. You know an internet
research and all that jazz. I have a free course just subscribe to my YouTube
channel you can learn more about me. If you like this video, like, give me a big
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Feel free to put a put a comment. Let me know what your question is and I’ll try
to respond to everybody possible. So thanks for watching. Hopefully this
motivates you to go out there and start your business. Again, this took me a while
to get to this point but you can create whatever you want for yourself in your
life if you just 100% believe in yourself. Get rid of about any
blame and just go for it. Anything’s possible. Talk to you soon.