welcome to TTI today we are going to
discuss the solutions for drivers who sacrificed their life in the
transportation industry with very low income we all hate stingy bosses who are
sucking drivers blood for money today we are going to explore some comfortable
and revolutionary trucks which will entirely change the previous system just
relax and enjoy the video number 6 reynolds magnum 480 this model entirely
revolutionized a cabin design because it has space to breathe with huge surface
area thankfully the driver can stand and walk in this truck without hitting the
roof due to its cabin design which is more than 6 feet tall and more than 7
feet wide the Reynolds Magnum 480 has been divided in four major zones
obviously the first zone is the driver’s seat with a comfortable air pillow and
as usual steering wheel second area is the adjustable beverage compartment in a
living room with the swivel seat and a footrest the third area is a dining room
where the driver can enjoy his meal peacefully on a folding table this room
has a refrigerator which is freakin awesome
finally the fourth area is the bedroom with the folding sofa where a driver can
sleep after heavy work it has ultimate perfection even its
floor is a better place for resting during a long journey even though this
truck looks ordinary from the outside you can be 100% sure that you will feel
like a king on the road number five Kenworth tee 680 the Kenworth tee 680 is
the best commercial vehicle in heavy truck category on the planet due to its
great aerodynamic design with a lot of sophisticated technology the driver will
enjoy the beauty of its interior which is surely better than our homes
thankfully with new standards this cabin has a great height to width ratio and
the driver can take rest because it has comfortable long beds as well even
though it has a powerful engine the inside cabin is noise free driving
operations are very comfortable because it has a narrow pedal angle as compared
to other trucks to see the working area a digital control panel with
entertainment system and more in addition to this Kenworths cabin has
sufficient drawers for drivers luggage and a mini-fridge number forms Scania
trucks – eagerly anticipated new Scania models
have been revealed in Paris the Scania R and the Scania s these are the
blockbuster models because these Scania trucks have been designed to provide
enhanced aerodynamic performance and following years of testing Scania
believes there will be the most aerodynamic trucks on the market with 5%
fuel saving there are new engines with greater
efficiency and a redesigned cab providing more space for the driver the
windscreen has been mounted flush to the cab and there are integrated auxiliary
lights and in-market lamps placed above the windscreen the rear view mirrors
have also been redesigned to optimize air flow and create less drag in
addition the space means that the interior has been totally overhauled
with more room for the driver thanks to a new seating position as well as more
storage and greater visibility now Scania s series has flat cap floors
Scania said the trucks have been under development for ten years at a cost of
more than 1.8 billion pounds and promised that its customers will be able
to carry out their work in the most sustainable and profitable way
regardless of industry and area of application Volvo V and L the North
America division for Volvo Trucks introduced a new V and L model in 2017
the new truck is available in several versions including one with a six foot
long fed room the standard version of the Volvo B and L is equipped with a 13
litre Volvo d13 engine however the daily version can be used within eleven litre
Volvo d eleven engine a Volvo B and L also has LED headlamps rain sensors and
an airbag in the driver’s seat with a special cushion that protects the
drivers head the interior designers also introduced several improvements for
example the instrument panel has been optimized with an addition of a 5-inch
color screen also the optional multimedia system has its own 7-inch
screen and includes GPS as well as a rear
camera Volvo has also paid attention to the comfort inside the vehicle the
company offers poor options for the bedroom design of the V and L Series cab the interior has curbed built-in
cabinets as well as a fixed bed area and also uses lighting LED technology in the
special version of the V and L 760 and 860 models were shown for the first time
within the luxury cabin comparable seats and a refrigerator number 2 mercedes-benz Actros with over 700,000
models sold worldwide over the last 15 years
this truck is one of the most popular in the world there are seven different
configurations for the cabin of the mercedes-benz Actros five of them with
the flat floor two other models are equipped with a seven-inch tunnel for
the motor there are also two options to finish elegance and the domestic version
is equipped with handles with the wood effect while the instrument panel has
pieces of woods and steering wheel covered with leather or wood and the
leather and the more economical version known as classic space the work area and
the rest area have different colors this same division by colors is found in the
passenger versions which like the Actros have a mechanical hatch and a
multifunctional steering wheel the flat floor cabins also have
comfortable suspension equipped with an electro-hydraulic tilting system the
extension doors and the lighting make the feet area more comfortable
there’s Mercedes has a beautiful cabin with some moveable drawers plenty of
shelves and flexible shelves in addition it has enough space to install a huge 36
litre capacity of refrigerators on the flat floor number one the Lone Star this
harley-davidson truck offers a new level of functionality with original and
radical differences compared to the usual trucks found in the United States major attention has been paid to the
drivers comfort the cabin is equipped with a large number of useful and
necessary furniture without creating a feeling of excess in the interior in
Lone Star the work area and the rest area are divided by a wooden floor if
you’re feeling sleepy then this truck has a bed lifting
mechanism and a soft 47 inch light and flexible mattress the soft mattress was created by medical
experts ensuring your safety and comfort in addition the cabin has comfortable
swivel chairs and in some versions a double sofa bed to amuse the user the
truck features a 17 inch LCD TV and DVD player with stereo systems which
consists of 11 speakers a subwoofer and an amplifier on the other hand the cab
can be equipped with a mini refrigerator a retractable office desks with laptop
connections and other office equipment the Lonestar
HD version has unique elements for example headlights similar to those used
on motorcycles however this is not the only similarity with bikes the lone star
HD truck has harley-davidson logos everywhere moreover it has 24 by 45 inch
wheels with nut shaped element fixed screws and dyed aluminum straps the
appearance and design of the truck despite its originality follows the
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