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Create Awesome community. Today’s video was requested by, well, you. I actually love to be
involved with my community and you guys have constantly had questions about ways you can rake
multiple streams of income. Developing multiple streams of income, diversifying your revenue
is extraordinarily important for your financial future
and your financial freedom and so today I’m gonna
talk to you about nine ways that I make multiple streams of income and how I make my money. Let’s get the fairly
obvious one out of the way. YouTube ad revenue. YouTube ad revenue is number one. Is it my number one priority? No, it doesn’t make nearly enough money for me to make it my number one priority. It makes enough to where
I guess you could have a comfortable lifestyle comparable to a general corporate salary, about roughly the median
average in the United States. So with that said, a couple
thousand dollars a month from YouTube ad revenue alone is nice and it is passive income
but it’s passive income that was built on years of hard work. So I don’t know that that
is the most practical thing in the world for you
guys to even start with if you need to change your
life or your financial future. Many of the other streams of
income I’m gonna talk about probably are a better approach for you so you’ll wanna check these out. Number two is public speaking. I’m a public speaker and
I charge money for that and you can find other ways to actually make this very lucrative. If you already have products or services, you get opportunities while
you’re at these events to network with people
who’ve paid for a ticket and can actually afford to work with you or to buy your products. So I do public speaking and that is paid and that actually can pay very well if you develop it over time and public speaking is
something you can start at the local level. I have other videos on public speaking if you wanna check those out. Number three is private workshops. Sometimes at speaking engagements, you can actually partner with
the event and do a workshop. You could charge for
that and split the money with the event or the venue or they might pay you upfront for it or you might be able to work
out some other arrangement. You might even be able to do
some workshops of your own and charge people to attend. You can just hook up with a local venue. This is something that
entrepreneur Lewis Howes did back in the early days and I think it worked
out really well for him to do his own events. So workshops is something
that I’ve been doing a little bit more of
especially now here in Atlanta. I’m actually planning more of these and I think a lot of you
could make decent money if you have a skill and you
can offer a practical training on anything whether it’s
a social media platform, a piece of software or something
more technical in nature. I think that you could benefit from that. Number four is affiliate marketing. The easy answer to affiliate
marketing is Amazon but there are other opportunities. By working directly with brands that have their own affiliate program, you can make great commissions. Amazon is like two to 4%, right, but with other things,
you can get 10 or 30 or 50% commissions and so I focus on the highest
paying affiliate programs that I could find that
either offer flat rates or high percentages. Some affiliate programs
pay anywhere from 10 to $100 on flat rates
for every single sale. So even if you don’t have a big audience, it’s just about having
enough actual conversions. So affiliate marketing is something I feel many of you can
jump into with a blog, with your social media, your
Instagram or even a podcast. Podcasts do very well
with affiliate marketing and I would encourage
you more to pursue that as far as if you’re
looking for passive income. I think you’d make more money doing that than worrying about YouTube ad revenue to be very honest with you. Number five is online courses. I built awesomecreatoracademy.com knowing that I wanted to
offer a multitude of services and that I wanted to build another brand and another business
to kind of consolidate some other things I was
offering in different places. You can do online courses
without hosting your own platform but if you wanna host your own platform, I have some links and I think
there are a couple of these that have discount codes
in the description below for Kajabi which I currently use, Thinkific which I’m
planning something for, Teachable which I’m also
planning something for. These are great platforms but if you can’t afford to
invest in a self-hosted platform then I would say check
out Skillshare and Udemy. You’ll make less money there but it is a way to get your feet wet in offering online courses and you could build up
your brand this way. So I would definitely check that out. Number six. Number six is also part of
awesomecreatoracademy.com and that is to offer some
type of subscription service or membership. If you’re a fitness entrepreneur,
this one is gold for you but also if you’re a social
media or platform expert, this could be great for you as well. As long as you feel you
have something to offer in terms of a membership, you’ve built up some type
of community or email list then you could pursue this. With memberships, you
get recurring revenue. It’s not passive income
like affiliate marketing or selling digital products like courses but what it does allow you to do is to have a dedicated audience that is paying for something specific. They’re not donating to you
like they would with Patreon which is what a lot of people want but if you have something very specific that you offer in terms of a membership, that’s a lot better
because you’re quantifying what they’re paying for every month. In my case with the membership program for Awesome Creator Academy, it’s not only exclusive
content, it’s exclusive access. It’s being part of a very
powerful networking group. We have over 100
entrepreneurs in that group. We have a very focused message around marketing and monetizing and then there’s the
motivational component of having that built-in support. We also do monthly mastermind calls. We do other live training
events and group calls. So that’s how I structured
my membership group. You’ll have to figure out
what you’re offering in yours. I’ve done a video about membership groups and how to start one and what
the charge and how to host it and I really would encourage
you to check that out if you feel like this is
something you wanna try and like I said, if you’re
a fitness entrepreneur, get on this. It is going to be very lucrative. If you wanna join my membership program, you can join the Awesome Creator
Academy Membership Group. It is a mentoring program
that you can get to with the link up here and that
has all the details for you. Number seven is sponsored content. For this one, you obviously
have to build up an audience and you have to be able to pitch yourself effectively to brands or at
least attract brands to you. Sponsored content could
be a number of things. I actually have sponsors for some of my public speaking events and that helps when
conferences don’t pay me money. This is also something
that can make me profitable even if I am being paid by a conference as long as they allow you
to do sponsored content and it’s all disclosed. So sponsors can be great
even if you’re not a YouTuber or you don’t have a big audience there. Sponsors I think are
also easier to acquire for things like podcast and you can even do sponsored content with regard to blog post and sponsored content in your email list. There’s more than one way to
approach sponsored content. I think a lot of people are getting stuck on the idea of how it’s
done in the YouTuber world and they’re not even exploring that there’s a different approach to it for things like Instagram,
public speaking, email lists. I think that you could go a lot deeper and I would encourage you to
really think harder about it. Number eight is one on one coaching. One on one coaching is something that I’ve
been doing for a while. In fact, when these mobile
platforms for live streaming first started getting rolling
a couple of years ago, I was on them almost every single day in both Periscope and Facebook Live to do live Q and As that could
get people to go from that, DM me for one on one coaching and I made of tens of thousands
of dollars doing that. Now, I have built out
awesomecreatoracademy.com, I’ve started running a few ads, I’ve started doing some other things and I worked my email list and so now I get one on one
coaching clients from that, I get one on one coaching clients when I go to speaking engagements and you’re starting to
see a common thread here. All the ways that I make
multiple streams of income, all the ways that I make
passive income and active income and recurring revenue
and one time revenue, they overlap, they all overlap. There’s affiliate marketing
that I include in my courses. There are things with regard
to my speaking engagements that can get me sponsors. There are ways that I
could even incorporate sponsored content into a course
and so there’s so many ways to not only build multiple revenue streams but to interconnect them
in ways that make sense. Often, through my one on one coaching, it actually helps with affiliate marketing because when I do that, when I recommend something
that I’m already using, someone coaching with me wants
to use the same materials, the same systems, the same
services that I’m using. So that’s a great opportunity and often, a lot of people
who do one on one coaching with me go on to buy other products or to join my membership program. So if you have a skill
or you have an expertise or if you have mastered a platform, even if you don’t
specifically do coaching now, let’s say you’re an entertainer that uses Instagram or Snapchat, if you’re successful, you
can train and teach on it and you could build a
whole other business. You could build a coaching business. You could build a course. You could do so many things. So I would consider this if you feel that you have the temperament to teach other people. Just like public speaking
overlaps with workshops, coaching and consulting overlap. The difference is individual clients versus corporate clients and there are some other differences because corporate clients
have different demands. No matter what you’re doing, it’s about what the
value of the offering is and how clearly you communicate it to the people who are buying. So when you decide that you’re going to do any of these things, just make sure that you’re making it as specific as possible. If you’re gonna do coaching or consulting, you have to build out packages
and you have to understand what the difference
between your packages are in your ecosystem. So now you guys know how I make my money. You know how I make
multiple streams of income. This was a video you guys requested and I’m happy to deliver it for you. If one of these ideas for making money really resonated with you, I wanna know in the comment section. I’d like you to tell me which ones you want me to do individual
followup videos on and I’ll try and make
more of those for you. Question of the day. Are you making multiple
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