I met my partner through an
online dating service and then when we met in person it was a love at first
sight situation. I did not know that he was lying
to me from the beginning. So, I didn’t find that out until after we were already
living together and had made the commitment to
share our expenses. ♪♪ Everything went into my name and
we had a verbal agreement that we would share those
expenses but that never
happened. Well there’s lots of invisible
signs of domestic abuse and financial abuse is just one
of them. I don’t think a lot of people
that are experiencing financial abuse are aware of it
because they probably never heard that
term. I’ve had to do things I never
thought I would have to do. I had to declare bankruptcy, I had to go on food stamps, I had to go get Medicaid. I felt like I had a monster
living in my house that I couldn’t get out of my
house. People think that you can just
leave, you can just get up and go and it’s not always like
that. Taking The Allstate Foundation
Moving Ahead curriculum helped me see immediate things I
could do to help myself and also long-term things I
could do to help myself ♪♪ If you are seeing signs of
financial abuse in a friend or a family member
the most important thing is not to judge and to be
supportive. Offer to be there, offer to
help. ♪♪