For those that are not from my local area near Glasgow in Scotland this is a town with about eighty odd thousand people in it – this area, where this property is, is in one of the areas which is classed as a nicer area, it’s got some good schools, most of the properties were ex-council properties, and the owners using their discounts then bought them and most of them have been maintained to a good standard. We went in on May – around about the start of May and bought this three bed mid-terrace property. Plastering has started – so the plastering is well underway – we haven’t seen the bathroom in there, it’s there – here plastered, completely plastered, the coving that goes right the way round – bathroom ripped out, bath going along there, vanity unit, toilet, tiling right the way round, spotlights – it’ll be getting boarded up that one there. Downstairs, appliances have arrived, so kitchen will be getting in next week, all the bonding is here, kitchen units are here – kitchen’s a bit of a mess but there’s a lovely white gloss kitchen – and see
all the wrangling has been done for the electrician, spotlights are going in – white gloss kitchen just at the back there – there, you can see some of the appliances – been cut as well, just need to pull all that back there as well, so well underway, new back door – looks great – there we go – shed’s still there – should it go, should it stay? Look at that grass out front. Like we always do is we buy a property to value to it and normally, or one big way to add value to it is through the driveway, so again instead of the red brick we went with normally we went with a more sandy color and a slate colour sort of border round about the driveway, but a beautiful driveway, we maintained the tree so as you drive into this driveway you’ve got a big beautiful tree overhanging it – sure, it does block a bit of the light out, but it just looks amazing, it’s different from the rest of the houses and it’s just got a nice feel to it – because there’s no walkway, you know, when all your sort of bins and everything are out the back you have to drag them through your house, which is not nice, it’s a bit of a pain, but then again having them lying at the front of your house is not – it’s a bit of an eyesore as well, so we’ve built a nice little area whereby you can have your bins at the front for convenience, but you can’t see them from the street, from the curbside, so you got your driveway walking in, you’ve got your new doors through, we’ve properly cleaned up the windows – the windows were absolutely fine – double glazed, white PVC units, they were perfect, they just needed cleaned up – what we did do, though, is we put new sill in throughout internally – we had some of the masonry paint repainted just to give it a nicer finish – I mean, you’re talking about the best house on the street to be quite honest with you now – we have tidied up the back garden, we have completely ripped everything back to brickwork and replastered and put nice new coving, we have pretty much done a full electrical rewire on this, and a lot of the plumbing and heating has been altered, because it was old and not properly working and the pipework was not great, then of course we’ve done full painting and decorating throughout, and the sort of nicer finishes, the skirtings and facings and the doors are nicer – the handles on the doors are chrome to match the sockets and the facings on the electrical parts – new consumer unit had to be put in place, bathroom was fully reonvated – bathroom is absolutely beautiful, we’ve went for a grey – it’s a very in colour right now, but everything has been completely whitewashed apart from that nice modern kitchen with integrated appliances, double oven, cooker, hood, ceramic hob, nice little up stands – so normally we go with tile splash back, but we decided to go with a nice little up stand, but the overall house is a – perfect, absolutely perfect for a family that’s moving in – a young family moving in, looking to maybe get their first home – a first-time buyer, it is absolutely perfect for them – beforehand we’ve went with laminate, and I noticed afterwards that some of our – some of the people that are moving in, when I went back to see them – because a lot of the properties are nearby and I seen them, they’d put carpet in certain areas. I would rather carpet in certain areas, they’ve put carpet in, so this time we’ve decided to put carpet throughout the whole house – upstairs, downstairs – apart from the kitchen and the bathroom, of course – laminate in the kitchen, tiled bathroom, and then carpet – the one carpet – right throughout the whole house. Welcome to Buckandyke Road, let’s have a look – all the start of the electrical work has been done so you can see a whole host there. Bathroom completely ripped out – that’s all getting plastered so that it can be tiled on, and we’ve got ready for spotlights going in – that one in the… Boiler, door, and that’s all getting replaced and refinished, so a single… So doing the final walkthrough of the property in East Kilbride – Buckandyke Road, three bed terrace – we are possibly gonna shake hands on it and do a deal with someone today. Wednesday – there was bookings booked in on Thursday and I got a message to say that that there’s a lot – y’know, would I accept a specific offer, so technically, if I accept it then it’s like sold within one day, so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to – I’ve gotta place some material orders, so we’re gonna go and order some material, we’re then gonna go to Buckandyke, we’re gonna do a final walkthrough so everybody can see exactly what it looks like. …at six o’clock – yes, yeah – and one on Tuesday at two o’clock – right, one on Tuesday at two o’clock and two, right, no problem, did they mention anything to you about an offer? ‘Cause he messaged me on LinkedIn talking about an offer and would I accept this, and I says listen, I would rather we just go through the agent now – so here we go so we ripped this out, plastered the whole lot and put a nice light gloss kitchen in and it’s been beautifully cleaned – new front doors, so we’re putting new doors on the front of the house, spotlights, just a nice, y’know, integrated oven and hob, nice handles, spaces for appliances, chrome fittings throughout, back door – brand new, sort of fancy designer radiator just to add something different and a lovely big bag living room there, so it’s perfect for a family. We also in this house, which we don’t always do, but we decided to do it in this house just to make it more appealing for sell – for a sale, is we put blinds in every room, and then for those that know that East Kilbride is a nightmare for parking, we’ve got a large – you could probably fit I don’t know, three cars on that anyway – certainly two cars – driveway, and just so you can see, we had a big debate about whether we pull down this shed in the back garden, which we eventually did do, so again just a general tidy up – hedges done, back garden – yeah it’s looking good. So, chrome fittings everywhere, new front door, upstairs – grey carpet throughout. Bedroom three, bedroom two – no need to go in them, but you can see the blinds there, gray carpet throughout, nice fancy sort of decorative skirtings and facings everywhere. Bedroom in here – I think this is probably bedroom two, actually – probably slightly smaller – so last but no least, we will have the bathroom. You can see we went with a decorative tile
on that wall there – nice designer shower, new bath with a nice modern tap and vanity unit – we decided just to break it up a wee bit, not do the whole tile everywhere – it’s been interesting because now we’re, what, four or five properties in, I’ve learned so much about the organising of a property. The last one we done, we were on track for a long, long time and it came right up to the end part, we went and sold it, then the person failed to get a mortgage, and it’s now dragged on and then a couple months later it sold, so we got that in January, we’re now eight months in, and although I’ve only spent maybe thirty hours in total over that sort of eight month period, that’s it just now selling when it really should have been sold two months ago – thankfully because they’re not mortgaged then we don’t have mortgage payments, but you would maybe have it on an interest only anyway, so it probably would cost that much, but you have additional electricity and gas costs, which are nominal but again they still carry a cost. I can see the value now when some people in the property world just hire a main contractor or pay some money away for convenience but just hire a main contractor and allow them to do and order and supply everything, and you’re probably gonna maybe cost yourself maybe an extra ten or fifteen percent, but they deal with everything, allowing you to go and find the next deal, and I can now see the value in that there. Quality costs – I will now be paying for everything to get done professionally and like I says, just over time and seeing these properties, you get a better understanding of why people charge what they charge – the difference between good and really good quality, and it matters when somebody comes into a home they want good finishes, they don’t want a screw missing, they don’t want a little slight wonky handle, they want quality, because that’s what they’re paying for, that’s what they deserve, and therefore the tradesman actually deserves that fee, so definitely something that we will now be paying much more attention to – probably would be happy to pay away, literally have – apart from maybe an hour a week catch up, I tell them what I want, and I let them go to it, maybe show them the standard of work that we’re expecting and the type of quality of kitchens and how I want it to look, etc, but I let them go and do it, and they deliver that and they get paid a premium for that service so our main contractor, and that allows me to go and source more deals and buy more houses, and that’s really what we want to do – that’s where the money is – is in the buying of them, the successful renovation of them, and the quick selling of them – that is the three main parts of the whole process – I suppose that’s the thing about experience, it’s, you know, when you experience these things you, reflect back on it, as long as you learn from them, then that’s where things start to get better, so only by doing quantity do you then get the quality – so only by doing multiple properties and learning from your experiences do you really start to turn them into, y’know, turnkey solutions where you’re buying, flipping, making money – buying, flipping, making money – same with a business – by experiencing problems, learning from them and implementing changes so you don’t have those problems again, do you learn from them Yeah – no worries, thanks very much. Okay, no bother – bye now. So basically there’s somebody come in with an offer on Buckandyke – the person that we thought was gonna come in, and all we’re looking to say is before we – because there’s a lot of interest in this property – before we take this off the market and stop showing people and upsetting people, prove to us that you’ve been accepted for your mortgage – what we don’t
want to do with it basically is, he’s put his offer in through his solicitor, now he’s gonna go and try – now it would be silly to do that, right, through a solicitor – it’s okay putting a verbal offer in, and then if your verbal offer’s accepted, then you go and get your mortgage in principal, then get your lawyer to submit, you know, documentation, etc, but just to be in the safe side, we want to make sure that he’s got his mortgage in principle, and literally the twentieth of December is, what, like five
weeks or something like that? Something – five or six weeks away. Fine, perfect – I must admit, I’ve had them pretty quick, but I’ve not had it within – a day – basically a day.