Whenever we travel, we pretty much do everything as a team. So this time, we thought we’d raise the stakes a little. We’ve decided that for every new city we visit, one of us will be challenged to spend 24 hours alone without any money or ability to communicate with the rest of the team. We’ll only be able to rely on the kindness and spontaneity of strangers for both food and housing. And if we’re lucky, an awesome local experience. This week, the University of Helsinki flew us out to Finland to explore their beautiful city and campus and connect with the people there. So I guess it’s time to see how Finnish people will react to such an unusual experiment. hahaha! It’s so windy and cold… Aww This is awful! (Laughing) We’ve been here for a couple days and we picked the day where it’s snowing and rainy. Alright, give me your f***ing wallet. Oh, dude! This just sucks! For 24 hours… I’m gonna be a different person by the time I come back. I wanted to volunteer as tribute this first time. I want to get it out of the way. Cause this sh*t is brutal! It’s cold. It’s rainy/ snowy. I don’t know anybody. And I have to sleep in somebody’s house. And it gets dark at like 3:00 p.m. Completely on my own… F**k my life, dude. I’m so f**king excited! Yeah, Ammar and I are just gonna go have an awesome day in Helsinki. Have a good time. Eat some nice food. I can’t wait for Thomas to f**king do this in Yemen. (laughing) Ammar: We’re not gonna go to Yemen! Yeah, we’re not going to- We are! I’m throwing you under the bus! 9 a.m. tomorrow morning Thomas: Alright, bye! Do you know where the closest sauna is? I am off on my own… and this feels weird. I’m so used to having the guys with me and doing all this kind of stuff. I don’t speak the language. I don’t know anybody. I think this is the most uncomfortable I have ever felt in my life. I’m frickin’ hungry as HELL! And I gotta ask somebody to be willing to feed me! Sorry, I’m in a rush! Okay! No worries! Hey man, do you think you could buy my meal for today? I’m going to [unintelligible] ball. Oh, okay Okay, no worries! The snow has been getting more intense and it’s getting more windy. Poor Matt. Excuse me. Hi, this is kind of a weird request. But I’m on a challenge with my friends Yeah? They took my wallet Really? Okay… Do you wanna eat somewhere? Yeah! I mean… have you eaten yet? Do you wanna grab food together? I’m actually heading home… Oh, you are? Okay. There’s a Burger King. Okay There… Okay Down the street. Thank you so much. I’ll go down there. Yeah, thank you. That girl thought I was insane. But she suggested going to the Burger King so I’m gonna go hop into the Burger King. I actually wonder how the boys are doing. They’re probably have an amazing time. Cheers! While I’m here…struggling! Nice to meet you. I’m Matt. I’m doing a challenge with my friends where I’m asking strangers to help me survive for 24 hours in Helsinki. Are you out of money? Are you serious? Dude, thank you so much! What’s your name? Achmed Achmed? Thank you, brother! I appreciate it! I almost feel kinda bad but I just got Burger King. All right! I thought I was gonna go starving for the entire day. It’s just showing off how kind the people in the city are. I’m back outside now and I am totally lost. I guess I have to start asking people if I can sleep at their places now; otherwise as time ticks down, I might not have a place to sleep. I’m gonna go to the slush event…big business conference thing, which apparently has like thousands and thousands of really cool people there. And I’m gonna stand outside of it and try to find my roommate for tonight. Praying that there’s a spontaneous person at this conference who is down. What is that thing you’re doing? What’s GuardianX? I’m promoting this app. I can show you the app. What’s your name? I’m Johannes. This is gonna sound kind of crazy: I have to spend 24 hours in Helsinki, all relying on the kindness of strangers. Let’s see if I have… accommodation or a possibility for you. Hey guys! How’s it going? Hello My name’s Matt. Hello, nice to meet you. This is gonna sound kinda crazy but I’m on a 24 hour challenge with my friend. No money, no wallet, nothing. Don’t die *laughs* It’s been hard, man. It’s cold. So I just realized the camera literally ran out of battery as I was asking that guy if I could crash at his place. He said at 6 p.m. tonight, they’re going to a party and that I should come. And then afterwards, he said that he could accommodate me. He lives in Helsinki. Hopefully, he is down. Hopefully, he answers the phone cause otherwise… next, I have no idea. I’ve been sitting in this coffee shop for a about an hour now, communicating back and forth with Marian, the girl that agreed to meet up on Tinder. Unfortunately, she was at work and she’s only getting out now. Problem is now I have to go meet up with the guys whose house I’m hopefully staying at tonight. And I definitely do not want to risk that because that’s my only way that I’ll have a place to sleep. Hopefully, these guys tonight provide some food. I’m feeling so tired. The best Thai food in town. If there’s one thing this whole experience has taught me is that there’s just so many things in my daily life that I just take for total granted. Having money, having friends, having food, having a warm shower, having a place to pee and on this cold winter night in Helsinki, I’m feeling very, very grateful. Matt: What’s up, dude? You made it here! Matt: Yes! I’m with the guys. I’m with Mike, [unintelligible], and [unintelligible]. Yeah, whoo! We’re gonna go get some drinks. Get ready for apparently the biggest party of the weekend right now. Matt: It should be dope! Alright, so we’re at [unintelligible]’s house. Bit of a mess… They bought me food, kindly enough. Then we’re gonna go out. So good. He’s already buying tickets to Los Angeles. [Unintelligible] It’s f**king awesome *laughs* Really?! That is awesome! It’s five in the morning! Five f**kin’ in the morning, man! Hey~! (Singing “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran way too drunkily) It’s five in the morning… Hell nah I got my boy, [unintelligible]. He hooked it up. It is so brutal not having anything. The longest 24 hours, dude.