In this year’s annual letter, Melinda and I make a big bet that almost everyone will have a mobile money bank account. And this will help them save and borrow. It will really empower them in a big way. But the question is, can this really get out to almost everyone? I talk about Bangladesh and there only 4 percent have one of these mobile money accounts. But in the Philippines they got started earlier, they have 8 percent. Other African countries are up to 10, 30 and even 40 percent of adults having these accounts. But the first country that got started was Kenya. And here we see that there’s over a thousand accounts for every thousand adults. That’s what we want for everyone. Banking is something that most of us take for granted. But for the poorest, they don’t have any banking services. Even in the few cases where loans have been made available, they’ve been able to start small businesses. So getting that out to everyone is so empowering. It will really change their life.