– What’s up, guys and girls? This is Jaffry Ward, and in this video, I’m gonna teach you some apps
that pay PayPal money fast, but before I jump into the video, make sure you subscribe to my channel, make sure you hit that bell notification, so you can be notified
when I drop new videos. Also, if you’re in the USA, if
you’re in the United States, and you are looking for a way to make some really, really quick money, I just found a website that actually pays $21 up front directly to your bank account. There is no threshold,
there is no gotchas, there is no, boy, you know like
some apps that give you $21, and in order for you to request a payout, you have to have $40. With this one, there’s no minimums, you get paid directly
to your bank account. It’s absolutely easy to sign up, all you gotta do is have $1
on a Chime or prepaid card, and you have to have a direct
deposit on your bank account because they’re gonna be depositing that money into your bank account. If you wanna learn more about that, this is absolutely it’s easy,
all you need is a dollar and two emails to sign up. Completely easy, completely simple to do. I did a whole training on that, I’ll leave that link somewhere down in the description somewhere. But you wanna watch
this video until the end because you wanna learn
about what the apps that I’m gonna be talking about, but also, you definitely
wanna check that out at the end of this video. This is not gonna be too
much of a long video, so you definitely just
wanna stay until the end, but anyway, you definitely
need to do that, because you’re gonna get
paid $21 just for doing that. And then you can teach other people how to do the same thing. I’ll teach ’em, and
they’ll be going through your referral, and I’ll teach ’em how to do it and you just
direct ’em to the page, replace my referral link
with your referral link, and then they’ll be going through you and I’ll be explaining
to them how to sign up. But that is easy, that is too easy for you guys not to be,
especially not to jump on this as soon as possible. So I’m gonna leave that link and you guys can check that out after the video. Make sure you go check
that out, real talk, because you get $10
per person that you get to do the same thing that
you do to get your $21. It’s very simple, it’s very easy. I don’t know how long
they’re gonna be doing this, so you need to jump on this today. I just wanted to say that. And also I got something to
say at the end of the video, but I’m gonna wait to the end of the video to say it. The two apps that I suggest
that pay PayPal money fast, the first one is obviously Qmee, if you guys have been on my channel, you’ve seen Qmee paid me,
and within 30 seconds. You don’t have to, as far as payouts, you just have to make
over 10 cents in order to get a payout, and then
once you make over 10 cents, you are able to withdraw your money. If anybody has used Qmee,
type in I’ve used Qmee in the section below. But basically once you get over 10 cent, you can withdraw directly to your PayPal. That easy, that fast, it’s super, super, super simple. Type in how much you made
with Qmee in the comments section below, I know I’ve been talkin’ about Qmee for a while on this channel, and that’s that. As far as the apps that you can, and Qmee is an app as
well, you can download it on the Play Store, I
don’t know if it’s available on the App Store, but you can definitely buy it on the Play Store, not buy, but actually download it, excuse me. The next app, let me find it here, here it goes, it’s called Bee Gatherer. And right now they’re doin’ a $5 bonus, I don’t know how long they’re gonna be doin’ this $5 bonus, but basically all you gotta do is join a group
and follow the instructions in order to get a $5 bonus. You can withdraw at $5,
so if I hit withdraw, I can do a withdraw right now with $5 very, very simple. It’s easy for you guys
to get started with, this is basically an app
that allows you to do tasks every single day. They release new tasks at
10:00 a.m. Eastern time, so that’s like 9:00 Central time, it’s where they come here
and refresh these tasks. Most of these tasks all you have to do, look at this, this is
a lot of tasks in here. You can easily, in about two
days, you’re gonna easily make around five to $10 with this easily, and withdraw that money to your PayPal because the tasks that you’re gonna do, they’re gonna do new tasks. If you earned money with this app, type it in the comments section below, and I like to hear people
who have earned money with this app. But I’ve earned around
$60 with this app so far. If you wanna do these
tasks, I’ll leave a link to iMoney in the description below, as well as Qmee. But very simple to do,
you just do these tasks, most of the time you’re
just opening up an app, once you open up the app, you get 23 cent. So you can kind of get a gauge of how many that you need to do in
order to get $2 to $3. This is about $2 to $3 right here. If you do it tomorrow again
when they update the tasks, you should be at about $5,
and you should be able, you see I’m at $5.23, so
these are 23 cent per task, you can easily get in
here and get $5 or $10 very, very quickly. Plus the extra $5 bonus,
I don’t know how long they’re gonna have the extra $5 bonus, but that’s up there if you guys wanna take advantage of that. Now as far as fast-paced,
these are the money-making apps that pay into PayPal fast. Now what I wanted to
say, and what I wanted to get this point across,
I’ve had a lot of people contact me and I’m goin’
over here to my Linktree, and like I said, for
the people who want to do this brand new dollar,
you get $20 for free and plus get $10 per
referral, go to this link. Make sure you follow the
instructions to sign up. Very, very important that
you follow the instructions. You’re gonna get that $21
within two to three hours, and I actually show payment
proof on that video. Don’t worry, two to three hours, they’re gonna send the
money to your bank account, within 24 to 48 hours they
even show some bank account statements in there where
you can actually see the money being received,
which are other members in my particular group. Not only my particular
group, but a lot of people have been, this has been catching fire in the internet marketing industry, so you definitely wanna get on it, because as we know, when
internet marketers get involved, most of the time they ruin everything if they just blast it out. So who knows, you can
have the same problems with Waldo, Waldo is $10 per referral, and then all of a sudden they dropped down to $1 per referral. So you don’t know how long
they’re gonna be doin’ this. I wanna strong-arm you to make sure that you go and check this
out if you’re in the USA. Okay, so this right here, a lot of people have been contacting
me, asking me questions as far as how they can make money online. I have people that are
making $20 to $50 a day, I have people that’s
making $10 to $15 a day, I have people that’s making just 10, 12, and are happy, but are making
up to $70 to $80 per day that have actually went through my system and actually checked this out. What I wanna put this, and I have people around the country that
have been makin’ money in Africa that was able to get mobile VPNs and actually sign up. I have people that was
able to successfully withdraw their money from Dosh to get Dosh referrals,
all that good stuff. What I’m sayin’ is, people
have been contacting me and complaining that, “Hey,
I’m not making money,” that, “Hey I’m not doin’ this.” I have people, like I
said, all over the world that are making lots, and lots of money because of my training right now. But the few people that have contacted me, number one, hasn’t went
through the training, number two, hasn’t put
the best foot effort to promote this. I’ve took everything,
I’ve did as much as I can as far as helping you guys. I’ve chose you guys that
you guys can actually copy this system. This is a video of me
explaining how to sign up for each of these apps. If you get a copy of this system, you just can change these links, and when I’m explaining,
you send people to, you have this in traffic, I
teach you guys to send traffic in this training here. A lot of people have been complaining, but have not went through the training, have not copied my funnel, have not looked at the updates, have not did
any of this stuff in here, but they wanna contact me and get mad because they’re not successful. I cannot do this for you, you
have to put in the action. I can only lead you to the water, I cannot make you drink. So if you’re gonna text
me, or email me complainin’ about this and that, complainin’ about, “Hey, I’m not makin’ money,”
or “Hey, I’m not doing this,” or “Hey, I’m not doin’ that,”
or I’m teaching you exactly how to do it, number one
so that a lot of y’all haven’t successfully
signed up for the app. I leave Cleo as an example,
a lot of you haven’t set up your Cleo wallet. A lot of you haven’t set up Fluz, a lot of you haven’t set up Dosh, or these other 11 money making apps, and then you’re contactin’ me and say, “Hey this doesn’t work.” You haven’t went through the training, you haven’t completed the signup process, you haven’t copied the system. I sell this stuff for you. I teach your referrals how to sign up through your link for you. It’s literally copy and
paste, the only thing you have to do is copy my system, get my training. You just get a copy of my system, you hit this right here, you go over and you get a copy of my system. I teach you how to edit these links, change this link to your link, change this link to your link, change this link to yours,
change this link to your link, get your own copy of the page, and go out there and
promote, and I’ll sell the system for you. See it’s not hard for
me to sell the system, because I’ve made hundreds of dollars, so I can show proof of
that, and that influence will have them going through your links and not mine. So I just built this system,
I do not wanna hear complaints because I’m giving you
a copy of the system and I’m teaching you how
to do it straight up. But you have people that
complain, I can’t do it for you. I can’t go and make the money for you, I’m only one person. I can only give you the tools to success. I told you, if you copy the system, I sell it for you. If you don’t wanna do
that, if you don’t wanna put in the effort and the work in order to start making money online, then do not, if you haven’t went through
the training first of all, and actually just copied the whole system, do not contact me wastin’ my time. I do not have time for it,
I’m running a business. This is it, I’mma tell you right here, as far as money making
apps, this is as far as it’s gonna go with this. I’m literally teaching
you how to copy my system, and how to insert your links, and how to get traffic to those links and actually just promote and have me sell these apps on your behalf. And people sign up to your links. As far as this, this is
as far as it’s gon’ go, as far as these money making apps. I’m getting ready to move to eCommerce and some other stuff. This is why I created the system, ’cause I don’t have time
to be doin’ it anymore, I don’t have time to do one-on-one. I can just mass train
people, and a lot of people have been getting results. And I’m not, people that are makin’ money, I’m not talkin’ to you,
because I know a lot of you guys are makin’ money. But for the people who are complainin’, do not email me,
contactin’ me with the BS, ’cause I don’t have time for it. If you haven’t even went
through the training, a lot of you haven’t even
successfully signed up, so don’t contact me talkin’
about you haven’t made money. You haven’t put forth
the effort to make money. You haven’t even signed up for the apps, you haven’t copied the system, and you haven’t even went
through the training. A lot of you guys just contactin’ me mad and I don’t have time for that. I’m runnin’ a business, and
I do not have time for it, so I’m just lettin’
you guys know up front. So that’s all I got for you guys, sorry about that little rant,
but I just have to say that. US people, get on that $21
before it gets saturated and before a whole lot of people, they might just take it
off because a lot of people are makin’ money. So you definitely wanna get
on that as soon as possible. Peace out, have a nice day.