There is a core in you, what i call blue print of life
you carry. If that is auspicious and joyful, you attract wealth,
success in your life. If that is corrupt, you attract only that kind of
lifestyle around you. So, law of attraction, there is a magnet in you which I call your very DNA structure, or the modern terms, you may call it as your unconscious or subconscious. Here I am trying to make make blueprint of success and wealth in your unconsciousness, in your
subconsciousness. In the core of your being, I am trying to create wealth, success magnet so that you attract that continuously in your life consciously or
unconsciously, you evolve in that direction. You need to completely heal
all the wounds related to money, all the wounds happened
because of money, or what you think as due to money. Sometime it would have happened
because of money, or sometime it would have happened, your idea of that it is due to
money. For example, as I said, if you had a relative or friend, you asked some money, he
did not give, the relationship broke. If you look deeply, superficiously you will think it is
because of of money relationship is broken. it is not because of money. It is different expectation. His expectation from you is your money, not your love. But your expectation
from him is his love not his money. So the expectations are different. Money is not responsible for it,
expectations are responsible. So find right responsible,
right reason. So that you donʼt hate the
wrong person. Do not hate the wrong person. Do not think or do not complain about
wrong person. When you think about the, when you think wrong person is
reason for the problems, you will never be able to sort it out. You will never be able to clear it. Now, you need to heal all the
wounds you created. You need to mend all the relationships
you broke because of money. That inner healing has to happen in you. Only then your core, your blue print will be
attracting wealth. Understand, if you blueprint is not attracting
the wealth, any billion dollar you have you will not be able to rest
or relax or live with it. You will have that constant
life sentencing something is wrong in my life. If the blueprint is proper, you will attract wealth, and you will live wealth and
you will celebrate wealth. It is not just creation, celebration. Celebrate wealth, celebrate success.