– The North Pole just
filled the best seasonal gig of all time: Gift Tester. Now, with the help of
highly trained elves, the Gift Tester is
putting the all-electric Audi e-tron SUV through its paces. For our next test we’re
gonna play a little game we like to call – [All] Santa Says! Let’s get to the board. Santa says, “Set the
perfect travel temperature “for the entire family.” – [Woman] Got it. (door opening) (door closing)
(seatbelt clicking) Temperature looks good. – Set the interior mood lighting to jolly. (intense music) – Set to jolly. – Nana’s hungry. Find a place to pick her up a snack without taking your hands
off the steering wheel. – Find restaurants nearby. – [Voice On Phone] Searching
for restaurants nearby. – You made it 204 miles on a single charge to your holiday destination. Good job. Now plug in and enjoy the holidays. (plug clicking) – Great job, Ashley,
(cheering) you did it! Oh ho, look at this! Reindeer wool. Nice! (intense music) (cymbal ringing)