let’s get it all good afternoon from the
Marriott hotel in bang at the Mary so we’re just about to go
check out the room so let’s go check out this room what do you think
sigh look at that view we’re on the 36th floor amazing all ready for party 37 floor are we
going to the rooftop bar hey ba rooftop Wow look at this what do you think what do you think side of the bar so
pretty you gonna drink Oh watch out hi okay time to leave the rooftop bomb
now we’re gonna go and get some dinner let’s look for a nice place eat some
food Thai food okay the food has arrived what do we got side now
I hi fellas chicken leg be fine nice try that Mandy tell us what you think five people
she’s looking for the knife is there not bait her side so good Lemon okay it’s called Yamato beat solid like
a class noodle salad sighs so happy right if you win this off you and you
take it one is gonna feel a little bit plan see if it’s hot enough for you
my killer say you can handle the chilly one chilly
it’s fun how’d it be speech this before two days
ago great I didn’t know that they’re
bringing debate salad oh this park is a lot of action
happening you’re gonna see my he used to be there teaching me to exercise
hopefully if you see if the people around here want to exercise and me
this saves the money together and by the dumbbell well everyone’s really active
here pumped up they say like separate default this is it’s got the bars benchpress in Acharya
your China nice everyone getting fit in the park it’s
his size China I’m taking se215
one beautiful bar the locker room how scary
are you scared I will kill for one babe what do you mean you go first okay come
on good guy this way having fun
ladies first please over in the right place what the hell where are we maybe in here yeah what what you want to say
okay reaction shot yeah you’ve been to a bar like this looks OCD welcome that was local and I’m trying to
open the lockers you’re all concerned this half do not tell the very attention
to the place so ask I ask them like just look get lost that the guests can find
their plot is on fire the pump and it went home so I got a mocktail because
she doesn’t drink alcohol crazy oh my god this mod is absolutely
crazy never been to a bar like that before so hard to find this
you’re never gonna think that’s a I think you we’ve been walking around these
three times I walk back so he’s to this bar it has three types
of cocktails past present and future it’s really really cool I’ll link I’ll link the back in the
description and we’re lucky you couldn’t fuck so I’m going to wrap up the vlog for
today – next time dream bigger butts – nah