Hey, what’s up everybody Kris Krohn here. Today, I want to shoot a little video for
you. Because I want to challenge this idea. Is it possible to make money doing what you
love and also helping other people. Like, is it possible to serve other people
with… And get wealthy at the same time? It’s interesting. I’ve got, currently my Aunt-In-Law or Great
Aunt is the current Deputy Director for the Peace Core. Which means, she travels every country around
the world using American tax dollars to go help other people in the world. And I respect it so much. But in her eyes, I’m the capitalist, right? And in my eyes, I’m also the capitalist. And in this idea like, “Can you really help
people?” For me it all comes down to one thing, “money
follows value.” If you want to make more money, you need to
give more value. And a lot of people don’t understand this
principle. They’re hoping that they can raise at their
job. I want to actually just…I wasn’t going to
share this but I’ll share with you anyway. I was going to share actually how I went from
making less than $20,000 a year in this company and 4 years later I was making $135,000. Because I think it demonstrates us point. So, like, my… This job that I worked, I made less than $20,000
a year, my first year. I was grateful for the job, it was more than
I had ever made before as 22 years old. So, I mean that meant something. But I was still getting behind and I was going
in debt. So, I devised the plan. I basically would… I figured it out, after a year that this company
has some flexibility. I would go talk to the manager and have a
good relationship with him and I said, “Hey, I had an idea for something that I can do
that will help the company and make the company more money. Do you mind if I do it?” Dude, who would say no to that? So, I basically got permission. And then I wouldn’t ask for raise. I would spend 6 months and I would create
value for them. And then I would add up how much extra money
I helped them make. Well, 6 months later I went to them and I
said, “Hey. So, thank you for giving me permission to
do this thing. I’ve now made this company this amount of
money. It’s pretty awesome. How would you feel about a raise, maybe sharing
a little of that with me?” You know what they said? “Dude, how do you say no to someone who’s
like, I put $200,000 to your pocket, will you share a little bit with me and I’ll keep
doing it for the future?” And they said, “Yeah.” So, guess what what I did then? I said, “Hey, there’s another part of the
company that I thing I could also improve, are you okay with that?” So, I took the next 6 months. I would actually build up that division. I’d help them make more money and then I come
back to them and say “Hey, so, that thing worked out and I made this extra money for
the company, you mind sharing some other with me?” Every 6 months I went for a raise and every
6 months I got a raise. Because how do you turn down that creates
more value? Well, creating value is actually what creates
wealth. For example, let’s take real estate. Like, this is the area I love to serve people. It’s actually one of my 6 criteria that I
write about in my book. And book that you can get for free on the
website. And It’s this Idea that I call “compassionate
financing.” You see I find a house that has a lot of value
in it. Somebody wants to sell it. I get it undervalued. They’re happy selling in that way. There’s no hardcore negotiation. I just wait until the right price home hits
the market. And now a bit… Now, I can get 2 of couple things with it. I could try for a quick buck. I could also rent it and become a landlord. But instead I created this thing called compassionate
financing. It’s lease option with a twist. It means that I put these signs up on the
house that basically say, “Hey, house for rent to own.” Which means you can rent it until you can
own it.” And then I will say “No bank qualifying.” And I start getting calls everyday from people
like, “Oh, my gosh. I saw your hose, what does rent to own mean?” You know who’s calling? The people that are calling that have been
denied by banks, they have been turned down, they want a home, they’re done throwing away
their money renting. And they call me up and basically my system,
my team shows up and says, “Let’s check out the house.” They bring the kids over, we find out it’s
a good deal for them. And then we say, “Here’s what’s different. When you get this house, we’ll actually give
the some of the equity that we got in it, in the first place. We’re going to gift it to you. All you got to do is keep your nose clean,
make your payments on time, you’re going to premium on payments but we’re going to kick
that back to you.” And what ends up happening after, you know,
2, 3 years is when they go to buy the house that they can buy it, is they walk in to great
equity i’ll be a house that they’ve called home. They never called on Landlord stuff. They’ve upgraded the home, they’ve been taking
care of the house. And those that have followed through to actually
buy the home, that value, I know it meant so much to them because it gave them that
home ownership way sooner that they could’ve got it earlier. And what that means for family is stability? What price you put on that? Other people will use that system and own
not by the house. And for them the value is, “Hey, I needed
flexibility to not get locked in to a bank to know that I could get actually walk away.” And so, one of the things that I found in
life, even not just couples of specific examples to how you it in a job or how you do it in
real estate. There’s ideas beyond that. If you want to make more money. Stop focusing on what you need and want. Know what it is and go out and there and say,
“What can I do that can help people?” What can I do that can help people the most? And if you sit down and think of how you can
bring greatest value, getting in the habit of giving and paying it forward, that’s the
service component that’s going to comeback on you. And then, there’s one final really, really
big pay off. The big pay off is that if you been living
a lifetime like that, you’re going to look back and you’ll have left a legacy. There’s going to be countless of people you’ll
be able to touch, interact, help, get superior service to, create superior value for. And you, you, every human being on this planet
has a way to create superior value in their on way. So, all you got to do is really find what
it looks like for you. Create massive value. It’s going to get return to you. It’s pretty awesome. It’s great, in fact. And for those of that are like, “Kris, I don’t
know what it is.” I will tell you that my lease option compassionate
financing system, it’s turned key and anyone can do it. I’ve helped countless people engage in that
system. So, you’re going to head on over my website. And use it if it’s going to be useful for
you. It’s definitely going to be a way for you
to make positive impact on your community. And touch a family’s life in a big way that
they hope a bank would, that wont. You get to actually be that for them. And you can eve get involved in a whole business
without needing money to buy properties, without needing credit. So, it’s pretty sweet. Other than that, thank you so much for joining
on the video today. And hey, if you want to connect more, hit
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team when the next video comes out. We pop them out every single day. I hope that a couple of them here actually
make a good, huge impact in your life and just set you up for your level up. Take care friends.