Bed of Wealth Item: “The Bed Of Wealth”
Usage Precautions: Personnel are allowed to use the item at personal risk; all precious
gems and valuables received are to be split between the Insurgency and the personnel 50/50
Handling Precautions: N/A Reported Anomaly: Possibly extra-dimensional
Usage Object is currently used as a form of monetary
income. All valuable items created by object are to
be collected upon discovery and placed into proper storage (see Storage Procedures). Report
Object is to be contained in a keypad-protected storage unit within Vertigo-class Storage. Access to storage unit restricted to research
personnel of Delta clearance and up. All testing must be authorized by at least
two (2) members of Beta Staff before testing may be performed. All items created by object are to be and
stored within Funds Storage. Object is a Serta-brand king-size mattress. Records confirm that object was manufactured
in 2011 in a factory in [REDACTED], USA. Object has no structural damage to date and
is indistinguishable from other mattresses of its brand. Object’s anomalous effects will not become
apparent until one (1) human subject enters REM sleep on it. Exactly two (2) hours, twenty (20) minutes
and thirty (30) seconds after subject enters REM sleep, they will suddenly vanish along
with any item they are in physical contact with. Close examination of recorded testing has
revealed that subjects “fade” and vanish entirely over the course of 2 milliseconds. Exactly twenty four (24) seconds after the
subject has vanished, they, and any objects that vanished with them, will manifest in
the same location they were previously in. Subjects will appear in the same position
as before they vanished and are still unconscious; however, in the hands of the subject is a
black polyester bag tied shut with twine. Inside each bag is a varying amount of gold,
silver, and many other highly valued minerals. Each item inside is covered in a blue substance
similar in appearance and structure to sand. For a complete list of generated items, refer
to Log-A-133453672. Object was recovered after an agent embedded
in [REDACTED] reported a man within his stationed location claiming that his mattress was possessed. The agent interviewed the subject and tested
the object itself for anomalous properties; after conformation of anomalous properties,
agent reported to command and a recovery team was dispatched. An identical mattress was attained and replaced
the object and the subject’s memory was erased through amnesiac agents. Interviews of test subjects have revealed
that each subject experienced an identical dream. Subjects have told interviewers that this
dream involved them in a desert with dark sand and a purple sky with red stars. Subjects explained that they were approached
by a humanoid figure with the head of Vespula Germanica, and that it handed them the bag,
then attempted to converse with them in a language that they were unfamiliar with. As all attempts to identify this language
have failed, it is assumed to be a previously unknown language.