Best affiliate marketing courses for beginners Hey everyone, I’m Hardik Raval and today in
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to know more about how it works. By the end of this video, you’ll have the
answer to the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners if You’re just confused about
which one to join. Make sure You watch the video till the end. I’m not surprised that most beginners learn
from the wrong person, simply because they don’t know who is real in making money online. There are even worse people out there that
put out courses that they know are SHIT and are filled with information that will do nothing
but WASTE YOUR MONEY! I have literally spent THOUSANDS of dollars
on a wide variety of affiliate marketing courses and that PISSES ME OFF. But what sucks for ME is good for YOU because
I have spent the money to get a really good sense for what affiliate marketing courses
are out there, and can hopefully help you save money by avoiding some of the real stinkers
out there. In this video, I’ll talk about all-time best
affiliate marketing courses for beginners and experienced marketers that are proven
to help You succeed at affiliate marketing. Here they are: 1. Wealthy Affiliate If you’re serious about building a profitable
and a long-term sustainable online business based on affiliate marketing, I’m going to
show you why creating your free Wealthy Affiliate starter account now is the best decision you
can make today. The Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005
by two entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson and is free to join. Wealthy Affiliate is free to start. This means you can create your free starter
account right now and dive into the training to check it out for yourself, completely risk-free. You’re going to be guided step by the step
through the process of building a professional website that is lightning fast, fully responsive,
secure, gets massive traffic, is fully customizable, and performs great on both PC and mobile. Wealthy Affiliate has a community of over
100000 people who are always ready to help with any problem You might have, no matter
whether You’re a free member or a premium one. Just to give you a heads up, the first phase
of the trainings which are having ten lessons will be completely free and You’ll be able
to create two free websites. Just check out the link for the wealthy affiliate
in the description of this video. 2. Super Affiliate System 3.0 The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani
has been designed especially for those people who want to start generating the profits in
a very short period of time. As the name suggests it’s a system that
can help You become the super affiliate or in other words the advanced affiliate marketer. The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani
is a 12-week affiliate marketing course that shows you basic and advanced techniques you
can use to promote your business on the biggest sites of the internet like Google and Facebook. Expect to invest more dollars in paid advertising
even after You complete the training to reach whatever income goals you desire to be at
with affiliate marketing. Personally, I’m not a big of any form of
paid advertising. Honestly, I would never suggest You take this
course if currently, You’re not in a position to pay a hefty price for the course and then
for the paid advertising. 3. Authority Hacker Authority Hacker Pro is a training program
created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, two very successful online entrepreneurs. At its core, Authority Hacker is an online
training course that’s stored inside of a membership site. Once you check out, you’ll have access to
their courses, blog templates, case studies, forums, community groups and more. what is authority site pro To summarise what they teach, you’ll learn: How to pick a niche
How to pick good offers How to have a clear monetization
How to do Affiliate marketing How to do keyword and market research
How to outsource and, collectively this information will help
you to build an authority site 4. ClickBank University 2.0 The CBU 1.0 was first launched in May 2014
by Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, and Justin Atlan. and within the first six months, it generated
over $1 million in sales, and that’s probably because of the successful brand name “ClickBank”. It is created to teach aspiring online entrepreneurs
how to build, market, and launch their digital products, as well as teaching aspiring affiliate
marketers on how to promote digital products and earn commissions. When you subscribe to CBU, you receive: • Step-by-step course videos
• Interviews with Internet Experts • Amazing, effective internet and marketing
tools • Bonuses
• and fantastic support by phone and in the community 5. CB Passive Income 5.0 CB Passive Income by Patric Chan is an affiliate
marketing training course and iis based on promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate
through a “Secret” webpage. The idea is to build a small website, providing
an opt-in form, gathering email addresses, and then sending affiliate products to those
subscribers. There’s no doubt with Patric that he knows
what he’s talking about and his success reflects that. Conclusion Let me share my final thoughts over the best
affiliate marketing courses for beginners. I just talked about the top five affiliate
marketing training courses on the internet right now. In my opinion, wealthy affiliate is the only
affiliate marketing training course which is free to get started and easy to follow. Moreover, it equippes with you all the tools
that You’ll ever need to get started with your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner. For experienced marketers, it provides advanced
tools and training to scale their existing business to new heights. You will find several people promoting the
wealthy affiliate because it’s a legitimate affiliate marketing training course and has
survived until today since it was founded in 2005. Furthermore, it comes with a free starter
membership, no 1-day or 14-day free trial, stay free for as much time You want and take
your own time in learning the techniques at your pace. Simply, check out the link in the description
of this video to get started with wealthy affiliate as a free starter member. So guys, this pretty much covers everything
that I wanted to share about the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners. I hope you enjoyed this video. If it helped You in some way, then give a
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