Hello you guys and good morning good morning good morning So we just landed in Tahiti if you didn’t watch yesterday’s vlog I announced that we are going to Bora Bora Alisha’s oh, so kindly invited me as her plus one I’m so glad you’re here Friendship goals Also Taf and Ram We’ve been flying for Like twelve hours Have it? It’s been good right oh it was great I like fell asleep almost the entire time and had some weird dreams go ahead and get off the plane thank you Now we have one more flight to Bora Bora let’s go Guys, look at what I was just sitting on I was totally fine with all this silverware just under my butt and my water bottle and some Advil You guys I’m so sweaty it’s so humid and hot here we just got on our third and final flight its been about fourteen hours of travel -Captain speaking- Lets go!. Alisha: Second flight. Mia: Second flight? OOO I mean like yeaaa ahhh its complicated We are about to get on a boat!!! Thank you My queen Guys we’re in Bora Bora It is so windy We are currently on our way to the hotel i’m so excited this is the craziest This is crazy Guys, so cute That’s hard also I totally had a spider on my fork welcome to Bora Bora I’m a bad vlogger I already ate half of my wrap We got a shrimp sandwich a tropical fruit bowl thai chicken salad You guys, I’m not over this I’m not over it What happened Tiff my sunnies We’ll both get them Rem What is that snake thing in the water, what is that a snake look there’s a dead fish on top of it yup, you’re sunnies are gone She’s a goner update we recovered the glasses. Mia’s the best friend I lose everything and Mia saves the day every time I put my foot in there, and I grabbed it with my toes I can grab things So we just had tons of sun laid out at the beach for like two hours I got a little tan So now we’re on a golf cart golf carting to our bungalow You guys oh my gosh, oh my gosh should we lose a diamond earring Does it work oh do the honors Oh my gosh Yo, wait this is huge Wait, this is huge Oh my gosh This is huge Okay, this is like way bigger than I imagined Oh my gosh Look at this look at this look at this look at this look at this look at this look at this look at this Look at this look at my camera right now I can cry this is beautiful Nothing will top this trip you guys I’m gonna die here. I totally should like if I die here Honestly, I would be totally fine with that, but like Ken and Kyle like you know just say bye Oh my God are you Alisha Marie Welcome to Alisha’s crib plus one Dude do one of those like you know you know Here we have the work station We love work Here’s the couch we love the couch Here’s a door I usually don’t open doors by myself And the television we love a television I’m bathing in my own money This door’s already open This is outside we love the outdoors We have some stairs More outside potential screenshots Back over here is the bed This is where we say hi to our friends I also don’t know how to turn on the shower But there’s a thing up there the water will come down Here is our duo sinks This gecko was literally on my arm and it jumped off My friend hello friend Oh where’d it go friend gecko that’s a big jump for you let me take you outside Let me take you outside gecko gecko gecko yo geck geck Gecko, Carl Dammit Carl Carl, can you please stay don’t jump again Just chill right here chill right here Carl Bye, Carl Anyways we ordered room service we got some salmon some pita chips and some bread and bok choy and brocolli It is dinner time I love life look at this beef look at it We got glam we hired our glam to come Oh yeah yeah we hired our glam Wait did you ever say that that was a Kylie Jenner thing because I don’t think you did I don’t know People were probably just like why is she being like that Hey guys it’s the next day, so I’m gonna end the vlog right here Thanks for watching I love you guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow on official Bora Bora day one Yay bye