Are you looking to move to Brisbane?
Or maybe looking to invest? Today, we’re going to look
at Brisbane’s best suburbs to 2019. Let’s go. Number 1, Brisbane’s best suburbs to live. So Jayden, where are some of the best suburbs
to look for in Brisbane from a lifestyle point of view? What is crazy, Brisbane’s population is
set to increase to over three million people by 2035. So based on a report by PwC,
they looked at the best suburbs to live, work and play in and they used a bunch of different criteria like
being able to have access to public transport, being able to have access to hospitals
and you know on the weekend, having somewhere fun to go and crazy, they actually correlated and look at this and a few of them are actually suburbs
you’d be quite surprised to see. So in the live section, they looked at access
to essential services, health care and education. So Nathan, what suburb were at the top of Brisbane’s
best suburbs to live in according to PwC. Toowong, Coorparoo, Tarragindi and Mount Gravatt
were some of the ones highest rated in the report. Wow, so there’s some good places to live just because there were access to hospitals,
schools and good educational centers. So if you’re looking in that,
they’re the places to live. So Jayden, why was Brisbane City, North Lakes, Newstead
and Springfield Lakes are highly rated in the reporting as well? So they’re actually categorized as
the best places to work at. Now, this means that you know,
places like Brisbane City and and Newstead, I guess that makes sense
because there’s work hubs nearby. But places like North Lakes and Springfield Lakes
were really highly rated because they’ve been turned into almost
satellite cities like Parramatta in Sydney. So there’s a lot of work options there
and in terms of workability and having access to a job, they’re the suburbs you should look out for,
if you want to move. And finally the play section.
So these are the suburbs that in the report they thought it was best place for parks,
places to refresh and really, get away from work. So Nathan, which for those suburbs? That was South Bank, Woolloongabba,
Kelvin Grove including Herston, Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley. So the places you can really,
I guess cut footloose and have fun and go out and play and there’s a bunch of parks there as well,
which you can really enjoy. If you check it on our website,
we’ve got access to the report anyway and you can look at the full list, including where is
the best places to live, work and play are in Brisbane. So Jayden, we’ve looked at
the best places to work, play and live, now where are the best places
to invest in Brisbane? Where we’re going to get the most growth? Yeah, so this is a tough one because obviously,
no one’s got a crystal ball and like we’ve covered in our previous videos
on property market research, property market growth is really determined
by a bunch of different factors but we’re going to really look at just one of those factors
that can really drive a property growth and that’s population growth because after all,
properties comes back to supply and demand. So the more demand for property there is,
the less supply. It puts pressure on the prices
and they eventually go up. So I’ve looked at a property from Michael Matusik
from Matusik Property and Consultants and they’ve looked at the growth of suburbs
in Southeast Queensland over the next few years. So anyway, the suburb is listed
and we’ll show you on the screen. Now, account for over 40% of Southeast Queensland’s
population growth over the next while. At the top of the list is Ripley, Jimboomba, Caloundra-West, Pimpama, Coomera. Now like you can see, they’re all places
that are a bit further out and that’s why they can support
a bit more population growth but it’s still not forgetting
some other suburbs around inner Brisbane, including Newstead and Bowen Hills,
which we mentioned before. So these are really good for investment property suburbs
as well because they’re a bit cheaper because some of those further out places that you can buy
investment properties for a lot less than you can in a city. So again, it’s not really any guarantee
but if you’re signed to look out and you’re doing some research, these suburbs can be a great guide on where to start looking if you want to buy
an investment property in Brisbane. And lastly —
And just do some fun, what’s the most expensive suburbs
in Brisbane predicted for 2019? Yeah, so this is one of those ones
where if you live in Sydney and Melbourne, you kind of probably have a laugh
because they’re not that expensive. There was like, they found that
Mike Cannon-Brookes from Atlassian spent $100 million on a house in Sydney recently,
paid all cash too. So when you compare it to that,
Brisbane’s a bit of a laugh but anyway, Brisbane’s most expensive suburb with
a median house price of $1.7 million is actually New Farm. So it’s a pretty full suburb.
It’s located within a walking distance to the city, there’s a huge park in between,
there’s the Powerhouse Museum. If you’ve been there,
you kind of see why it’s quite nice. It’s cool mix of all Queenslanders
and funky new apartments and definitely, you want to look out for, if you’ve got some cash
and can afford $1.7 million house. Otherwise, if you like the rest of those,
check out some of those other suburbs we mentioned in the live, work and play report
and let us know. Where do you live-
What do you think is going to be a good suburb? What do you think is going to grow
in Brisbane in 2019? Let us know in the comments.
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