hey guys my name is TamashaBera
we are going to ride the most the Luxury AC – Local Train in Mumbai
lets get right in the train not everyone can afford to ride this train
so today we will ride this train have you seen this new Luxury AC Train? yes i have seen this new AC train
have you traveled with this new Luxury AC Train? No Never
why not sir? the fares are too expensive
the services aren’t proper (less trains) the price of a single ride on the AC train
is equivalent to what i pay for the whole month
its not meant for normal people its only meant for people working in big places
is it possible for a normal Indian to afford traveling in this AC Luxury train? not possible for a normal Indian
do you know what are the fares of this Luxury train? its 300 INR for one side Journey
a person can travel on 200 INR the whole month is it possible for a regular Indian person
to afford the Luxury AC Train journey? not possible to take your car to tavel
because of the traffic in Mumbai people who are rich can afford
these Luxury Trains hope diverting the crowd would fix the problem
the AC train just passed and have you ever traveled with the AC Train sir?
the luxury AC train just passed and have you ever
traveled with the AC Train sir? No no not traveled, and i would never travel
because it costs a lot not everyone can afford to board these luxury
trains (running frantically towards the gents compartment)
no one from the crowd boards the train because many can’t afford it
i have got the ticket for this train- is this the right compartment?
we got in the AC train finally! the Police was helpful to guide me
we got the tickets the temperature of the Air conditioning is
great so finally we are here inside the Air conditioned
train (can’t i shoot myself in the train?)
i am talking about this amazing train respecting the Police i stop recording
was getting off the train sliding doors in the luxury train!
the journey was amazing! its great when its 40degree Celcius outside
and its so comfortable inside the train so yeah guys that was the experience everyone can afford the normal trains
and it gets over crowded we got inside but we couldn’t shoot probably they might have any rules or something other people have already shot their experience i have this small go pro to shoot i totally respect their decision and rules i got a ticket from Andheri to Borivali which
is worth only 85 INR fs56 my experience was from Andheri till Borivali it took me 10 minutes to travel i am going to catch a normal train and head
back to Malad this was the train! great experience it was great being inside the train when its
40 degree Celcius outside this new train has the new sliding doors and
all there will be less incidents on these trains hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to avail the services do come
to Mumbai to enjoy the AC Local train servies do save a bit of money because the traveling
in these luxury coaches requires a bit of money it was sad i couldn’t interview the people
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the future while traveling back in the normal coaches well for this journey i am just paying 5 INR that one was a 85 INR experience i would put a conversion rate between the
USD and INR somewhere here
this journey in a normal train from Borivali till Malad costs me only 5 INR the normal train fares are quite cheap in normal trains there are these many people
in my background and in the luxury train there
is only a few people traveling
for a city to be highly populated and a train going back and forth with hardly a few people
will tell you about the affordability of the population
if you have already traveled in these luxury trains do let me know how your experience
was if you have already traveled in these luxury
trains do let me know how your experience was if you are not from mumbai then feel free
to come down and enjoy the servies of the train 85 INR=1.31 USD SUBSCRIBE