EXPECT ACCOMPLISHMENT | WEALTH welcome happy New Year to you
Capricorn Happy New Year capricorns happy birthday so all
you Capricorn so we’re going to be celebrating your birthday in January I
want to say happy birthday and if you’re receiving this before
your birthday in December happy birthday to you I want to say to each and every
one okay this is the change of the game for you capricorn this is your lucky
here carefree comes whatever is transpiring and happening Capricorns this
is a europe lucky here i want to say thank you to all the Capricorn who have
been with me for all these years thank you I am sorry and I must apologize to
the capricorns who were buying the extended from off my website but because
of the changes on YouTube you have to connect with my channels so you can
access the monthly and extend it and I’m so sorry my apologies but I had no idea
that I wouldn’t be able to place the extended on my website anymore but only
in YouTube so my really might apologize to you guys okay so if you take the
super extended because we have three membership the first membership is a the
extended so not all the extended you will receive the medium and membership
is for all the monthly extended all the full moon extended all the love
extend data but as you go to the super extended you receive the year extended
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super extended because we do life we can do life session
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super membership super membership extend itself with a super membership and
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personalized reading because I think a lot of people are taking extended but
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month because I because what people do not understand is that at the general
read and can affect you but maybe it’s not affecting you in that month or in a
time span and these are what my readings or timeless okay so whenever you decide
to pick something like you go on your membership and you’re gonna pick
something to listen you need to listen to that message because your spirit
guide is pushing you to listen to that message and there you’re going to be
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it’s going to be helping you okay because the extend is those are also
general reading there were not program for each and every person because for
the persons who all the freedom from me you know that these are programs to you
as a person okay alright so if there’s any question nail and disconnect I told
you guys this is your here look at what comes out in January camp recon it’s
your own energy vibration and this is saying cap recons you have been going
through a whole lot Saturn is moving out of your house cappy’s and the
Empress of Venus the yeah Venus the mother of love the Empress is bringing
you not only love but she is bringing you financial abundance e so cafes
January is going to bring you so much luck unbelievable luck that is going to
be coming in in the month of February a water energy not to worry about this
because what is transpiring is just news is coming in in February whatever the
issue the situation is it’s just news that is coming in in February and what
is here and what is transpiring is that you could be receiving a news about
extra money information whatever the new set is coming in in February is
definitely definitely going to be helping you in the month of March I see
just this is on your side and this is good because this is an air energy the
year is the energy of the I princess the female the the female counterpart of the
Omega the Omega is to zero it is the news story that is the universe the
source of all things is the Omega okay and here what is happening Capricorn
that in the month of March you can’t precone what is transpiring is that
justice is coming up in the month of March
so in the month of February you could be hearing about this your first photo is
really really looking wonderful because the energy of the energy of the Empress
you start off of the energy of the Empress is absolutely absolutely
beautiful so you know what you have urged you have water and you have air in
the first water Jenny where is the perfect month to do
something whatever is transpired in March and February we’re going to be
seen but you have heard water and here in the first quarter this is looking
good now April is the month where the energy of the Eagle comes out be aware
of what is transpiring in April be balanced be aware be understanding what
is happening in here frail you will have to be on top of your games
in April that is where the energy of negative energy is coming in but in May
the energy of the star comes congratulations
so whatever that you are dealing with in the month of April in May
congratulations because you’re getting over this you are coming out being very
successful against a negative energy negative forces that was transpired with
you in the month of April okay so you are dealing with some lower form of
energies people situation outside forces coming at you in April but in May you
are successful coming out of this in May okay it may you’re successful coming out
of this as we look June another wonderful energy I see the energy of the
error Fitness is an urge energy so in the first six months Capricorn you’re
being balanced out because the Empress is here and your end in the first six
months with another earth energy that is the energy offer and organization
institution so some of you could be balancing out of the situation some of
you could have been dealing with issues some of you could be certain your
business in the month of June so congratulations to you
Capricorn say the first and the second quartile the only energy you have to
contemplate with is the energy of the ego in the month of April but May and
June is can fabulous is looking fun taxes as we
move in July congratulations again comes up your energy Capricorn so July is
looking good so you’re starting the third quartile with energy of the world
and the energy of the world is where Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel sent
chairman and ArcheAge as a key al and our caters a Michael that bring the
purple energy is coming in to end a cycle and a cycle where you were dealing
with negative forces okay and this is going to be good because this is Atman
in the month of the third quarter the first month in the third quarter so
whatever is happening and transpiring I see that what is transpired is that you
have some situations to deal with okay you really have some situations to deal
with and what is happening and what is transpiring I am seeing you coming over
all of these situations I am seeing you coming over all this situations and it
is really really wonderful because what is happening and transpiring as I say
your energy is coming in now fire energy this is the second fire energy that is
coming up and this is the energy of finding inner strength to move forward
but I see you have that inner straight cause you’re jumping like a Cheeto I see
you spring in like a Cheeto and this is going to be fabulous it’s going to be
fantastic because in the month of August I see you spring in like a Cheeto
whatever that was happening and transpire I see you coming out and with
that cheeto energy whoo so that third quartile is looking up
as we look at September alone is coming in and I know the I princess would have
come up in your readin this is the Divine Feminine I knew she would have
come up because you are a spiritual person and I see that this year with all
the luck and everything that is coming up you have the energy of moving forward
but you still need inside guidance and you need your spirit guides to be there
with you on this new journey because they have created this Jupiter in your
sign it is Jupiter comes in people sign every 72 m seven years for some of us
but for some of this is nine it depends on who you are it depends on which solar
system so Jupiter is in your year to see an eye princess your spirit guides is
here guiding you forward and this is going to be good so that’s a lot of
energy so you have a heart fire and water you guys are the first one that I
see in every core tell different different air signs different um zodiac
elements are coming up most people have the two of the same in a quarter but you
guys are really really really fantastic coming in so what is happening here is
that in the month of October you’re hittin it this is the energy of them the
year in the month of October ladies and gentlemen carefree cons you
or it in this and I say you’re you’re eating this like you never eat it before
okay you or eating this like you never eat this before because you’re on to a
new start you’re on to a new start and this is going to be good as we look at
November victory and success some of you could be learning new cars some of you
could be relocated and November some of you could be going on
but you are victoriously because there is a new start in October and this new
start is making you very victorious and successful coming out of a period so
beautiful so wonderful and you’re moving forward with such a power and this is
good well ok ok Capra columns that last but not least
yes Capricorn oh yes oh yes baby girls success is yours in December 2020 so the
energy of the Sun comes out and ladies and gentlemen I do not place my cards
but no I do it on camera and I said to you guys it’s gonna be a successful year
ok and this is why I said to everyone oh dear Britney read it and order a year
readin because in the month of your birthday the Year readings will balance
you out so trust me Capricorn you will be on top of your game and having the
extended for the months o Caprican nothing can stop you in this year use
all to your birthday readings all of the year 2020 reading because it’s different
than your birth every dance and the extra clocks is going to come out so you
know we’re in every house that things are going to affect you and as you do
that ladies and gentlemen and take the super-extended you’ll be on top of your
games it innit success is yours congratulation Capricorn you guys have
been going through so much I swear being born as the Capricorn is not very
easy ladies and gentlemen all right it’s um and it’s the less amount of people
that is born on this planet is capricorns yep
because capricans are very special they are governed by the Empress and that is
Venus of love and that’s why when capricorns they love their not deeply
now right now there is no love coming in and I did
advise you Capricorn that this year for you Capricorn it was all about making
the money this year 2020 is all about you making the money all right
there is gonna be for the people who have the super-extended you can pick up
your extended love reading for the year 2020 but what is transpiring is only the
extended rhythm for the love reading but it’s there is it was not acquired where
the capricorns was going to be having love in this year okay it’s all about
YOU healing yourself moving forward you’re making things happen you’re
building your empire and that is what it’s all about for Capricorn okay I’m
taking this so you guys can see your um what is coming up so um it is so
wonderful Capricorn I’m so happy you end a year with the energy of the Sun which
is just so powerful and you’re having a new start so your third period oh and
your three last month October November in December for you cap is is going to
be the best okay so you begin the year January it’s going to be the best Munter
okay March is gonna be the best month um May June and July May June July and
then October November and December bambam that’s your best quarter the
three last months the first month of am 2020 and
May June so the only months and which I can better say this the third quarter is
just fantastic the third quartile is the month and the portal that just fantastic
okay so what we have in here is just April it’s February April and February
April and ooh February February April send your ground with and whatever is
happening in your life stand your ground with a situation that is playing out in
your life stand your ground okay no matter what i sat minute okay so
let’s go in and see what is happening so in a month of January going into
February I see your burdens will be over so some of you were carrying some
burdens from 2019 January end of January into February your burdens is going to
be over so congratulations Capricorn remember to go pick up your extended by
super-extended then I see um a situation that some of you are dealing um February
March dealing with a fire sign it could be a fire sign or you could be the
person but you’re dealing with someone because I’m seeing just this so end of
February going into March I see justice come up on a fire sign
person this if someone who was working in a government Institute organization
whoever this person is um this person has done something cuz it’s not you it
could be some of you for five years and older that has over gone your your over
gone your step okay and I see justice coming down so I’m seeing some of you having some
legal issue with a fireside person and this is coming up end of February going
in a March because that’s when you’re going to be receiving information about
a fireside person and a legal issue that is going on you could be doing it or it
could be some of you who have done but it is not you because some people always
said oh yeah yeah vibrated with energy no you’re not fire your Capricorn so
you’re dealing with that person okay I see you victoriously and successfully
coming over a issue with some deceptive situation that was transpired this is
the energy of the chariot this is you overcoming that devil that negative
energy negative forces in the month of April going in may I see you overcoming
this very deceptive situation that Esther inspire so in the month of April
which is one of your um one of the months that is not looking that good for
you guys you had an issue with outside forces negative influence and your
victoriously coming over this situation as you move from old April in me May in
June I see all the lies and deceptiveness that was happening the
truth came out so there was an organization there was a lot lies and
deceptiveness I see this coming out here we go ladies and gentlemen okay here we
go where the truth the lives are coming out
that an older Aries woman as Creed so an old Aries woman 45 years an older
Justice came down on her because of some lies and deceptiveness that she has
created this woman is an lawyer or someone that works for an Institute’s
the organization a corporation a huge corporation
she has lie and created some deceptive things and I see justice came down on
her and you are going to be successful because you have the energy of the star
and organization come in and the lies and deceptiveness is coming out you are
going to be victoriously overcoming this and seen this in the third quarter so
and this situation kind of begins in February where an investigation and
because the balance between you and this person
it could be a mother figure it could be a friend a girlfriend that you had a
legal issue it it could be someone in a corporation organization but I see that
there are they’re investigating this person and I see your this person was
deceptive and deceptively done something and I see the evil and injustice is
coming out okay I see in the month of July going in August you have no regrets
you’re like I have no regrets you should not have done this okay so whatever s
transpire with you and us whatever that was transformed because I’m seeing you
ladies you people are success in over a
situation that some lies and deceptiveness in a corporation Institute
C and you are showing up put these people and these lies and situation and
they have been caught and you have no regrets you’re ending the cycle you have
no regrets your end of the cycle and you’re moving on
in July going in August then I see your August some of you could be meeting a
new love and in September I see an offer of love is coming to you I see an
apology I see the universal angels and guides are going to be healing a
situation between you and a past love or bringing back a
or a person or a loved one that was taken out of your life
I see the universal angels in the month of September is ill in the relationship
between you and this child or between you and this ex or between you and this
friend and an apology is coming in to you so I see you’re moving forward
standing your ground and thinking you know did you people think that I was
gonna stand back and let you do this and lies and ruin my reputation
hell no and that’s the Capricorn thing because you
Capricorn’s rule the house the tenth house of reputation so you are not going
to let people lie and and ruin your reputation and you don’t even know these
people just because of jealousy because obviously this is a situation that I see
in this year it’s been unsettled because they find out about so many lies and
deception that a woman has created this is an ears this is a fire sign woman and
old Aries Leo Sagittarius I’ve created some real lies and deception try to ruin
your reputation and you’re taking her down here we go ladies and gentlemen
you’re off to a new start in a month of october going in november you’re off to
a new start I see you stand in Graham and you’re off to a new start because
there is someone that was coming to you like screaming at you and you’re like I
don’t think so oh if you have a conversation oh yeah and if you’re like
really oh please no say I know so your victorious is
successful over a situation where there was people lying and being deceiving and
that sort of a thing now here we go another fault person another fault
person and this I don’t read this as an energy then as an energy
this is a person this is a person that comes up and the ladies and gentlemen
because I told you I don’t read like other readers so um
this person is an Aries Leo Sagittarius 45 years of older now whoever this
person Hansa they have done some if you’re clearing Karma’s ladies a
gentleman and this ear is the or such Taurus but this is the older person so
it could be a father figure it could be a business party it could be just
someone who you have known or however this person but what you have victory
and success twice the energy of the chariot you’re moving forward and you’re
moving these feinstein people out of the area because what is transpiring is that
they have realized that this man and that old woman
they could be a couple whatever that was through inspiring in your life it could
be issues with your father it could be issues with their old ex and whoever but
let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen the last quarter you’re taking
people down and when people are coming at you screaming you’re like stand back
and looking at them and thinking are you serious are you really talking to me
you’re in the tenth house this is my house you ruin you don’t ruin my
reputation and this is how you are just looking at this versus in a reverse
because you and this is what it’s coming up between you and dispersor November
you have the chariot and you end December with the Sun I’m over this
person who is reverse and let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen
whoever comes in your way they need to back up in this year and I told them
don’t mess with a Capricorn don’t mess with a Capricorn reputation because
that’s when you get a Capricorn man and I you know Capricorn’s you are standing
your ground and you are moving you’re sanding your grounds and you are moving
and you’re showing people you know don’t ruin my reputation you don’t know me why
would you because between us and fireside woman and this man the line
and you’re like this is where I end us it’s not happening now on my watch
ain’t happening not on my watch because um don’t ruin my reputation I don’t know
you and if I decide not to do something with you that doesn’t say you need to
ruin my reputation I see wow you are sending up and here for the
people whose reputation was ruined I see you standing up and you are taking down
everything the lies and deception so your energy in the seer Oh your energy
in the seer is a twice victory and success moving forward some of you could
be buying new cars I see a lot of people buying new cars because I see a new
start with a new vehicle I see or communicate in because you’re dealing
with some salespeople here you’re trying to figure out what car you want
I see the lies and deception it’s like you’re out rooting lies and deception in
a corporation you or have redoing a corporation and all trooped in lies and
deception in a corporation okay and this is going to be fabulous fabulous
fabulous fabulous okay fabulous in the month of January I see money coming in
for you capricorns okay so the Empress was here in the month of January I see
money coming in for EM you Capricorn’s in the month of January okay
what is happening here oh I have my thing so oh it’s happening okay
so money is coming out for you guys in the month of January a whole lot of
money is coming in and because it’s as if some deceptiveness was at the play
and I see money coming in for you Capricorn’s okay so whatever was
transpired there was some money that was stolen to UIC in January this
money is coming back to you and sorry my cards so let’s see what’s coming up with
a Capricorn Sun when the rising sign Capricorn cinnamon and rice inside so
whatever was that was Jones fine in the month of December January changes is
coming up in February I see changes coming up in February or whatever the
issue the situation is I see changes because some of you are going to be
receiving some money I see you could be receiving news of changes coming up in
February so that is what the judgment call is about okay so this is a weird
one um so really weird really really really Rea weird so I see a new
invitation is going to be coming out for you so really weird okay a new
invitation is gonna be coming up for you so whatever is going on with a legal
issue I see you receive a new invitation which is going to be coming up for you
in the month of April I see you dealing with some emotional situation it has to
do with outside forces deceptive people that is transpiring okay
and that was where you know that is going to be very emotion of April for
you people because there was some deceptive things at play in the month of
May I see the offer of a new job coming in I see that some of you they’re going
to be finding out that uh someone you were working with in the past lies okay
a whole lot of lies someone you were working with a pass a whole other lies
and this woman could have been your clave and a whole other lies and it’s
coming out in me in June I see you have a house you have
luck with a house you are going to be receiving and you
never knew that this house existed but it existed on your name and you weren’t
aware of it I see this some of you’re buying a new house in in June okay I see
some emotional situation with some of you would work in June but I see your
clay your Yakka leg lie but I see the truth is coming out
success is here for you in the month of July
success is here for you and the end of a situation that was going on so a
cyclists ending and you are going to be successful in July as cyclists end it
and you’re going to be very successful in July then we have multiple
opportunities coming up for you in August I see a whole lot of doors are
going to be opening for you guys in August and I see in your love is coming
in I see some of you could be asked to promote a car and I see some of you
could be also being axed to promote some business okay so I see multiple
opportunities is going to be coming in again some of you and man some of you
are going to be having this new love a new man is coming in your life and this
part is between the age of 18 and 45 it could be a pisces that is going to be
offering you Napa and whether this new man is is offering you love but it’s
Isis out looking for something else so if I were you honestly because it’s not
the year of love in the month of it is a Pisces for some of you some of you is a
Pisces cancer scorpion whoever this Pisces man is you Caprica
he is offering you love but it’s highs is on something else I don’t know if
it’s a married man or who but his eyes is on something else we’re gonna check
out and see what he’s up to I see good news is coming in and for a
new start in October whatever is happening and transpiring I see good
news is coming in for you guys in a month of October I see you’re going to
be people are going to be really having positive information and and you start
it’s coming for you in October I see you’re victorious and Oh victoriously
overcome in a situation with people in power lies and deceptiveness with people
in power you’re overcoming the situation and I see you’re really moving out and
being victorious over a situation with people in power and width and Aries Leo
Sagittarius that has used their power against you
deceptively accessing your information using your your information and your
powers that’s kind of weird this is kind of weird it’s kind of weird and what I’m
seeing is that success again to end up this that the Sun success is coming
double success is coming for you in December over this very deceptive man as
I double success it’s coming in over this very deceptive man okay
all right because I love you guys so much but I haven’t done this so the
other signs but this Pisces man it’s as if is offering you love but there’s
multiple opportunities I don’t know and I told you guys this year is gonna be a
year that you’re focusing on yourself building your business some of you are
dealing with a Pisces man because is this definitely a Pisces man hey this
Pisces man is offering your love but his ice is outside on something else
don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t do this don’t don’t do this don’t do this
don’t do this don’t do this what is the message
yeah it’s as fearful he’s offering you love he wants a new start but he’s
looking all over the place alright so let’s see what is this Pisces man for
the skeptic on in the month of September it’s like he’s offering your love but
decides us outside okay he wants a new start but the size is still looking
outside what is this all about with this man is your soul mate BAM shit conflicts
okay alright m8 of one’s a whole lot a message conflicts all right
so alright alright so what is happening in the month and I haven’t done this for
anyone and other people are going to say why I don’t do that but it’s in an
extended reading alright in the month of September um whatever the issue is I see
I’m moving forward but I see someone that is a Pisces cancer scorpion or
someone is offering love and I see is as if your spirit guides are saying I
brought this person back in your life but if you look at this man he’s not
looking inwards to you he is offering your love but he’s still looking outside
if he can have a new start with someone else okay because he’s looking outside
I’m alright when it’s here he’s looking inside so for some of the some of you I
think that some of some of you go ahead but some of you know because this man is
odd is accent4 and you start but you still looking outside okay and I see the
new start and there say no cuz it felt and say no don’t give him a new start
and it is a twin flame but he’s having some problem with a cooperation like
he’s having some problems at his work it is a twin flame
but is this if he’s having some problems at his work and he has been looking
outside so you could be in relationship with a Pisces it is a twin plain person
but he wants a new start but he’s offering your love but he’s still
looking to see if he can find someone outside let it be let it be
tell him to move on let it be don’t do it don’t do it kappa khan i see a whole
lot of conflicts with you and this man this man is not really honest i’m
capricorn let it be it is a pisces and it is as if you guys have been together
for a very long time it is really your twin flame really your twin flame but i
see this man having some situation with ideas business if he has a business
friend or at work okay but he is as if he lives with you but and he’s offering
your love like yeah but outside when he’s not with you
is HEIs is all over the place let em be there with the sides own all over the
place seriously it’s really like someone that you live with but when he’s with
you it’s like he’s showing you love or and you’re saying whatever you know but
when he’s not with you his highs is all over the place there you can see it and
then he wants a new star he was looking for a new start with someone else so if
you’re never living with a Pisces be aware of this if you’re living with a
Pisces between the ages of 18 and 45 and he’s offering you love but not marriage
and no because he’s looking for someone new outside but he’s not gonna get it
because this fell down okay so it’s like he’s holding you on a string looking and
if you notice he’s looking outside when I turn it around it’s like he’s looking
inwards to you for a new start no he’s looking outside he’s looking
outside and he wants and you start with someone else but then the new start fall
in the reverse that he’s not meeting anyone so it’s not
he olds you on a string because he’s coming out of um that is September the
he in August so you could be going on vacation with this person and it’s Isis
all over the place but it is your twin flame
it could be Osman that you’ve married to a Pisces and it could be a husband but
I’ve seen him having problem with a corporation and there’s a lot of
conflicts so whatever that is and it’s the end of September and of September
going in November no end of August going in September and I see um if he likes
old you you might be married to this person or you’re in a relationship with
this person but it’s really your twin flame or your soulmate but it’s like he
holds you on a string so that he’s but he’s looking outside for someone else
okay so you can see this here it is this man he wants a new start buddy it’s like
he’s looking outside for something else and then the card fell and it says no
don’t give him that new start okay so whoever this person is because he’s
connected with some corporation or organization
this first is coming back in your life and there you go alright so we have the
Dragonfly for UKF capricorns which is good and if you have the Dragonfly and
we have the MOT the Mutt and the Dragonfly so let’s see what is that it
for you Capra cons with the mutt and the dragonfly in the year you know something
ladies and gentlemen if you’re in a relationship and someone cannot give you
a word of what I want to do and this person whoever this person is it is your
soulmate but this person is playing a game I would say to you ladies and
gentlemen life and I see that you guys are just yeah whatever it’s like the
purse is offering you love but there but when you’re not with them
is like their ice is all over let it go baby girl because you’re much better
than that okay whoever you are let it go you’re much better than that alright so
we have two dragonfly master of light illusions and the mind okay so you guys
are going to be really pumping in this year the dragonfly is an ancient and
ethnic a creation that awakens a sense of wonder in all the dragonfly is a
symbol of the mind as it is always moving ship then shyamalan and changing
when the Dragonfly appears its word means considering the acquire they um
the quality of your mind and perception or they reckless or still dreamlike or
crystal clear the situation and may be difficult than it appears to find the
Glens the dragonfly reminds us to calm the mind so that light of wisdom can
shine true so when in balanced care joy and magical
when in balance can’t concentrate busy mind to bring this in focus focus on
your breath focus on your breath okay let’s see what the mutt is and this is the mutt this is the you guys have your
earth energies this is an air energy okay so you guys are this is it the year
of here and you have hair energies that are helping you guys okay so this is
good them up impulsive a ste wishful the mutt
is sure the grass is greener on the other side the much energy is at play
when we are attached to easy solution or anything shim le and new
this can lead to on finish project disappointment or burnt-out it helps to
remain you and to proceed with life with complex no matter the illusion no one is
expected from a trial and tribulation of this great journey practice see in life
as an infinity mystery and rather than wishing it was easier or difficult to
okay Alice with Rick and idealists went out of
balance and to be in balance finish a project so I think some of you need to
finish a project what every sapling some of you really needs to finish a project
wow I love your energies oh my god oh oh yeah laters it’s not a year for love
honestly I’m telling you the truth it is not a year for love the seven chakras
here Archangel Uriel is coming up so I did expect this for you guys because the
seven chakras here Archangel Uriel is coming up whatever is at the entrance
spine so balance out yourself okay just balance out yourself dreams
come true is here for you cap recon whatever is transpiring I see your
dreams are going to be coming true and this year so whatever the energy in the
situation is I see definitely that your dreams and wishes are coming true and
this is going to be very powerful and positive for you in this year 2020
Archangel Uriel come up so the energy for you Capricorn is to use Archangel
Uriel Archangel Uriel is bringing you freedom
in the year 2020 and trust me there is stray energy the seven chakras Archangel
Uriel and this also is Archangel real coming up and bringing you freedom in
this year so uh I think you better free yourself from the Pisces who is just
sucking your energy because obviously that person answer no no idea to keep
going with you because if whoever the spicies is and it’s coming up as a man
and the spicy yourself is holding on to you until he finds someone new so ladies
if Eve is your soul friend or your twin flame don’t let anyone use you you don’t
cut them off because that is just so deceptive because it’s as if when you’re
at home and with him he’s pretending that he’s in love with you are nobody
can spend their rest of their life in love with you people love you for who
you are or not but this Pisces isn’t there and if
you’re going to find it in this out in September um all the September if you’re
going on vacation or why because you’re gonna be realizing that he’s like
holding on to your hands but yet still he’s looking for something
new out there let it go let you know just just let go his hands and let him
go find it because he’s not gonna find it because you saw um the card fell down
and you see that he’s not gonna find someone to have a new beginning with so
you know that is it this this type of good people let them go and and just
move on with your life trust me when you let go a loser like that someone who
loves you and care about you will return a.length some of it is it could be your
husband but this person could have been your twin flame or soulmate also but he
is looking outside he’s kind of giving you but he’s basically holding on in
your hands so he might be telling you oh I love you and whatever whatever but no
he’s just holding on to you until he finds someone new but he could leave you
in the month of September and it don’t work out and he’s gonna want to come
back no no all right freedom the joint of this card illuminate that the Oracle
is asking you to free with your thinking and feelings for you
are the overly jailer of your keeper of consciousness and prison every aspect of
your consciousness is a choice and if you have made an accurate choice choose
again if you have made an incorrect choice with this man or whatever
situation in your life choose again okay that is the meaning of the word mystic
if this is what you missed take again the time by liberating the conviction of
your love and for yourself you will spring your soul from its prison because
sometimes we love people and hold down on people and they don’t love us in
don’t hold on us they only all long on us until they find a new person so this
is exactly what is happening here acts Archangel Uriel to show you
alternative chances because their doer is an eighth of pure love they will also
free you from the thoughts of you being entrapped in a relationship or in jail
and take you to consequences where you can free yourself Archangel Uriel want
you to chant hey hey hey hey hey hey it is h ee okay place it in your forehead
or this of vertol throat chakra I shop for six chakra guidance is emitted and
once more you will dance with infinities ladies and gents madama anyone who use
you and you no trust me ladies and gentlemen if you know your Capricorn so
and I and I know you Capricorn women but sometime capricorns women you will hold
on on someone even though you see the the negative side of the people even
when you know that someone is lying to you but because you care about them
you know it’s time for you to cut this person loose because this person is just
don’t let people like you know it just despise me people who use other people
and this person is like they’re looking for something better and there’s nothing
you know you know what I’m seeing and whoever this reader is for they are
looking for something new but as I turn the cart around it fell in the reverse
so if even you have an husband that is a Pisces or you’re married to a Pisces or
you’re in a soulmate relationship or to implement relationship he leaves you for
something the relationship is not going to work out he’s gonna want to return to
you know end it I love you guys check out the extended reading muskan there’s
more about it and/or remember what’s in it I love you guys namaste you