BOK invests in its employees in a lot
of different ways. We’re known for hiring and developing the best and the
brightest in the industry. I’m proud to work for an organization that has that
type of integrity and reputation. At BOK Financial we continue to grow and
develop the principles we were founded on more than 100 years ago. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we invest and empower the industry’s best people who share a
desire to succeed. With more than 4,700 employees and banking operations in ten
states, our team of consumer, commercial and wealth management professionals are known for their unwavering integrity. We continue to attract and retain the best
talent in the industry. We have a very diverse employee base and I love that
about the company. I also love the fact that our company allows people to be
themselves and to do what they do best. Whether your career leads you to the
trading floor of our broker dealer, securing funding to support a new local
business, delivery and support of top technology solutions or greeting our
weekly customers at one of our banking centers, we are committed to your career
growth. I’ve been really pleased to see the type of investment the organization
is placing on developing employees and developing the people that we have. We do care about people. We care about our customers and we want to do the right
thing. We provide clients the solutions and advice they need to manage their
resources in an ever-changing market and achieve their financial goals. First and
foremost we build relationships and we’re a relationship based bank. I think
regardless of the line of business you look at, we can compete and I think we’re
best-in-class in regards to building those relationships. You don’t have to
worry about the bank that you’re doing business with. We are financially strong. We have long-term financial goals just like our clients do. In the financial
industry, without integrity you have nothing. It’s in our company’s DNA to
give back every day. Our involvement in the community is driven by our employees. With millions of dollars donated each year to more than
800 nonprofit organizations, our employees also spend thousands of hours volunteering in the communities we serve. When we’re competing for business, and
even beyond that, the reputation for BOK is very humanitarian, it’s a very giving
organization. We have a lot of expertise in this company that we can lend to
other organizations that are helping the community and I think we do a very good
job of that. I know that I’m working for a stable
company, you know, I’m working for a company of integrity. I can come in I can
do my job, I can do it with excellence and then I can go home and be the parent
I’m supposed to be and the wife I’m supposed to be. If you are looking for a
career that values integrity, a company that invests and empowers you to succeed, gives you an opportunity to work with clients to achieve their financial goals
and furthers the vision of the communities we serve, then take a look at
BOK Financial. We’re looking for you.