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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – BEST Book Summary

Here’s little Robert Kiyosaki. He has two fathers. One of them has a Ph.D., the other never finished 8th grade. Both earn substantial incomes, yet one always struggles financially, while the other is going to become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One is going to die leaving tens of millions of dollars to…

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LAW OF ATTRACTION Affirmations while you SLEEP! Program Your Mind Power for WEALTH & ABUNDANCE!!

Welcome to Growing Forever. You have the ability to attract absolutely anything into your life. Allow these affirmations to unleash your incredible power to attract what you desire. Listen each day to these life changing affirmations. Now relax, close your eyes, and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. With each breath, let your body relax….

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Successful Marriage Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. The cultural differences between different countries has a serious effect on how the individual perceives the bond known as marriage. It is the emotional intelligence that creates trust,the mindset with which the person is marrying someone and the culture of the country forms the basic framework of any…

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Making Money VS Saving Money (Which Is MORE IMPORTANT?) | How to Financial Independence Retire Early

What’s more important to achieving Financial Independence, a good offensive strategy (in other words finding ways to generate an income) or a good defensive strategy (in other words finding ways to lower your expenses)? There are certainly some good points on both sides of this debate so today we’re going to look to find an…

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🔴 3 Minutes! Financial Ratios & Financial Ratio Analysis Explained & Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis Explained in 3 minutes Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say a company is in “good or bad” health… To make it easier to compare a company’s health with other companies, we have to put numbers on this health, so that we can compare these numbers with the numbers of other companies……

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Guess My Income #2 | Lineup | Cut

– Are these real leather? – No. – Mm, yes. Okay, that’s what I thought. – I’m glad that that stands out. (laughing) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Carter. – My name’s Braden. – My name’s Deborah. – [Interviewer] What do you do for a living? – Oh, I’m retired now but I…

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Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

– Well dressed, beautiful black woman in Seattle. I think you’re about 80,000 right now. – Okay. – Oh. (laughter off set) – Sounds like I was wrong! (loud laughter) (soft tuba music) – Hello! – I’m Rain. – My name is Catalina. – I’m Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr. – Um, how much do…

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#1 Reason People Fail In Real Estate

There is one reason above all why people actually fail in real estate. And you know what? You probably cannot guess what it is. My name is Kris Krohn. I’m not only going to tell you what the number one failure reason is but i’m going to share with you all so the number one…

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Secrets of Attracting Wealth Workshop (Day 2)

I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all of you for the second day sessions. First I want to answer your questions. Listen. I will give priority to all the questions related to the sacred truths, sacred secrets I was explaining yesterday. I will give you the gist again in a…

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hey guys welcome to freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and it is time to talk about for the living and all of my frugal life hats I didn’t realize how frugal I was until some of my co-workers kind of called me out on it and it was this whole big debate versus frugal…

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