Chennimalai Murugan Temple Chennimalai is situated between Erode and Coimbatore. This temple is situated at about 600 meters above sea level and this hill is noted for its natural flora and fauna. This world famous temple of Lord Muruga is where Lord Arunagirinathar was blessed with “Padikasu”, wealth of coins. This hill is also called Sigaragiri, Pushpagiri and Siragiri. The temple of Chennimalai is situated on the banks of Noyal also called Kānchima Nadhi. The Sanctum Sanctorum faces the east The main deity Murugan is equated to the Sevvai graham or planet Mars and all the rest of the eight planets encircle the Lord in perfect harmony The holy water for Abishekam is being brought everyday by the temple bulls, which are being maintained by the Devasthanam. This procedure is also a very unique one not found in other temples. Saravana Munivar went to Palani, Tiruvavinankudi and circumambulated the Palani hills offering prayer and requested the Lord to give him Chennimalai Sthalapuranam. The Sthalapuranam of the temple was written in the remote past before many centuries. The original was palm leaf inscriptions and was published as a book by Sri. Teyvasigamani Gounder after research and conversation with scholars.