♪ Earlier Wahsohra village
was full of dirt ♪ ♪ Many diseases were
spreading because ♪ ♪ we did not know how to
keep ourselves clean ♪ ♪ Earlier we often go
for open defecation ♪ ♪ as there were no toilets ♪ ♪ Even small children
and elders too ♪ I am David Rani from
Wahsohra village According to the story there were people from Sohra who
came to fish in this village At that time there was
no village called Wahsohra While fishing in the water
a man was washed away and then people started
blaming the river The person who was washed
away was named “Wah” From that time people named
the village Wahsohra When the village was establised people allowed their livestock
to move freely They just fenced
them with stones They did so in order to protect the
plants from an invasion of livestock The food that we ate
was free from chemicals but with the increase in population, people didn’t know how
to take care themselves The worst part is;
they didn’t have a specific place to keep
their livestock The village was full of pig dung and one had to walk carefully
or else they would step in it With dirty hands and feet, they just took their own children They did not even change or
wash their clothes They did not even know that it
would affect their children When clothes got dirty they washed
them just for the names sake They took food directly from
the pot with their dirty hands Because of this an epedimic came.
Two or three people died in a day People were blamed and this led to migration People didn’t know on what to do in order to get rid of this problem Basically due to the lack of cleanliness Because of migration only two to
three households stayed back Those two to three households made an effort to get rid of this
problem from the village Let’s go wash clothes down
by the river. Come, come From then, people started
washing their clothes with the help of
a natural plant (Ka nub) The plant is collected from
forest once a year The two to three
households also tried to find a better solution ♪ From the bottom to the top,
the village was full of dirt ♪ ♪ No proper drainage system
from the kitchen ♪ ♪ Come, come men and women,
come to work together ♪ Hey, ho.
This is a public announcement As per the headman’s order,
tomorrow we will have a village meeting to
talk about the issue of cleanliness As announced by the Sangot,
today we are having a village meeting to talk about the
issue of cleanliness Now I will handover to
the public to share their ideas on how to
tackle this problem I would like to recommend that
let us clean and work together I am grateful to the headman
and all of you. Together we can work for
the cleanliness of the village Let us begin at home first As decided and agreed
by the public let us start working together
to clean the village Also with the help of the Accredited
Social Health Activist people Our village now understands
more about the importance of health
and hygiene As agreed by all the people in the village, now we have started to clean
the village once a week that is every saturday Before we thought about putting
up dustbins in the village Now we have made ten small
dustbins and two big dustbins Now parents have taken a
great responsibility to teach and encourage their own children
to work for the cleanliness They also encourage them
that if they have any litter They should collect it and
put it in the dustbins ♪ Now our village has changed ♪ ♪ Everyone household has
got their own toilet ♪ ♪ With the help and
support of government ♪ ♪ Now we are free
from open defecation ♪ Through the MGNREGA scheme from
Community & Rural Development Block 12 Besides toilet we also have got
footpaths and a public drainage system Now we have decided
that every household should have a
proper drainage And a pit so that we can connect
the pipe and let the water flow to the pit and then
cover it with mud Even then we are
still lagging behind and we need more time to dedicate
for the cleanliness of our village As per the law passed by
the village council, anyone who violates it will be penalised
with a fine of 200 rupees From now onwards we will try to work
more for the overall welfare of the village Whatever we have done so far I want this generation to continue it And also to carry this message
to the neighbouring villages We as a youth, we always
teach the students to keep themselves clean Because cleanliness will
lead to healthy life Even the school teachers do the
same thing for the students After coming back from the toilet, they should wash their hands properly When you come to school,
you have to properly comb your hair, wash your face and clean your feet We also need to teach them
on how to plant the different crops Flowers and other vegetables So that we don’t need to
depend on outside food Besides food, I also want
to stress to my people that we should always
keep the village clean. ♪ All the waste products from our kitchen,
we will collect them in the proper place ♪ ♪ All the waste water from the kitchen,
from the proper drainage we allow it to flow ♪ ♪ Oh! son and daughter
of mother India ♪ ♪Let us wake up now ♪ ♪ Clean your own compound ♪ ♪ To avoid the different diseases ♪ ♪ Come on, come on men and women,
let us work together ♪ ♪ Come on, come on men and women,
let us work together ♪ ♪ Hoi! kiw! ♪ Because of our great effort
in the year 2010 we have received an award
from the government I want my village to be cleaner and I want to give an example
to others as well I want this good message
to spread to other areas Hoi! kiw!