Corruption was finally legalized on 22nd March,2017. Its not any minor corruption like it happens in government offices. This corruption includes big corporate donations to political parties. The mainstream media is least bothered about it, they are more interested in what Yogi eats, ShivSena MP controversy. Till now, by law, companies could donate 7.5% of their profit to parties, now the cap has been removed and big companies can donate to parties as much as they want. Another clause states that the company need not specify which party they are donating it to. Last year there was another amendment which barred foreign funding for ngo’s but not parties. A foreign company can run your government and you will be clueless. Whichever political party you support, you have to understand that any of them can misuse this law and you may be on the receiving end any day. Another amendment in IT act, now IT officers can raid your property and seize it for 6 months without explanation, during that period you wont be allowed to go to court as well. So, any government can play a political vendetta against anyone who is a threat to them and the victim would be helpless. You may overwhlemingly support any party for now, but remember government keeps on changing and once someone you dislike comes to power, they will use this same law against you if you speak against them. Money bill has to be passed only in Lok sabha unlike other bills, lets see what can come under money bill. Aadhar has no relation with money bill, then how was it passed? It was passed according to 388. To get a detailed description, i have given a link below, do check. I would like to thank some politicians who spoke against it in the parliament. Its unfortunate to see mainstream media completely silent on this important issue, though there are some online news portals who did report it.