the couple who set up a GoFundMe account for a homeless man who gave this last 20 bucks to help him get gas is denying they’ve done anything wrong with the money but well more than four hundred thousand dollars was raised there are questions about where the money went they say they’ve done nothing wrong Kate McClure and Marc D’Amico are telling their side of the story following allegations by a homeless vet that they mishandled more than four hundred thousand dollars raised for him on GoFundMe were you in control of the funds from the beginning like you did it yes why didn’t just like cut him a check why didn’t that happen well in the beginning it was a simple he didn’t have a bank account okay he had no documents no ID no birth certificate nothing the couple raised the money after Johnny Bobbitt famously helped 28 year old Kate McClure when her car stalled on a highway ramp last year he used his last 20 dollars to pay for gas they told megan kelly that bobbitt blew through $25,000 in only 13 days we saw the pattern that was developing that suggested what to you that he was gonna do something foolish and be end up right back where he was what specifically the drug use last week bob had caused a national uproar when he claimed his one-time benefactors finance their new BMW and vacations to California Florida and Las Vegas with the money that had been raised for Bobbitt they deny the allegations but damico acknowledged he used $500 of the donations at a casino you say that was with his consent you paid him back but other than that $500 have you spent one dollar of that 400,000 on yourselves no they say only one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is left of the four hundred thousand dollars that was raised they say a big chunk went to pay for a camper as well as clothes a TV and a laptop computer according to the Philadelphia Enquirer Bobbitt is back on the street living under this bridge we’re looking for Johnny Bobbitt do you know who he is Inside Edition producer Allison Hall went looking for him apparently he’s living back around here but you haven’t seen him no okay to the people who read that Enquirer account and said these two they committed a fraud I know you’ve been getting death threats now you tried to do a good thing oh okay I’m sorry what do you want it’s my family and it’s hard to deal with because these people are getting one side of the story we know that we did a good thing and I still believe that we did a good thing and I would to Africa never do it all over again for him mr. Babbitt says that while he may have spent some of the money on drugs she says most of what he received went to family and friends [Music] you [Music]