hello it is Mahinthan here. welcome to my free training create your first Website. In this training I’m going to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate an all in one online marketing system that help you to create your own online
business. You can join as a free member and remains as a free member for life time time then search paid membership has
been with like this who more trading to lose that you cannot create in the future if you like to miss playing I just took a boat that remembers you okay i think is you know talkin its stock stempel click on the link below this BTU and it bill take you to repeat like the by dizziness BB and then yes in your details the app are you doing
the first name last name me that that password and I and you can to use your username and S you know you here and then guess heat create you be be a comb okie now is the game ok that’s cool lock in ebook hearings hear ya know star your to yet bookkeeper to here on buchanan you can good through that too than you can see what you can do who a yes you the tune of uses that plant home you going to be here and no pasta bowl he did your profile click on the I can hear in the you are hope right hand corner and go to
my profile I’m here you can and then image year you can’t use running mate from here well you can
upload your own units well you can choose one from his
book but with training he is going to select
one image from yep on just collect ok dog I like this one from Tuesday’s on I’m how this is Joe going you’re properly manage and here write
something in bold you did your profile here and tell you need to think about you who are you and what you are doing
whenever you like a yes time them you can hybrid every by you’re going as long as
you like as I’m you you is is work going I want you to do and West nao what you can do you need to create your
first website to create your must be applied you can
see year the site will be go to the mine eight-year will be there build a
group who’d been a key to the to build your
site get glickman build ’em I’ve been there and then you can create
a free website my you can create your own domain as a free member I think remember just me the PV its height elect Europe’s night and then you can cue and name market for me I don’t get use my name from hoping it would be really but yes and
relevant made in your website you can use any name and you can change it later a yes going to boot online mark mmm team playing and then who are known and unity choose a Heene but this one was no you can’t change
anytime nato own okay yes choose one now Google who on if you want you can work with the
details or demo but yes he was born here okay to propose on and now good known okay you choose to do mine
and this trip all you guessed I am pretty real build my website now look on whole time we have building website know you take quite a while yeah why you have a team and as a
remember you can’t eighth to the Getting Started here you can okie your website is piano regulation groups like it’s ready to go
is in your lips night you do you are mistaken be and with all the BTU you need well that at mean password I’m also you can find her yeah and no what you can do you can look in no and you can indeed you are website it
will be good at it and yes going here as a free member you
have access to the getting is doctored here the best
them the mmm timber was calls and also here you can go down and miss you yet affiliate work am ok most good weather getting stuck here market you go known here you know him will do that in essence you gonna you can’t be taught in
bathroom and Bill explain you how you can create your website down are you can eat
just below the curious that easy for you I’m also has it affiliate work am and Goodman
also you can actor the training the post more deals night up to
yeah Gordon lessons and disease night now you are not be a dozen people you are P member now than after it has
been as a free member you can then a 13 home something I don’t remember exactly
who AB we’ve provided you we need to have in if
he had baby become paid member you’d like if you like you can go with the
government and the trainee yeah you can rule and have a
look he has good I don’t think you know and
you can goo yeah this alone who wanders the EU nao unknown he must go to your
website and have a look what congress look like good with a man and you and then you can
see what do the website you create it already you can go here and played you your website or we could
go here lookin no you can eat your website just go here
and have a look in your known plight now partisan my website now like buchanan now you can he do it tonight and bite but everyone
has been easy as though good Google looking no look in okay here you go you I know WordPress
desperate now here you can he did you are website p best 10 an you can just go to the getting started training and they are
you can get all the details are you can use the word person are you
going to do that site go for that and thank you for watching you im and let you do you need your thank