– A big hello from Universal
Studios over here in Florida and I’ve been over here for a few days with my Gourmet Living Mastermind. This is an amazing group of people who really are choosing
to expand their wealth and explore all the
different asset classes and really get the
solid base in their life but also understanding that we’re just so much better together when we share our learning and I chose to do the mastermind,
this specific mastermind here at Orlando Studios and there you can see behind me this is an area called City Walk. There’s all sorts of
rides in the background. You can see crazy roller
coasters and those things you just drop from and I wanted to connect in with you because we chose to be here for various reasons. One of it was really understanding that everything we see here just started with a thought, just started with a possibility and we have extraordinary creativity. And we are able to create
amazing things in the world and all of us have that potential and all of your wealth, all of your assets you have, all of your way of being,
your relationship with money, all of your financial freedom first is gonna get started in here. It’s going to be your imagination, it’s going to be a possibility and it’s so important
for us to remember that and keep putting yourself in environments to learn new things. Because one of the big challenges we just don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know what’s possible. We don’t even know sometimes that certain of these things exist on how we can actually
make money, create money, get assets because we’re
not taught about this stuff, we’re not introduced to these world. We laughed yesterday. We spent a day just on
the rides over there, that’s Universal Island of Adventure where there’s all sorts of rides and there’s Dr Seuss World, then you to the Superhero Land and there’s Hulk and all
of these different things. There’s the most amazing
Harry Potter World. Again, such an extraordinary
reminder of creativity. And as we went round the rides we said well, let’s start at the base of our investment pyramid. We went off to Dr. Seuss Land which is all gentle, smooth little rides and it was such a reminder to me again about as we go into these new worlds from most of us when we first enter through the gates of
asset-generated income, asset-created wealth, it’s a whole new reality for us because we’ve been told about only earned income that we just constantly
go out and earn money, not how to create these assets, these rides that can
actually create it for us, so we start off gently
and so, we all named the Dr. Seuss World, the gentle rides the equivalent of the index trackers, the ETFs of this world learning how to get that and
get comfortable with that. And then once we do that, we can go to another kind of investment and we upped our ante
in Harry Potter World, a little bit more of an
adventurous rollercoaster. And then we went onto Jurassic Park where we faced some of the monsters that we believe might be out there in the investing world and through all of it we ended up yeah, in those crazy drops and Superhero Land and Hulk and there’s even this thing
called the Drop of Doom. Some of the rides had water in them, some just were dry. All these different varieties but at the end of them all we remembered that in
all of them we were safe, it was just our perception of risk, it was our perception of what felt scary in the environment but some of them maybe
didn’t feel comfortable but at the end of it we were all safe and it’s so important to remember that so much of our investing journey is about managing our emotions, managing our fear. And also at times being
prepared to challenge something that we think we might not like or might be scary but we don’t know if we
don’t go and test it, if we don’t get onto that specific ride. So, yeah, there was the whole
range of assets investing. So, I just wanted to
leave you with the thought that maybe at the end of the day all of your wealth generation, creating your financial freedom, if you approached it like
a gigantic theme park, and said let me explore a
“serviced apartment” strategy and property, what would that be like? What if that was just a theme park area, a ride that I could learn
to get comfortable with? Maybe it’s index tracking, maybe it’s bringing in options trading. And who are you choosing
to go on that ride with? Are they people that are going
to “oh no, it’s too scary, don’t do that”, or are they gonna be
people that encourage you and say “come on, I’ll go on it with you”? Let’s test this, let’s practise and see what this feel like. And so, just really explore that and so, this is a real
aspect of stretching. How we approach it all is so key. So, I’m Ann Wilson from Universal Studios. It’s just been such a gift to share this with an amazing group of people where another of the
themes we really explored was understanding trading versus investing and how you need both to
create our financial freedom and I know I’ve got
some videos on that too. So, if you’re watching this anywhere over than at www.thewealthchef.com, head on over there and I’ve love to know that if you ask yourself… “If life, if investing, if
creating your financial freedom, if you approached it as
though it was a theme park, just a series of amazing rides, what difference would that make to the approach you took to creating your wealth?” Would that make it easier, harder? And “what ride is available to you now, what kind of asset creation?” Is it equities, stock market investing, is it properties, is it
creating an Amazon business? Whatever it is, what is that next ride that you’re feeling called
to to go on and explore? I’d love to know in the
comments below this post. So, I’m gonna go off
and have some more fun and just keep living juicy
and having a rich juicy life. See you soon, bye.