Bernie Sanders wants billionaires gone. The socialist senator – the same one who’s
a millionaire with three houses — unveiled a new tax plan on Tuesday aimed at giving
him a leg up in a hotly competitive Democratic primary race. Even if it makes it easier for President Donald
Trump to win re-election in November. In an interview published Tuesday in The New
York Times, Sanders made no bones about how he feels about the very wealthy, and how his
proposed “Tax on Extreme Wealth” would play out. “I don’t think that billionaires should
exist,” Sanders said. “This proposal does not eliminate billionaires,
but it eliminates a lot of the wealth that billionaires have, and I think that’s exactly
what we should be doing.” Seriously, one of the top three contenders
to lead the Democratic Party in the 2020 election thinks eliminating the wealth of the country’s
richest citizens is “exactly what we should be doing.” Here are two safe bets about that statement:
1) Most Americans would never agree to something so inane; and 2) a Donald Trump will never,
ever say anything so ludicrous. And those are two good reasons Democratic
flakiness only helps Trump’s re-election effort. As an official “socialist,” Sanders has
always been on the kooky end of American politics, but it’s understandable why he’s getting
even kookier now. At this point in the 2016 Democratic primaries,
it was Hillary Clinton “feeling the Bern” as Sanders’ insurgent campaign for the nomination
was giving the former first lady and secretary of state unexpected problems on her way to
being anointed the Democratic standard-bearer. This time around, it’s Sanders who’s being
caught flat-footed. With a Des Moines Register poll last week
showing man-hating Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren actually leading the Democratic field
in Iowa, Sanders is being forced to play catchup to Warren as well as former Vice President
Joe Biden. He’s desperate, and that can only help the
Trump campaign come the general election. The “extreme wealth” tax plan Sanders
rolled out attempts to outbid Warren in taxing the rich by doubling the number of wealth
households that would be subject to extra taxation. Warren had previously proposed a “wealth
tax” that would hit the approximately 70,000 American households with incomes of more than
$50 million a year, according to The Times. Sanders’ “extreme wealth” tax plan would
start with the 180,000 households that have incomes of $32 million, The Times reported. So, the plan will give Sanders bragging rights
in the competition of which Democrat hates rich people the most, and it might even help
him win the Democratic nomination. But it’s not going to win him a general election in
the United States. Americans might not like being broke – no
one does – sane people but don’t share the far-left’s loathing for the wealthy. The idea that billionaires shouldn’t exist
might play well in Sanders campaign war rooms, or university faculty lounges, but it’s
not what America is about – and it’s not why millions of people from all over the world
want to get into the country. Sanders is already a far-left voice in a Democratic
field that’s already too far left for most Americans. Warren’s recent surge in the polls is only
going to push him and the rest of the Democratic field even further to the left, which only
helps Trump’s re-election chances more every day. Sanders’ new tax plan might get him a splash
of publicity and another write-up in The New York Times, but it’s a good bet it’s not
going to get him the presidency of the United States. And it’s an even better bet that Bernie
Sanders will be gone from the national stage long before America’s billionaires are.