Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. Great triangle is formed with the help of
three lines,the mercury line also known as health line,the headline and the lifeline. If this triangle is well formed,with all the
sides of the triangle closed and makes an acute angle at each side as shown,it is considered
as a lucky sign because it represents the person has got the ability to save and retain
the money he or she has earned in one’s life. Well formed acute angle between the lifeline
and the headline makes the person refined and sophisticated in one’s choices with a
bit of caution,if the lines are joined for a long time. Angle between the head line and the mercury
line bestows the person with good health and intellectual capacity for decision making
and finally the angle between the lifeline and the mercury line makes the person generous
and sympathetic towards others. If the sun line is well marked along with
the great triangle,expect more luck in your life. That is the reason why it is also known as
triangle of good fortune. Let’s see another triangle formed between
the fate line going towards the mount of Saturn and the head line as shown.It represents the
person will earn and retain good amount of money through one’s profession or business. It is also known as money triangle. And finally triangle of earnings is formed
by the intersection of headline, fate line and the mercury line. It represents the potential to earn large
amount of wealth in one’s life. However,many times the triangle formed is
incomplete by one of the sides This provides enough clue to the person in
which area to focus to improve the situation. For example,if the mercury line is not making
the triangle complete,work on your communication or business skills. If it is the fate line then work on current
job a bit harder and if it is the headline keep a tab on your expenses. This is the hand of a person who is rich in
his life despite lacking self confidence. If the outflow of the money is greater than
the inflow,person will never be able to make big in one’s career or business. That’s why these triangles holds a special
importance in palmistry. Hope you guys are having an awesome day.