[Music] the toughest part about being single everyone’s moving and we’re moving really quickly and we’re not connecting the first thing that I notice about a man I know this sounds very like weird and spiritual but I would definitely say energy the start of the physical let’s get that out of the way okay you have to capture my attention that won’t keep my attention but absolutely has to capture [Music] here is your story your name is Kevin you are 35 years old for work this was a really hard one for me you are a teacher and as a child you wanted to be a father when you grew up first off my name is Monty I am 30 years old I work as a motivational speaker so you went far over the teacher as a child I wanted to be a black Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle right your day is falesha you’re 30 years old you own a salon and as a kid you wanted to be a singer when you grew up my name is Erica I am 37 years old I’m a writer and as a kid I wanted it to be a writer I have a question though yeah why would I own a salon your hair is wonderful oh good the missus stylish you know what I’m saying yeah I’ve been in love I’m in love a few times actually I’ve learned from previous relationships I want a very ambitious goal oriented woman we’re on the same level we kind of have the same ideals the same goals same philosophy on life you have to be in love with what you do I don’t care if it’s like a barista or if it’s an accountant but you have to love it in high school you play zero sports your curfew was 10:30 see a favorite emoji is the thumbs up and you are friends with your mom on Facebook I was a dancer in high school and I was a high school mascot so I say yes to sports my curfew in high school was 11 11 o’clock my favorite emoji would be the like sarcastic wink and yes I am friends with both my mother and father on Facebook okay now the profile picture have you ever put a profile picture of you in the mascot beautiful picture and you hold it like the Ramsey I just put yes you played sports your curfew was no curfew this was really hard for me your favorite emoji is the fist pump I don’t know why I just decided and you are not friends with your mom on Facebook okay yes I did play sports that’s that’s a given I lived in a foster home and my curfew was 10 unless I snuck off at a friend’s house and I didn’t have a curfew my favorite emoji is the laughing crying tears one and I’m absolutely friends my mom on Facebook my mom doesn’t even pick up my phone calls I have actually a foster mom I will call her and she won’t answer I will go on Facebook and respond to a message and she will get back inside that’s annoying you’re terrible with money you’re most likely to overspend on clothes a good salary for a couple you think is $85,000 your lifestyle requires more than average amounts of money I am absolutely horrible with money I overspent on experience I think a good salary for a couple is between 350 and 500 thousand okay and yes my lifestyle Reaper is more than average amounts of money you are good with your money you are most likely to overspend on shoes a good salary for a couple is two hundred thousand dollars and your lifestyle requires average amounts of money okay I’m really good with money I’m pretty good okay I’m most likely to overspend on a combination of watches but also like taking new classes learning something new well I want to be a millionaire I mean we need to go everywhere you’re not trying to gold and you’re ever trying to go to the moon you know what’s that and yeah my lifestyle requires an above average like yeah [Music] well at the beginning I decided that I wanted to date you and after having this conversation I decided that I definitely want to date you at the beginning I decided that I would date you I made that decision based off of your smile and I thought you look as nervous as I did and now that we’ve had this conversation I’ve decided that I want to date you throughout the whole process of the interviewing in answering the questions it became obvious you’re outgoing charismatic person I just like the energy I don’t know you know some people kind of carry a negative energy though I like just permeates out like it just seemed like you just had this radiating positive energy so so yeah of course over date somebody like this so what happens there’s a sense of confidence about you obviously the assumption that I assumed that you were like very determined assumptions are based on your experience but the foundation of assumptions sometimes or spot-on for the first date I know this really cool jazz spot got drinks live music they feel like the classics and at the same time we can talk that’s some pretty good food really good flatbread pizza I think I know are you talking about – maybe okay well you ever been here with me I have not Oh [Music]