– Hi, guys! My name is Denis and I’m a real estate agent in Dubai. – If you are new to this channel … – Over here I’m trying investors to understand better the real estate market in the city. – This is the second part of our videos about the Sobha Hartland … – and in this video, we are gonna visit the mock up of the villa. – It will be a 5 bedroom villa. – Very high-quality unit and I’m sure you will like it. – Please follow me – So, guys, this is the mock up of the villa, 5 bedroom villa. – As you can see this is the main entrance, lots of natural light is coming over here. – On my right is the garage. – Over there you can park three cars and as well there is some storage over there. – On the left will be the first bedroom and it’s the guest bedroom. – It’s quite a big bedroom. – Not quite big, it is very big with a very good finishing. – Take a look on the tiles and other small details over here. – I’m sure any guest that will come to visit you in Dubai will be happy to stay here. – Obviously, there are some built-in wardrobes. – And an end suit over here. – In the guest bedroom, the windows are going towards the swimming pool … – That is over there. Later on we will go and film it properly. – Now, let’s go to the next room. – Here is the staircase that leads you to the second floor. – By the way, we have an elevator here as well. – And here we have a spacious dining area, … – where entire family and your friends can fit easily and double ceilings here are as well – What I like about this place that here you can open the doors and you can slide them. Let me show it to you … – And the same can be done from that side. – So you will have a lot of fresh air during 9 months in Dubai … – and obviously, in the summer it’s not a good idea to keep it open. – Here you have a swimming pool and the area where you can spend your time and evening with your family and friends as well. – It’s quite easy to close it as well – Guys, let me show you the kitchen … – Here, the kitchen is a semi-closed one. – And in the back end of the kitchen, there is an entrance that leads to the maids room and to the drivers room as well. – The kitchen is semi-closed but as well the finishing here is really good. – Now, let’s go to the next room, maybe my favorite part of the villa. – Guys … this beautiful room which is full of natural light is the living room. – Take a look at this ceiling, lots of space, lots of natural sunlight. – Amazing place to spend your time during the day and during the evening as well. – While you are standing here you can really feel good atmosphere that this room gives. – On the ground floor, there is as well one more bedroom and it’s just next to the living area. – Now, let’s go upstairs. – There are 2 ways how you can get up. – It’s by the staircase and by the elevator. – Today I will be lazy and I will use the elevator. – Now, we came upstairs and here we have 3 bedrooms and 1 room, like … – some people will use it as a cinema maybe … – well, I will just show you. – Here is the main room in this villa. – It’s a master bedroom. – In this part of the bedroom, we have the wardrobes and some closet for the ladies. – Here you will have natural light that comes from the ceiling … – and here is a very good area for the study. – A very quiet place and definitely a good area to do some work or business. – And here we have the bathroom. – The bathroom in the master bedroom is way bigger than in others … – and the closet here is very incredible. – They have really done a very good job here. – Ok guys, so this is the master bedroom and now let’s go to the other rooms over here. – Here is the nice balcony with the view towards the swimming pool. – And … on this side, we have a family lounge. – Something that not so many units can offer. – So as you can see it’s a private room. – As usually it’s used as a family lounge but as well it can be used as a small home cinema … – or like a big study in case, somebody prefers to work from home. – And behind the curtains are windows. – We have 2 more rooms to see here. – So this is the staircase and on my right is the second biggest bedroom and over there is another bedroom. – Here is the second biggest bedroom. – So there is only one room left. – Let’s go I will show it to you … – Here is the last bedroom. – As well it’s a very big one, as well we have big wardrobes over here, … – enough space to fit absolutely everything and we have an end suit. – So, guys, basically that’s it about the villa. – We have seen all 5 bedrooms … – we have seen the family lounge, big dining area, very nice living space. – So here we have a balcony as well. – So, guys, on this I will finish my visit to this villa. – I hope you enjoyed this small trip that we have today here with you. – And if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me … – I’ll be happy to provide you all the required information. – If you want to come and see it yourself as well it’s not a problem. – We arrange it easily. – Thank you for watching this video … – and I’ll see you in a next one! – Good bye.