Many times we don’t realize the wealth that we have. We just take outer wealth to be the wealth that we should go for, and so our attitude in life becomes different. We’re looking for gains in the world outside, not realizing that the true gains are within ourselves. So many times in life we don’t really realize what exactly is good for us. If we stay with our attention on the world outside then we’ll definitely gain of this world. But this time that we have is not to gain of this world; it is to gain of the worlds within. There are regions after regions of light. There are regions after regions of consciousness which can be accessed by us. We can reach those regions. We can enjoy the beauty of those regions. We can enjoy the bliss of those regions and we can be in a state like we have never experienced before. And as we do that, we find that we get closer and closer to God. God is not far away from us. God is within each and every one of us. And as we focus in that direction, we then experience the revelations of the divine. And as we connect with that divine power then all goodness starts to unfold in our lives. We as human beings have a birth right to know God. We can all be enlightened; we just need to focus within. It’s not a complicated thing to understand. God the Creator is within each and every one of us. Our soul is a part of God. We just don’t know how to recognize it. That is area with the role the master comes to play With the attention of the master, when our spiritual or single eye is opened, then we are able to experience ourselves as we truly are. And as we have that experience, then we are able to rise into the regions beyond. So the key is to practice those meditative practices which have been given to us at the time of holy initiation. Those who put it the time and the effort into those practices are the ones who are successful. This path is about experience and for that we need to sit in silence. And the more time we can spend in silence the better off we all will be.