– Many Americans today, particularly those in
the 35 to 55 age range, have no plan in place to reach their goals and objectives for retirement. Americans need accessible,
affordable advice and the power of a trusted advisor is essential to being able to create a roadmap for their future. Farm Bureau Financial Services and their trusted advisors put together a comprehensive plan covering everything
from insurance planning to investment planning. We traveled to their headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa to hear how the addition of wealth management services are adding to their
robust product offering. (upbeat music) – [Rick] It all started
in Des Moines, Iowa back in 1939 when the Iowa
Farm Bureau Federation founded Farm Bureau
Mutual Insurance Company to meet the unique
insurance needs of farmers. As the company grew, services including auto, home and property, commercial, and life insurance were added. Today, agents and staff across eight western and midwestern states build relationships with people from all walks of life, rural, urban, and everyone in-between. Across these eight states
and in another six states agents and advisors offer products and comprehensive planning services that include insurance, investments, financial planning, and
wealth management solutions. – Our purpose here at Farm Bureau Financial Services is protecting livelihoods and futures and the financial planning
and investment part combined with life
insurance really gets into planning for the future and
protecting those livelihoods. We just don’t believe
that you can have one without the other side
of the coin as well. – It’s such a big need for Americans to make sure they not only have a plan, but they have a way to go
out and achieve that plan. And today, unfortunately, when we look out across the landscape, all too many of our neighbors, our friends, and our family haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and get that plan. – If we have a roadmap, we can literally lay
out where you need to be at this point and where you need to be at this point and I think when you have that information in front of you and you have a goal, you’re gonna attain it. – While many people have a vision for what they want in their retirement, most lack the roadmap to get from where they are now to where they want to be. Farm Bureau Financial Services and their trusted advisors work with their clients to help prepare for the worst, plan for the best, and invest to make it happen. – It speaks to me that, when I sit down with a client, we are working together on a plan. It’s not, “I’m the expert, I’m gonna
tell you what to do,” it’s the feedback where you tell me what direction you go and
I’ll help you get there. – [Rick] Farm Bureau Financial Services, your future advantage process, takes a deep dive into a
client’s entire situation and offers a holistic approach to financial planning. – Hey, Barb. – Hi, Tom. Thanks for coming in today. – Yeah. You bet. – Come on back. – We get that chance to
sit down and leverage the relationship, leverage the trust, leverage the years of friendship and experience that we have
with those clients members to make sure that they’ve
thought of everything, that we’re providing a holistic plan and giving them a proper amount of advice to make sure that they
can retire comfortably and hopefully fulfill
all of their dreams too, not just their needs. – [Rick] Asset consolidation
is extremely important for a comprehensive plan. Instead of a fragmented approach working with multiple agents or advisors, Farm Bureau Financial Services clients work with a single trusted person who understands their needs. – We strive to position our agent to be a one-stop resource for all of the financial
needs of one of our clients from basic auto insurance protection to more complex commercial
insurance protection, but also financial services, which includes life insurance and long-term financial planning. – [Rick] Farm Bureau
Financial Services clients rely on their agent to be there as a true and trusted partner and it’s all built on a solid foundation and trusted relationship. – At the end of the day, I
want to be my client’s guy when they talk to someone at church or talk to a coworker, I want them to tell them, “You gotta work with our guy.” “He helps us with everything.” – To be able to tell a
client and their spouse that you’re gonna be okay is the most rewarding thing we can do. – Algorithms and technology
are certainly important but that human touch, taking the time to get to know someone, their fears, their
dreams, their aspirations, what keeps them awake at night, what gets them excited, is really valuable and working those components into a financial plan. – It’s clear. As we’ve seen today, you
can’t substitute knowing the client when it comes
to planning and protecting. The ability to have a trusted advisor, a real person to help
cover your insurance needs, and help ensure you’re headed down the right path to achieve goals is essential. At Farm Bureau Financial Services they say “It’s your future, let’s protect it.” And that’s exactly what their advisors are doing every day. In west Des Moines,
Iowa, I’m Rick Swalwell. (upbeat music)