[MUSIC PLAYING] Banner 9 is new. It’s what I’m used to when
I’m using the web to navigate other software packages. I just love it. My name is Carole
Wilson, and I’m the business systems
analyst at USC Wilmington in North Carolina. My users don’t have to
know the Banner [? Es ?],, the seven-digit characters
for the document names. They can type in Banner
Finance journal entries, and find the form. They can type in just journal,
and it will bring a drop-down. So I love that aspect. Banner 9 will help
our institution with the goals of integrating
other systems with Banner. We currently use
SciQuest, and we’re preparing to use [INAUDIBLE],,
and those implementations will be able to be extended
functionality with the fact that we do have that
extensibility in Banner 9. When UNCW looked at Banner 9
Finance and the testing aspect, I wanted to make sure
that my users were comfortable with
every single form that they use in Banner Finance. I also pulled in Finance
users on the campus to help me with beta
testing different types of the functionality
that they would use. That got me buy-in from
all of my various areas. I had someone from every
division before we released it to the campus to test, and
that just really helped with the buy-in and promoting
it and getting excited about it on campus. The one piece of
advice I would give to someone that’s considering
Banner 9 Administrative Finance is to get it loaded,
tested, and implemented. Don’t be scared of it. It’s not scary. It’s going to make your
life so much easier, because your functional
users and your campus users are going to easily adopt it. It’s what they use when they’re
going anywhere on the web, when they’re using any
other software package. They’re familiar with
that type of navigation. I’d say go for it.