Finance Fest is an
event, which gives an opportunity for students
to meet the practitioners from industry study and listen
to their views, thoughts and experience that have
gathered during their finance careers. Best thing about
the Finance Fest is meeting the young
people, the students. It’s about giving, as
far as I’m concerned. It’s about my knowledge
being transmitted down intergenerationally,
and I hope that my input to the young people
and the students of WBS will help them on the career
path they choose and lead on to greater and
greater things for them. I think it’s amazing. I wish we’d had this
when I was at uni, and I wish I’d done things
like this in first year. It’s incredible to see
a few 120 super engaged students on a Saturday,
and you learn so much insider knowledge about
different industries or what it would take to
work in different fields. So this is incredible. The students are really lucky. I did delivered a session
today on investment banking for all candidates, covering
first years, second years, third years, post-grad and MBA. We went through the different
divisions of investment banking and also the different skill
sets required for each division so that hopefully I could match
on what you’re applying for, rather than end up in something
that you don’t actually like when you get there. It’s tough to know
what you want to do, but I think this should make
you make a more informed choice than this time last week. So we’re going to
be doing an M&A boot camp, where the students are
going to be doing a deal. So they’re going to
be buying a company. They’re going to be
putting an offer in. I hope that I can really give
them some tools, some insight. I want to be totally honest
about what it’s like. And secondly, for those who
may realize through the session that it’s not for them, knowing
what you don’t want to do is going to save you two years
of your life down the line. Today, I’ve been learning a lot
about the different divisions in an investment bank. It really gave some information
I didn’t have before, and also it was a
good opportunity to network with other
people not only in my master but also in other
master classes. I have enjoyed it a lot. You gather so much
information in one day, and the lectures were actually
really interesting, especially the M&A session, which
is very interactive. So a lot of fun. I think WBS is one of
the greatest places to study finance because there
are students to professors with first-class knowledge
and first-class campus opportunities and facilities. WBS is a great place to
study finance because of these values,
because of these people, and because you can
learn and explore a lot about the business world.