>>TYRONE: Is this financial aid?>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: Come in.>>TYRONE: Alright.>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: What do you want?>>TYRONE: I need to pay my college tuition man.>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: Why are you asking me?>>TYRONE: What? Aren’t you the financial advisor? I don’t know what I’m gonna do man. I can’t pay for nice [BLEEP] man. I can’t pay for books. I can’t pay for candy. For some [BLEEP]. I can’t pay for chocolate. Calculator and the pencil. [FART NOISE]>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: Here’s the deal. I can give you the money. Only under one condition. You gotta… You gotta work, work, work, work, work,>>TYRONE & FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: He see me do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt! [FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR SINGING]>>TYRONE: Dry!… Me a – Damn! Stop playing around man! Stop playing around. I’m serious.>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: I gotchu, okay? Listen. We are friends. We are friends. We are! We are friends! Yeah! We are friends! Yeah! We are friends! We are->>TYRONE: Come on man! Stop playing. Stop playing.>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: Let’s make a deal, alright? I’ll give you 500 dollars, if you leave here right after and don’t tell no body. No body never got this type of money, but you gonna get it. I gotchu. I gotchu man. Hold on. I gotchu. I know.>>TYRONE: What are you doing man? [BLEEP] let go man! Let go!>>FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR: You got it baby! You were right man. You a good kid. You a good kid.>>TYRONE: Yes! Come on boy! That’s what I’m talking about baby. Who the man? You the man! You the man! You the man! [SAD MUSIC] [EXIT MUSIC]