– [Narrator] I’m excited
to fly on the new airline, COPA Airlines to Punta Cana from LA. The business class price was just $700. Let’s check out if it’s worth it. They use Terminal 3 to check-in at LAX and you need to walk over
to Tom Bradley International Terminal to fly. COPA is part of Star
Alliance so I could use the Star Alliance lounge at LAX. The award winning lounge is
one of my favourite at LAX. Great seating area, great
ambiance, plenty of food and a great outdoor section. (uplifting music) COPA recently took their
first 737 MAX 9 aircraft. Of course this was my
reason to fly on COPA to check out the new plane. This is my first time flying COPA Airline and I’m so lucky there’s a 737 MAX 9 their latest 737, right? – Yes _ This is Josirah – Welcome to COPA Airline
and we’re very happy to have you here. – I’ll follow you, let’s go in. Wow that was my first time
seeing flatbeds installed on the Boeing 737. So you may wonder how I
can film with no other passengers in the cabin. After I bought my tickets, I contacted their social media office at COPA Airline. They were really happy
to accommodate my request for filming and allowed me to pre-board to take some photo and video footage. What I love about 737s is
that Boeing sky interior. You know, that gives
you a lot of room once all these bins are closed. This is a Premium Economy Plus. You got a personalised
entertainment screen and in the main Coach section you don’t. But you have a USB port. And hopefully there’s wifi as well. So it’s very interesting
they have different class, different products on offer. (uplifting music) – We are checking if we see any debris or objects, oil leaks
over here that there are no strikes on the engine. – [Narrator] Uh huh. (uplifting music) – Welcome aboard COPA Airlines. – This is my seat neighbour. This is Alexi. – Alexi – Panama? – El Salvador – Salvador. Okay. I’m going to Punta Cana. – Punta Cana? Okay. – This is a new aeroplane. This is new. – Si. New. – Si. Si. (uplifting music) – Hi. Welcome aboard on
Flight 360 with destination Panama City. My name is Rosanna Lamas. I’m the Captain of the flight. Today we’ll be cruising at an altitude initially at 33,000 feet, about 78 max speed. We’ll be crossing the Mexico airspace about maybe three hours we’ll be crossing Mexico airspace, then Central America until we arrive to Panama City about 6:00am local time. And that’s about it
about the flight today. – The Captain, I see something special, everyone has a yellow
stripe but you have a pink stripe here. – That’s because we are using it for the Breast Cancer
awareness month in September. We will be using the entire month. You will see a few pilots… – Yeah. – …using it. So that’s about what it is. – Yeah. Pink October. There you go. Thank you. This is so neat, so nice. You have a pink safety vest as well. – Yeah. That’s it. But I use it usually. Only this month the stripes, but my pink vest, it’s all the time. – Right. Pleasure flying with you. – Yeah. Thank you. – Welcome aboard. Do you speak english sir. I’ll explain it to you. – Spanish. – (foreign language) – (foreign language) – (foreign language) – Pancake (foreign language) – Eh Pancake (foreign language) Welcome on board Mr. Shui. My name is Lem and it’s a pleasure to have you here today. Let’s start with your drink. What can I offer you to
drink today for your flight? – Um, can I have water
and a glass of diet coke. – Sure would you like those with ice? – Yes please. – Perfect. And for your breakfast. On this occasion which
option would you like? – What are the choices? – It’s going to be these choices. Let me show you. If you want a sweet
option I’ll offer you some waffles with some syrup. But that will only come from coach. – So it’s called a bread and cheese cake? – Would you like to try it? – Oh yeah, bread and cheese cake. – Perfect. What would you like to drink with that? – Orange juice. – Sure, would you like some coffee also? – No thank you. Tea. Breakfast tea, if you have. – Sure. That’s going to be all Mr. Shui, if you need something
just let me know, okay? – Hi. Water please. – Water. For you. – [Male Voice] …window
exits over the wings. And two doors at the rear. (plane engine noise) – I plan to go straight
to rest before waking up for breakfast. The entertainment system
has a decent selection of movies. There are free entertainment
to stream on your personal device for those
who do not have a screen in Coach, however there
is not wifi on offer. (peppy music) The comforter was soft and warm. The pillow was plush and nice. See you in the morning. (peppy music) Good morning. Just woke up. One hour before landing
and about four hours of sleep on the flat bed. I mean, I love the flat bed on the 737. It’s a really great improvement. You may have noticed the
737 MAX toilet sink is really tiny. You can easily spill water over. – Thank you for flying. Thank you. – I can’t wait to see more
737 MAX coming to their fleet. So more flat beds, business
class will represent great values. The new COPA 737 MAX 9
currently flies on longer routes to the US, such as LA, San
Francisco, Tampa and Miami. (peppy music) (aeroplane engine) – [Female Voice] The local
time is three minutes past six. (peppy music) – [Narrator] See you bu-bye. – Bye – Have a good day. (peppy music) – I’m sitting at the COPA Airlines club. The lounge is pretty ordinary. There’s not a lot of food on offer. There’s not a lot of amenities. So COPA Airlines, if you’re watching this, hopefully you can elevate the game. You’ve done really well
on the cabin experience on the 737 MAX but
hopefully the lounge can be improved as well. (uplifting music) – I just met some
followers here in Panama. Christiano and Santiago from Peru, going together to Punta Cana. Yeah. Okay I’m back to a normal 737. The leg room is still very good actually. It’s better than US domestic First Class. 737 800 here has really good recline, let me show you. Oh yeah, steep recline but I don’t know it’s good enough for six hour flight. Luckily the flight to Punta Cana is only two and a half hours. (peppy music) (plane engine) (peppy music) It’s a pretty event less flight. I just woke up after two hours now we’re descending into Punta Cana. I’ve got to say this
flight is fairly ordinary. There was no welcome during, there was not pillow. There were no blankets. It’s pretty ordinary. (plane engine) – [Narrator] So should you fly on COPA? I would say if the price is right and if you could get on the new 737 MAX. (peppy music)