Fresno has the worst air quality in the country according to the American Lung Association. So we did a lot of outreach and education in that community. A woman who heard about the program is Maria Zavala. She heard about the ability to get free solar panels applied for and got it through our partners at Grid Alternatives. At the time Maria’s Zavala was a single mom her husband had died a few years previously she had a sister-in-law she was helping to care for and she had recently passed. We wanted to make sure that we were able to help and got her free solar panels. Maria’s energy bill used to be two hundred dollars on average. After she got the free solar panels her electricity bill bill went to a dollar fifty on average a month. The amount of money that she was saving now she can spend into local economy in Fresno. The power point that was cranking out the dirty energy now can crank out a little less dirty energy improving the air for all of us. I mean, this really is not one solar panel it’s about the comprehensive benefits and in the first year alone Maria was but one of 1,800 free solar panels that were passed out because of this program. Since then thousands and thousands and thousands of solar panels have been invested in and we’re going to continue seeing that grow. We’re incentivizing and growing the solar market which has been having a really hard time penetrating into low and moderate income households and communities. And so we’re helping to accelerate that and build that and grow the industry which eventually helps us all to get to a hundred percent solar.