Hi. In this video, I’m going to be talking about
this beautiful baby right here, green aventurine. Green aventurine. This is the stone for abundance. This is my stone for abundance. I don’t care what anyone else says. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I don’t care about anyone else’s abundance
crystal. This one is my definite go to girl stone for
abundance. This is green aventurine. Look at her. She is raw, natural, rough, beautiful, and
she just represents Mother Earth in all her beauty and at her finest. Look at her. How can this stone not possibly be the stone
for abundance? How can it not be the stone? It surely is. So I love to name my stones and this particular
one is called Lucky. I need all the luck in the world. I need all the abundance in the world. I need all the prosperity that this world
has to offer me and Lucky is here to do that job. That is what Lucky has taught me that Caroline,
I’m going to show you what abundance really means. And you know what? Abundance is about a mindset, a mindset of
prosperity, a mindset that you deserve the best that you are worthy and that good things
also happen to you. So this stone has allowed me to view money
from a very different perspective and that is money is a good thing. It surely is a good thing to have money but
as you know, everything has to come from the place of love. Without love, nothing makes sense. All your abundance should have been infused
with the energy of love to just make it what it needs to be. So abundance from a place of love is a good
thing. Money from a place of love and from a place
of understanding, that the purpose of money is for you to do the work you’re here to do,
is an excellent, excellent thing. So you need money, you need money, I need
money. I want all the money in the world because
I know that there’s work to do and without money, the plans or the dreams and the goals
that I have will not be accomplished. And seriously, if you really have money issues,
you need to check your second chakra. Your second chakra deals with production,
deals with creativity, deals with manifestations, and growth and increase. So if you’re having money issues, if you’re
feeling not worthy of having money, then really your second chakra could be blocked and you
need to take a good, good, good look at that and have it unblocked, and check out, make
sure that the energetic blockages are brushed out and pushed out and eliminated from your
system so that you can allow for the good things that are coming into your life. And anyway, abundance is not just about money. It’s about a wealth of friendship, supportive
relationships, supportive people, good people coming into your life, good situations, good
opportunities. It could mean anything that the world is offering
you. Life is about sowing and reaping. When you put good things out, you have to
expect your crop. You have to expect your ship to come in and
bring the produce on and the goodness that the world has to offer you. So anyway, green aventurine is a stone that
has taught me that I am worthy of love, I’m worthy of abundance, and that my life can
produce good things, and I can put forth into the universe good things that help others. So, another way that I use this stone, Lucky,
is I put it on the south east corner of my room. According to the principles of Feng Shui,
the south east corner is the corner of the house that represents wealth and prosperity. So usually, you’ll find Lucky in the south
east corner of my room, and usually, I have this little glass container that I consider
to be my abundance, the representative for abundance. So everything that represents abundance to
me, like angels, they support me and they bring abundance to my life. Some crystals that represents things that
I want in my life, that represents abundance, money and what not, I put them on this grid
and I place it on top of the abundance stone and I place them all on the south east corner
of my apartment. I’m going to make a video about what kind
of things you can put in the south east corner of your room, just in case you’re interested
in Feng Shui, and you’re interested in abundance. So I’m going to share that at some point. But for now, this is my stone for abundance. Do you have a green aventurine? Do you have a favorite crystal for abundance? Is it a citrine or is it a green aventurine? I know most people love citrine abundance
but for me, green aventurine, this stone right here, is the stone for abundance. So open up, guys. Good things are coming our way. Abundance is coming your way so just get ready
to get lucky and to be abundant. Leave your comments below and tell me what
your favorite abundance crystal is and let’s get ready to just be prosperous and abundant. See you next time, guys. See you.