– Are these real leather? – No.
– Mm, yes. Okay, that’s what I thought. – I’m glad that that stands out. (laughing) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Carter. – My name’s Braden. – My name’s Deborah. – [Interviewer] What
do you do for a living? – Oh, I’m retired now but
I used to be the curator for the city of Seattle’s art collection. – [Interviewer] How are you with money? – Bad, very bad. I’m 19 and I don’t have a job. – [Interviewer] What’s the
most you’ve made in a year? – Probably like 40k. – Last year I made like $16,000. – [Interviewer] Why so little? – I’m married. – [Interviewer] Oh, do
they make good money? – They make good money. – Okay. – [Interviewer] Today
you’re going to guess the income of strangers. – Okay, I can’t do this. – [Interviewer] For real? (nervously laughs)
– It’s fine. – This is the most ridiculous lineup. How to guess this is
impossible, like (laughs). – [Interviewer] All right, let’s do this. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hm, nice shirt. You smell pretty good too. – I notice that as soon as you came out. You smell nice, you smell fresh. – Craig smells nice, by the way. If nobody’s mentioned that. – [Interviewer]
Everybody’s mentioned that. – Wow, okay. – Is this what you wear to work? – Yeah. – I like this, you have a
brown stripe in your shirt and it matches your brown shoes. Pretty coordinated, pretty organized. – Are you single?
– No. – Does you spouse work?
– No. – Hm, do you have children?
– Yes. – Aha. – He works in an office. You do IT shit, we’ll
say he makes like 80. – A hundred thousand? – You’re very put together,
educated and creative but not necessarily somebody
who required a degree to do what they do. I would say that this
person makes $75,000 a year. – [Interviewer] Mm-mm-mmm. (chuckles) – What’s up?
– What’s up, man? – How you doin’? – Good, how were you? – I’m good. Do you work at GameStop? I’m just kidding, I’m
kidding, I’m kidding. (laughing)
– GameStop? – Did that hurt to get
those teeth done like that? – Oh, you can take them out. – Oh, you can take them out?
– Yeah. – Are your teeth real gold?
– Yeah. – What about your chain, that’s real? – Yeah, of course. – Mm, 80,000. He’s got some expensive
things on him, you know? – $20,000. – 55,000 a year. He’s still strugglin’ but gettin’ there. Perhaps you’re an
entrepreneur on your own. – I love it, I love Tom. Tom’s my guy. – Hi, Tyler.
– Hello. – Um… what’s your name? – Lucas.
– Close. – May I see your hands? These are not workin’ man hands. These hands have not built a house, these hands have not worked
a fryer, I don’t think. – You might work at a
golf course or a gym, making $25,000. – You work in the school
library and make 42,000 a year. That’s my guess. – When was the last
time you used a coupon? – I use coupons every time
I grow grocery shopping. – Are those your eyelashes? – Do they look like my eyelashes? – No.
– No, they’re not mine. – Are they extensions? – No, just glued them straight on. – Okay, 25, no, I’m kidding. (laughing)
I’m just kidding. – 30,000 and you’re in the
service industry somewhere. – I’m gonna say curve ball, you’re probably a stay at home mom. Zero on the income. I’m not gettin’ a vibe
on a career out of this so I’m gonna guess zero. – I’m Deborah.
– Mia. – I needed you this
morning to do my makeup ’cause I’m really bad
and you look beautiful. – What’d you go to school for? – I went to beauty school. – Beauty school, okay, okay. 20,000, 15,000. – I think she makes $90,000 a year. You look like you have expensive tastes. I mean, I know the jeans are ripped but they’re very nicely ripped so. – Hi.
– Hi. – What’s your name?
– Claire. – Claire looks really pretty. Those are really nice shoes,
this is very well put together. I might guess that this might be what you wear to the office. – How much is a bus ride around here? – Hm, $2.50. Why did you ask that? – Oh, I think people who ride the bus tend to be careful with their money. And you seem put together
and careful with your money. – Okay. – I could say you work
in a law office, maybe. The shoes are what’s throwing me. They’re sexy heels. Meow.
– Yes. We would have so much fun. (nervously laughing) – Wow, I just changed all
of my guessing right there. (laughing) I’m gonna guess that you’re a bartender and you make 35,000 a year. You definitely work around people and you have a job where
you give back energy as much as you get so that’s
why I guess what I guessed. – You’re a simper. – [Interviewer] What
do you think she does? – Paints, pastels. – You kind of are giving
me a teacher vibes, so maybe like 25,000. – Fuck, 20,000, $19,000. $20,000, I don’t fucking know. I can’t judge this. This is just giving me a headache. – [Interviewer] All
right, we’ve got one more. – Hi.
– What’s up? How you doin’? – I’m good, what’s your name?
– AJ. – You have a few things that tell me that your style’s a
little bit alternative. Well, you’ve got the gold
details, you’ve got the jewels, you got the designer belts. Hm, the shoes and socks
are throwing me off though. May I look at your socks? – I would rather not. – Oh, see– – They don’t match, it
was a last minute effort. It was a last minute effort. – Its the little things you can spot. You do temp jobs and
you make 45,000 a year. – I think he makes a lot
of money, a hundred thou. – 18.
– 18? – 18,000?
(laughing) Bruh. – Maybe more.
– Maybe. – We’ll put you in a cool 30. – What do you think I do? – Sales.
– Sales? – In sales. – If I’m makin’ 30,000 in
sales, I’m definitely failing. – [Interviewer] How was that? – That was really tough. – I think I did so bad. I just did not get any of them right and I know that for a fact. – [Interviewer] I’m
gonna bring everybody out and we’ll see what happens. – Okay. – [Interviewer] They’ve come out in order from least to most. – Okay.
(laughing) – [Interviewer] Now you get to meet them. – Now I get to meet them. – Hey.
– Hi. – So I guessed that you
were maybe a bartender that made 35,000 a year? – Yeah. – And you’re gonna tell me that’s totally wrong.
– Not the case. You got my character right
but I’m actually a porn star and professional dominatrix. – Oh, I was gonna guess exotic dancer but I didn’t want to feel
like I was pigeon-holing you. – I’m a porn star and a
professional dominatrix. – I love you. (laughing) – That’s great. – That’s awesome, do you like it? – I love it. Why do you love it so much? – Because everyone’s
trying to shit on people in the sex industry and
I’m not for it at all. I will not stand for that. It is a job, people need
it, people will pay for it. What the fuck, you know? I’m so happy for you. – Is there a specific type of person that likes to be dominated by you? – Mostly white men, for sure. That’s how it fell into
my lap is white guilt so it’s a whole dynamic for sure. – Give it to me.
– Yes, yes. – I was close, you said? – You were really close. You said 55k and it’s around like 50k. – Okay, are you an entrepreneur? – I’m a mental health clinician. – Whoa, very cool. Wow, that is not at– – Yeah, a little curve ball for you. – No, that’s cool. – I’m a mental health clinician. – No shit?
– Yeah. – Not your typical– – I would never have picked that. I like the fact that you don’t look like a mental health technician. – Yeah, I still get it everyday and I’ve been one almost three years now. – All right, AJ.
– What’s up, pimp? – How’s it goin’?
– Chillin’, chillin’. I’m a ride-share driver. – A ride-share driver, okay, that’s good. – So I make around 60 a year. – Wow, that’s better than I would expect from a ride-share driver. – I just drive a lot. I drive all day everyday.
– Grind it. Got to treat yourself
with the designer goods once in a while. – Oh, I just wore this
just because I just tried to throw everybody off. (laughing) I wouldn’t drive like this. Somebody would try to
jack me then I have to Stephen Siegel them or somethin’. Show off some other skills. – Can I request you next
time I take an Uber? – You gon tip me? – Of course, I always tip. – All right, ’cause sometimes, some people, they don’t believe in tippin’ and I don’t, you know– – I’m a good tipper, by the way. – Do you take back your answer? – What did I arrive at? – 30k, you said maybe 25
since I glue my eyelashes on. (laughing)
– Oh my god. – Oh, he’s a monster. Oh my god. What do you do, tell me about yourself. – I’m in property management,
sell apartments to people. So I make 80k a year.
– Damn. – Real estate baroness, yes! How did you get involved with that? – Last year I was a barista and I just randomly came up on this job. Took my income from 35k to 80k. – Wow, well congratulations.
– Thank you. – I think I gave you kindergarten teacher. What did I say, like, 25,000. Was I right?
– No. – Damn.
– Very off. I am a travel blogger
and a part-time barista making around 15,000 a year. – So you make income on
your travel blog itself? – I make no income on my travel blog– – I know that feeling. – The majority of my income from being the part-time barista. – Do you travel on a budget usually? – Oh, definitely. Like hostels, sleep in my car
in a Walmart parking lot– – So it’s the experience for you? – Yeah, exactly. The barista job is just
to give me healthcare and 401k and– – Okay, this is a good barista job. – I know. – All right, tell me about yourself. Tyler, no. Lucas, Lucas. – That was the name that he made up for me when I walked out here. (laughing)
– You racist. – I’m a jazz musician and I work at the University of Washington as a graduate assistant
teaching jazz history. – How much money do you make? – About 35.
– Okay, all right, damn. Do you make a lot from playing music? – No, it’s maybe like two grand, at that. – Yeah, damn, I wish it was more. – So how far off was I on your profession? – Pretty far. – I think I guessed 75,000 a year doing PR or something like that.
– 100k. – Oh yeah, yeah. No, I was trying to get
her into triple digits. That’s good. – So what do you do? – I’m actually a bud
tender/dancer and model. – I think you all look
like bartenders by the way. – No, bud tender.
– Oh, a bud tender? – I sell weed.
– Oh, got you. – So do you smoke weed? – Um, yeah. – Well, I can always take
care of if you need some. – Oh, okay, we’ll talk. – Okay, last but not least. – [Interviewer] The real baller. – The real baller. – You said I did some IT
shit and I make 80k a year, which is pretty accurate. I make actually 120k a year. – Hey, I was actually close. I think that’s the only thing
that I was close to guessing. – So I am a software delivery manager. – Software delivery manager, so you’re making sure the
product gets done and delivered? – Exactly. – Okay, definitely with the smelling nice and the good accessories, that was– – This is pretty much a basic
white guy in IT starter pack. – Do you like your job? – Not everyday. But it pays very well and
I actually work with a lot of really cool people. – Thank you and sorry I was so wrong. – It’s all good. – [Interviewer] Thank you. – Even though I guessed
every single thing wrong I had so much fun creating
fake lives for these people. – [Interviewer] What was
the biggest surprise? – The porn star. I mean, who knew? – Thanks everybody! – [Interviewer] That is a wrap. – Aw, congrats guys.